Cleveland and Columbus, worlds apart...

I drove from Cleveland to Columbus Ohio today. I stopped and picked a small basket of rasberries at Rosby’s and ate them while they were still warn from the sun, while driving South only looking at the road. It is not a great distance, maybe 120 miles center city to center city, but in radio terms they are different planets. Without getting into the fact that Cleveland is better. Allow me to explain.

Cleveland is saturated.. maybe over saturated in the non-commercial band. It is not as bad as Chicago but, what is? details below:
88.1 WZIP college U akron
88.3 WBWC -college Baldwin Wallace
88.7 WJCU -college John Caroll
88.9 WSTB -Streetsboro High school
89.1 WKSV -simulcast of WKSU
89.3 WCSB -college Cleveland State U.
89.7 WKSU -NPR talk & classical
90.3 WCPN -NPR talk & classical
90.7 WNRK -Classical
90.9 WCVJ -Christian AC
91.1 WRUW -College Case Western Reserve U.
91.3 WAPS -Triple A
91.5 WKHR -standards

… I’ll admit they are all over the market and obviously not all of equal stregnth or HAAT. But as you travel even local roads the cross talk is incredible. On vacant frequencies you get a wash of multiple stations. many stations are only audible on some sides of some buildings. Every stations is on the first and second adjacent of two or three stations. Some of these are great stations, and I dont want to lose them… but curently it is difficult to listen to any of them at all.

Columbus is the opposite:
88.1 -religious repeater
88.5 WLRY -a WUFM repeater
88.7 WUFM -christian AC
89.7 WOSU -Classical
90.5 WCBE -NPR talk

So how does one market get over-served and one get under served?
… I have no idea. If I get brave maybe I’ll ask he Old Akronite himself:http://ohiomedia.blogspot.com/

Here’s what the Alive and The Other Paper are covering musically this week …

  • Local Music: King Vada (by Chris Deville, Columbus Alive) - “‘2013, I’m about to keep hitting people in the face,’ King Vada said during an interview outside Short North boutique Milk Bar, pausing occasionally to greet people who had piled inside to hear his new Preludes to a Murder EP.”
  • Sensory Overload: Sleep Fleet (by Chris Deville, Columbus Alive) - “Power-pop, pop-punk, emo, alt-rock revival — whatever you want to call what Sleep Fleet does, their peers in the realm of rambunctious, melodious music are not known for their thoughtful deployment of dissonance.”
  • Proof that there’s life left in Americana music (by Joel Oliphint, The Other Paper) - “Americana. John Fullbright may not like it, but it’s probably the best catch-all term for his rootsy music. In fact, From the Ground Up was just nominated for a Grammy in the Americana category alongside Mumford & Sons, the Avett Brothers, Bonnie Raitt and the Lumineers. In a just world, Fullbright would win.”
  • MAJOR MINOR: Belated holiday gift for WCBE (by John Petric, The Other Paper) - “I’ve been mulling over what I can give our local NPR station, WCBE, in recognition of its stupendous music programming.Money’s out of the question – I haven’t paid my water bill for last year yet. What then, pray tell?”

Loved singing on this old mic today at WCBE. If you get a chance make a donation to the station-they fell a little short on their last fund drive and need your help to keep your fav. programs up and running. We can not thank this station enough for all their support over the years and for everything they do for our community. Photo by @coejim #wcbe #howlinmoons #cbusrocks

90.5 WCBE.org "STUDIO A REPLAY" features Lee DeWyze! Take a listen!!

Lee DeWyze dropped by NPR’s 90.5 WCBE in Central Ohio last summer and you can take a listen to that Studio A Session HERE or click anywhere below. You can hear great performances of Silver Lining, Fight, Like I Do plus hear his interview about his new album Frames! Take a listen>>>

Note: This is one of my favorite acoustic performances of “Like I Do”! Amazing!!

(via WCBE Presents Terakaft Live From Studio A Fri. Oct. 25, 2013 @ 2PM! | WCBE 90.5 FM)

“The malian desert blues group Terakaft will play Live From Studio A during The Global Village ahead of their show that night at The Wexner Center!

Be sure to listen for this intimate live performance and for a chance to win tickets! It’s all waiting for you on 90.5FM Columbus, 106.3FM Newark on on line at www.wcbe.org!”

Ma szomorkodtam egy kicsit. Gyakorlatilag tényleg vége ennek a négy évnek. Többet nem lesz ordítozásom: Líviával, a Hóddal, Ewával, Bettivel, Anyuval(Pogi, de mindenki csak Anyunak hívja), Rebivel.
Többet nem akarja Lolita kifesteni a falat lilakáposztával.
Nem kell bújkálnunk a VHI elől, ha cigizni akarunk kimenni.
Nem hányok többé másnaposan a fiú wcbe.
Nem röhögünk Pál Gréta haján.
Nem találgatjuk, hogy volt-e szex múlt éjjel a francia tanáréknál.
Nincs több algebra, se térgeometria.
Nem kell hasfájást szimulálnom tesin.
Nem veszekedhetek többé a ,,kedvenc" fizika tanárommal.
Nem köszönhetek Madame Couleurnek többé ,,Bonjour, Babazsúr!“-t.
Nem flegmázik(de tudom, hogy szeret a huncutja) többé a Piri(kémia tanár).
Nem fogja többé leszólni a Piri: a hajamat, a pulcsimat, a gesztusaimat, a seggrázásomat, az írásképemet(pedig cikronyásan írok), a VICCES sztorijaimat, stb.
Nem ültetem többet Redzset vízbe.
Nem dobálunk többé paradicsomot.

Oké, most megint szomorú lettem.


Don’t miss your chance to see Jessica Lea Mayfield at The Basement December 13th with her brother David Mayfield for the Sibling Rivalry Tour presented by WCBE!

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WCBE presents Diego Garcia - December 16th at The Basement


What better way to wind into the weekend than with some Umphrey’s McGee!?


Rachael Yamagata w/ Mike Viola - Sunday December 18th at The Basement!