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a small update…..every message in my inbox right now is a wcif and i don’t have the emotional capability to do them all right now nor do i want my entire blog to be wcif posts for like 3 pages straight….so if i don’t answer your wcif for a few days, pls don’t attack me ♡

the-skriker  asked:

hey, i always notice all the beautiful art in all your interiors, and i know it's way too much to ask wcif them all, but what are some of your favorite artworks that you like to use/some of your favorite art creators?

Yeah, my buildings would look really bland and boring without all the stunning art on the walls ^^ There are sooo many amazing and beautiful artworks out there, to list them all would take forever, so here are a few of my favorites and the places where you can download them:

1. By @dreamteamsims Here, 2. By @bustedpixels Here, 3. By @slox Here, 4. By @coralitt-sims Here, 5. By @dreamteamsims Here, 6. By @mxims Here, 7. By @slox Here, 8. By @slox Here, 9. By @novvvas Here, 10.By @slox Here, 11.By @dreamteamsims Here

1. By @sanoysims Here, 2. By @dreamteamsims Here, 3. By @mxims Here, 4. By @dreamteamsims Here, 5. By @blackmojitos Here, 6. By @mxims Here, 7. By @dreamteamsims Here, 8. By @sanoysims Here, 9. By @dreamteamsims Here

1. By @msteaqueen Here, 2. By @ichosim Here, 3.+4.+5. By @dreamteamsims Here, 6. By @lindseyxsims Here, 7. By @viikiitastuff Here  8. By @mxims Here, 9. By @ichosim Here, 10. By @lina-cherie Here              11. By @starlightdiner Here, 12. By @keenpea Here, 13.+14. By @dreamteamsims Here

1. By @lindseyxsims Here, 2. By @ichosim Here, 3. By @dreamteamsims Here, 4. By @hamburgercakes Here, 5. By @theplumbobarchitect Here          6. By Dani Paradise Here, 7. By Veranka Here, 8. By @dreamteamsims Here  9. By @slox Here, 10. By rachelssimstuff Here

anonymous asked:

Hello! I really liked your CAS challenge posts especially the Orchid one. Do you use overlays/skin details for the old lady? It looked like real (but stil in style) wrinkles and very gorgeous.

Hi! So she’s wearing a few wrinkles and lines. Most notably are the wrinkles by @nyamisims, which you can find here (look for “wrinkles set” under sims 4 downloads). They can be found under forehead wrinkles and there are 2 swatches of different intensities. This one is just for the forehead/eye region, and then the other swatch is wrinkles on the entire face. I can’t say enough about how much I love these <3

This sim is also using cheek definition and mouth definition lines from @sims4nexus’s facial definition set which make a big difference as well.

Hope this helps with your elderly sims! :)

epulina  asked:

Hello! WCIF the flower in the white vase, ice cream dish, and sundae (I think?), if you don't mind me asking! :) Thank you very much


Rose is from here, it’s part of the bohemian set from the store but i think you can get it for free from here!

Sundae here

I searched everywhere for the ice cream but i couldn’t find them :( I’m sorry. Maybe someone knows?

EDIT: Ice cream is here by @subpoint

simvy  asked:

hiiii! wcif the blushes u use? specially the one in the woman w long hair on "I think I’m keeping these hair :P" post? i am on mobile so idk if you already answered it.. anyway i luv ur blog. ⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄

Hello and thank you!! 

I have only answered about the old blushes a while ago, but I haven’t about current ones yet so no worries~
I’m just going to answer all of their blushes in case someone else wanted to know too :D

ALL are using chisami’s blush.

1, 2 and 3 are also using mochi029′s matte foundation.

4, 5, 6 and 7 are using a mixture of these blushes along with chisami’s blush.


Edited because I thought the first way I answered to avoid confusion could cause confusion itself haha :P