Sitting Down with Secret Release

Carissa Cancel, June 12, 2014

Photo courtesy of Secret Release.

A month ago, Underground Current Magazine travelled to Albany for WCDB’s six act mini-fest with headliner, Cloud Nothings. The opening act, Secret Release, kicked off the night with a bang with songs that any 20-something-year-old could relate to: love, heartbreak, and good times with friends.  The alt-rock band based out of Albany, NY currently has their latest 4-track EP, Leaving for Los Angeles, available for a free download on their Bandcamp page. The band also has a Facebook page which is frequently updated with links to their tracks and updates on shows. After the show, Mike, the founder of Secret Release, and Dan, co-songwriter, agreed to a brief interview with UGC.

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Hey guys! I’m not sure if my followers know this, but I’m a DJ at my school, and I do a 2 hour show every Thursday! I’m on air right now until 6PM EST, and today’s playlist is Game of Thrones inspired! Would really love to have everybody listen and get some feedback :) Tune in now! If you just so happen to be an Albany, NY resident, the radio channel itself is 90.0 FM

Tomorrow, which is Monday, September 12, I will be throwing a little party on air to celebrate the release of WILD FLAG’s new self titled album being released from 6-8PM, Eastern USA time! In New York’s capital region, you can tune in to 90.9FM. Everyone else, go to wcdbfm.com and you can stream it live there! I will be playing the new album in its entirety and also will be playing songs from other bands these ladies have been in. It will be a great chance to hear the album on the eve of its release and to check out songs from other bands you might be into such as Quasi, The Minders, Sleater-Kinney, Helium, The Spells… the list goes on. Fun times!


-I’m SO EXCITED!!!!! @hyp3majesty @hitz_carlito #hustletilyoucantnomo #newyorkbaby #wcdb #suny #somuchswagger

Today a fun band called Dangerous Ponies played live in the WCDB studio. This lady music maker is learning the essentials about how to broadcast a band live on air! This means that in the near future I hope to be able to invite bands into the studio. More info on that soon.

A really fantastic perk for the future summer campers in Lady Music Makers: You will be able to hear your recorded song on air! More info about that when you get to camp. :)

-OKAY GUYS!!!!!!!!! WE ARE MAKING MOVES on WCDB Albany 90.9 FM tonight with the homie DJ Vintage going over a few tracks and PICKING MY BRAIN A LIL!!!! MAKE SURE YOU TUNE IN AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!! I will try to record as much as possible for you all!!!!! TUNE IN AND SPREAD THE WORD #CAKEBATTER #newyorkbaby #albany #queens #bronx #brooklyn #manhattan #harlem #pushgoodhiphop #wcdb #SUNY