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Hey guys! So I reached another follower milestone. 

This is not exactly a follow forever, but rather, a list of amazing people who make “tumblring” a fun experience for me.
I am not really that sociable IRL. Like some of you guys, I’m shy and awkward. So even here on tumblr, I have a hard time reaching out and making friends.

But you guys have made my timeline, activity page, inbox and ask exciting!

I listed it in no particular order. But please know… I see you… and I want to thank you all!  :)  Also, to those who have sent asks via anon.. thank you!!

Lastly, to all my followers… THANKS!!!! I hope you feel my love :)

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Out of Everyone in the Room I Only I Have Eyes for You - acrylic_gold

Word Count: 12, 727

Summary: The paladins are once again at another celebration for their victory against another fight against the Galra. Despite the beautiful faces in the room, the blue paladin can only seem to focus on one thing. 


♕ shadow of the moon, sea of the shadow }]

The rich smell of the ocean surrounded her, a smell something like the smell of blood. The sea was in her veins. That is why, when she closed her ears, she heard the distant roar of the ocean.

I did a thing this morning! Seahawks 12k done and done! I haven’t been running enough lately and I’m not in the shape that I’d like to be at this point, but I made a goal to finish under 16 min/mile, knowing I’d stop to take photos and such. I finished with 15:55, so goal achieved! Definitely not my fastest pace ever , but I did get my PR for this specific race! The first year I was still fairly new to running, especially that distance, and last year I got suuuuuper sick because I was doing a whole 30 and was being stupid about refueling. So overall I am happy with how today went! Yay! Go Hawks! 

PS I don't think you can read the names, but those are players’ parking spots at the practice facility. 

I had Starbucks a few days ago and it was so good sigh, I spend €10 on Starbucks that day and im very dissapointed in myself

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