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→ Anonymous asked: Sylvanas or Tyrande

Goddess, make me fast and accurate. Let my aim be true, and if today is truly the day you call me home, let me die with an empty quiver.

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Grubby’s WarCraft III Commentaries - Episode 4

Grubby vs Moon in the World eSports Masters 2009 Grand Finals.

In this opening game of the $14,000 WEM 2009 Grand Finals, Grubby is faced with the dreaded Beastmaster mass Huntress style - particularly scary when it is Moon who performs it. 

The war of the expansions begins, and every advantage has to be turned his way in order to come out victorious.


Double Standards

I made this quite awhile ago and just found it back.  I remember it took me longer to put together an outfit for Tyrande that matched her WC3 look than it did to make the rest of the comic.

(Yes, I know Malfurion’s transformation wasn’t quite as advanced during the Warcraft III timeline, but this is the only model WoW gives me to work with, and you get the idea.)

anonymous asked:

Good Sir, I assume you played wc3 if so what was some of your fave custom campagins and your reason why? (reason for asking because im playing wc3 and want some godo campagins!)

I’ve played all Blizzard games.

As for custom campaigns, I never really did any of the custom stuff tbh; I mostly stuck with blizzard campaigns, rexxar campaign and then random multiplayer shit. 

I really hate that Jaina is constantly just being torn down to give other guy characters spotlight.

It made sense in WC3 because in the end, she was basically the savior of Lordaeron’s last refugees and had to make a tough choice of family or peace.

 But since then, it’s been bullshit.

Gotta lose the spotlight to show how cool Varian is and make him important.

Gotta lose Theramore to spotlight that Thrall is a fuck-up and show how much of a cool monster Garrosh is.

Gotta lose the Kirin Tor and Dalaran to show how important and cool Khadgar is.

What exactly does Jaina have left? Nothing. No home, no people, no ties to really anything anymore because it’s all be taken away, blown up, and taken over by some guy over time.

All she’s got is a love interest. So is that all they want from her character now?

It’s just bullshit.

There seems to be three kinds of people who play WoW. Those who say Pandas weren’t ever apart of Warcraft, those who played WC3 and know of that isn’t true, and those who just want who like the change in pace of the Pandas. I won’t admit it to my friends but I am the second of three while they tend to be the former. I also confess I love the Pandas for their change in pace and wait for them to log out to level my Panda.

“Jaina Proudmoore’s gone! We don’t know where she is, but she sure went there pissed off *chuckle*.” 

Are you fucking serious? You wrote out one of your iconic, and important, female characters with that bullshit? A character that’s been around since WC3 and has had all sorts of bullshit bad writing done to her and could have been redeemed?

Fuck you too, Blizzard. Fuck you.