Performed by: Jordan Frisbee and Melissa Rutz

Number: “Uptown Funk” Strictly Swing Champions

Choreographers: Improvised by: Jordan Frisbee and Melissa Rutz

Style: West Coast Swing 

From: The US Open Swing Dance Championships 2014

So this is a quick update. The ~very secret~ costumes of ours for the WCS preliminaries were Amir (jesmo) and Pariya (yours truly) from Otoyomegatari and we managed to get our costumesready just in time. The hard work is over and we would have been happy for just taking part in the competition today, having experienced something. Only that wE ACTUALLY WON THE THING. WHAT. WE ARE GOING TO THE FINALS OF WCS 2016 IN JAPAN NEXT YEAR. WHAT. WHAT.

Yeah, I am really overwhelmed, but mostly I’m in this weird state of confusion of not being able to take it in just yet. According to the winners of previous years, it might take weeks to months to understand it fully. Now I’m just like. Ok. Wow. So. That happened. Sure.

But oh dear, so many amazing comments have been said to us afterwards. I am so humbled I just can’t. Just know you are awesome, ok? Ok.

Photo by Kizzy


Performed by: Mackenzie Goodmanson and Ben McHenry

Numbers: “Find a Way” and “Higher” 4th Place

Choreographers: Improvised by: Mackenzie Goodmanson and Ben McHenry

Style: West Coast Swing

From: 6th Annual Northern California West Coast Swing Dance Challenge (2011)