Prompt 1B Angst (ish)

Slightly angsty

Sherlock: What if something goes wrong? 

Molly: We are in a hospital full of doctors. We will be fine.  

Sherlock: What if she has two heads? 

Molly: Pretty sure we would have seen that on the scan.  

Sherlock: What if she only has nine fingers? 

Molly: I think you can still teacher her how to play the violin.  

Sherlock: What if she hates the violin? 

Molly: That really wont be the end of the world.  

Sherlock: What if she is a he?! 

Molly: Then we name him after your father instead of your mother.  

Sherlock: What if she -  


Sherlock: *stares at her in surprise* 

Molly: Unless you are going to push this baby out of your va-who-whoo, shut up and sit down.  

Sherlock: *sits down next to Molly and takes her hand* I love you. 

Molly: *rolls her eyes and kisses him on the cheek* I love you too.