wcbn fm

hi tumblr, i’m making this blog into like a ~real~ thing and introducing myself formally :)

my name is Candy.

i’m 24 years old and i’m an aerospace engineering PhD student at the university of michigan. 

i got my bachelor’s in astronautical engineering (course 16) at MIT.

i coach high school girls’ lacrosse (i played at MIT), and i’m in training to become a DJ on WCBN-FM, umich’s radio station - i DJ’d back at MIT too!

i minored in music. music is one of my biggest hobbies/passions.

i have 2 lovely cats that are the light of my life, astro and luna.

i’m hoping to use this blog as inspiration to study and get a lot of research done in the last 5 months of 2017, and onwards! yay! 

feel free to ask me about any advice about college, applications, engineering, applying to grad schools…etc. :D