Hey guys! So my school´s bookclub is teaming up with Barnes and Noble for a bookfair! It runs from May 24th - June 5th online. If you are planning to support us online please use the code 11360385 during check out!
In person, just the Eastridge location sadly, you just show them the flyer/code to support us.
The proceeds will go to literacy charities!
We’re also hosting a TFiOS event in the bookstore on the 24th of May; which includes a writing contest, a poster contest, and a poetry reading! If you are in the San Jose, CA area feel free to attend and or participate!

Thanks a lot in advance!


I NEED SOME HELP GUYS: so I’m getting a team canada jersey but I’m not sure which one to get and I’m deciding between these two so

 The first one is the new one, and it has the 150 Canada patch thing for Canada’s 150th birthday which is awesome, but I’m not sure if they have my size and its 160 also it’s so pretty 😍 

 The second one has extra small which would be perfect and its 100 like when do you find a Canada jersey for 100?? But it doesn’t have the hockey Canada logo which I love but idk I still like it and it’s a great deal 

SO I could really use some opinions please (and also red or white?) I’m so indecisive so this would be much appreciated ❤️