I actually had no clue Zul’jin was a boss in WoW. I just felt the Warcraft II nostalgia and felt like checking his tag.

Look at The Man in his WCII original sprite. Glad they kept the muffler and mohawk in his modern appearances!

DISMANTLE THE HERO I: Uther the Lightbringer.

Of the paladins – and perhaps all heroes – within the World of Warcraft’s canon, there is one that stands above the others. For however many fans of Thrall there may be or those that support the supremacy of Tirion Fordring as the newly made Ashbringer, or even the few that can see the exceptional brilliance that is within the oft maligned Jaina Proudmoore’s story, Uther the Lightbringer stands as an unquestionable good.  He is the quintessential hero of the World of Warcraft, who within his storied career stood against one nightmare and succumbed at the very end to another.  From his valiant actions in the Second War to his selfless ones in the Third, Uther symbolizes all that is considered appropriate to the fans of World of Warcraft.

Unfortunately, he is also the largest example of a hero that is anything but heroic.

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