I finally have some time to write about the last day of Worlds. It was amazing and, actually, the best. I’m happy for Aliya as she won her well-deserved gold medal on unexpected even which makes it even more valuable) I was so proud of being Russian while hearing the national anthem of my country, I was singing it with Aliya, it was so…cool to see ppl from all over the world standing in silence and listening to ur anthem. Thank u, Aliya, ur country is proud of u, u r always the best for us.
Little bit sad for Sandra and Larisa who missed their medals on floor and beam.
I’m really happy for Vanessa, she finally got this medal, her last world medal was in 2007/06, can’t remember exactly…anyway, she did great job that day! And u gonna kill me, but in my opinion, she should took 3rd place on beam. I don’t care how rude Carlotta was, I agree with her. I mean I’d never said this THAT rude, I’d found other way, more polite, to express what I feel, but still..she might have said it too strict, but somewhere deep inside she was right and I agree with all her words about Simone (I mean her beam routine, not her skin color, I’d never say smthing like that, Simone seems to me a good person btw). All these arguments drive me crazy, why can’t we just stop talking about it, because gymnasts are ppl too with their feelings and we all hurt ppl we love sometimes, but then we ask to forgive us, so it’s a real life and I guess we should let girls solve their problems by themselves. Besides, it’s kinda improper that we discuss all this stuff in the Internet, public medias, it doesn’t make all of us nice ppl… Anyway, I like Italian girls on beam) I found myself enjoying Murakami’s floor so much, but I was very disappointed that Moors and Maroney didn’t make the final, I wanted them both to medal on this event! So sad( But that day I met a lot of incredible gymnast, even breathing the same air with them was exciting! I took photos with some of them, I won’t post all my photos, just with this 2 legends! It’s so cool that the previous day I took photo with Boginskaya and that day - with Chuso as they both competed at the 1992 Olympics, they were teammates!! So crazy)) And I noticed the fact that we all may have different favorite gymnasts, f.e. for me, McKayla is a queen,but u can love Mustafina more than anyone else in the world, and it’s normal, BUT when things comes to Oksana Chusovitina it’s hard to find someone not cheering for her)))) So, I met a lot of gymnasts that day and I felt like the luckiest person ever to be there and see everything by myself. It was a bless of God and I’m thankful to him for this amazing opportunity. Everything was awesome! And ppl I met in Antwerp are awesome! Hope we’ll keep in touch) Luv u, guys! Antwerp, I already miss u)