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Homemade Ramen


DAY 2: Just Friends

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Just a short little drabble because I didn’t have time for personal reasons. 

               Sasuke was walking down the street after giving his report to the Hokage when he heard his name. He looked over and just a few feet ahead of him were two older women gossiping to themselves. Sasuke rolled his eyes as the words drifted over to him.

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it’s the side effects that save us

Ship: Katsuki Yuuri/Viktor Nikiforov

Rating: Teen

Warning: off-screen animal death

Notes: Role reversal AU, canon divergence

Summary: After a sudden personal tragedy and a narrow defeat at the Grand Prix Final, Viktor is ready to throw it all away—until he sees a video of the skater who beat him performing the free skate he couldn’t.

Or; plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose…

Review: The reversal in the fic is a single point from canon, instead of age and position, and explores what would happen with that change. Will Viktor and Yuuri still fall in love, and how so? Reversing canon events in unexpected ways, the fic delves into and expands Viktor’s character at a great length, giving us the what if’s of his personality, and uses the change to showcase other characters at different angles, like Yuri and Yuuri, among others. An assuring hand guides you through the motions, sometimes veering off-course slightly to the side-stories, which extend the content of the AU.

In terms of technical craft, this fic also does not fail. The prose is masterful and pleasant to read. 




In the words of DJ Khaled, another one

The healing stone necklaces were all tagged except 1 I was so happy I could snag it :)


🎈Urban Decay Naked Smoky - $54

🎈 Urban Decay Naked 3 - $54

🎈 Urban Decay Gwen Stefani - $58

🎈 Porefessional Face Primer - $31

🎈 Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme - $28

🎈 Tarte Lippie Lingerie Matte Tint - $24 x2 (one not pictured bc i gave it to my sis)

🎈 7 Wonders Caribbean Calming Mask - $6

🎈 Macadamia Nourishing Moisture Masque - $6


🎈 Home Salon Hair Mask - $3

🎈 Elephant Wallet - $10

🎈 Blue Healing Stone Necklace - $9

🎈 Star Lights - $10

🎈 Pink Hamsa Lights - $10

🎈 Water Bottle - $7

Charlotte Russe

🎈 Metallic Wallet - $13

🎈 Beauty Blender 2 Pack - $4 (1 not pictured bc i gave it to my sis)

🎈 Fake Septum Piercings - $6

Forever 21

🎈 Watermelon Compact Mirror - $3.90

🎈 Dog Socks - $2.90

🎈 Striped Bear Socks - $1.90

🎈 3 Animals Socks - $2.90

🎈 Daisy Socks - $1.90


🎈 Hot Air Balloon Notebook - $??

🎈 Mini Planner -  $?? (this and the notebook would probs be like 20)

🎈 Flower Necklace - $17

🎈6 Pack Command Hooks - $9

🎈 Cage The Elephant CD - $14

Grand Total: $440.50


Lets call this the haul that fucked me in the ass and helped me join the track team

Urban Outfitters
💦Instax Mini 8 Camera - $70
💦Stoner Mug Cake Book - $10
💦Marijuana Chef CookBook - $15
💦Pimpin Aint Easy Socks - $8
💦Cat and Panda Stickers - $6 x3
💦Alpaca Stickers - $4

💦Calvin Klein Bra - $28
💦Calvin Klein Underwear - $10

Total: $163

And a priceless expierence

ohsotiny  asked:

Ok so not sure if someone picked this one but That was where we first met. Orrrrr if that's taken, Can you close your eyes?

Thank you for the prompt!

Flower Crowns and ANBU

Also on ao3 and ffn 

“That was where we first met,” Kakashi told her as they passed by a meadow on their way back to the village.

Sakura looked at him confused with a chuckle. “No, it’s not. We met when I was assigned on your genin team.”

He shook his head with a smile. “No, we met in that field of flowers. It’d be more romantic if you could remember it, Sakura-chan. I’m disappointed.”

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SouHaru Drabble

Future Fish Au & Established Relationship
Words: 409
Sousuke is a cop, and is in the hospital after being injured on the job.


“Aren’t you going to say anything?" 

Sousuke breathed out through his nose as he leaned back on the lumpy, cold material of the hospital pillow. He dearly missed his own pillow, his bed, his home. 

He closed his eyes, listening to the steady beeping of the machine he was hooked up to and the slow breathing of the man sitting to his left. Sousuke did not know how long Haruka had spent sitting there, in the brown leather chair by his hospital bed. All he knew was that when he opened his eyes the first thing he saw were the man’s unmistakable blue eyes. 

"I hope the food isn’t as bad as Rin says it is,” Sousuke said, his head lolling to the side. The IV attached to his wrist was busy pumping him full of pain killers. 

“Guess it can’t be’s bad as my cooking, huh?” His lip quirked up at the corner, his gaze falling over Haruka’s expressionless face. 

His smile vanished. 

The beeping continued, from behind the closed door of his private room he could make out the faint sounds of steps and voices, and wheels gliding against the linoleum floor.

“Your heart stopped.” The words were faint, barely disturbing the silent atmosphere. Sousuke turned his gaze back toward Haruka. The man was staring directly at him. 

“I thought you’d…” Haruka stopped, he looked away, lips twitching. “No, it doesn’t matter.” He shakes his head slowly before meeting Sousuke’s eyes. 

Sousuke smiled, just a lazy curve of his lips, “I can take a lot more than this.” He nodded toward his chest. Haruka scoffed, leaving his spot on the chair to stand next to Sousuke’s bed. 

At that distance, Sousuke easily saw the man’s tense shoulders, set jaw, and strained eyes. 

“I’m alright.” Sousuke felt the need to say, his words slurring a bit as drowsiness began to fall over him. 

“Though, I’ll need love'n'care when I get home.” He tried a smile, but wasn’t sure if his lips actually followed through. He shut his eyes when a familiar soft hand ran threw his hair and down the side of his face. 

“Don’t think I’ll spoil you, Yamazaki.” Sousuke wished he could have laughed at those whispered words, words that held an underlying tone of tenderness.

Instead, he leaned into Haruka’s warm touch and gave into the heavy sleep pressing down on him, knowing that when he awakens those same blue eyes would be greeting him.

Rovinsky Fic Masterpost (Only On Tumblr) Part 2

Find Part 1 here if you like.  We may be a small bunch, but if I do say so myself we have some damn good writers for this ship.  So show them some love.

*involve rape/dubious consent





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