what a lil’ shit

Q: “What is it next for you guys? Do you get a chance to relax or is it right back into training?”

PC: Has the WTT, so back to work.
DT: Gotta prepare for the Olympics, so back to work.

[ I have some shows, but yeah, I’m going on vacations. (…) I take it easy and when I start, I start strong. ]

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1. favorite player of all time

probably jerome boateng

2. a game you will never forget (try to pick ONE)

cl final 2012 / cl final 2013 / wc final 2014

3. the national team u support the most

i only support germany

4. if you could pick one of your teams to win any trophy, who and which?

isn’t it like that you want that your team wins everything? lol, but mostly i wish that arsenal would win the league, and bayern ofc too + dfb pokal (and next year the cl)

5. whats the story of how you got into this sport!!!

long story short: bc of my dad

6. how many games a week do you watch (approx.)

~~ 12-15

7. world cup or copa américa/euro cup?

i’m more a world cup type but i watch everything so :^)

8. do you want uefa to rot in hell for how they treated borussia dortmund the latest weeks (yes/yes)

i have my opinion on that but i wont tell it here

9. god im running out of ideas hmm… have u played football urself?

yes!! till i had a serious injury

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13-16 in RG

August, 28th 2013 : the only non-russian Gold of the quad (for individuals), earned by Ganna Rizatdinova during hoop EF in front of her home crowd at the Kiev world championships. It was the first time that a non-russian individual won gold at the World Championships since Anna Bessonova, also ukrainian, won the All-Around in Patras in 2007. 

Ganna’s joy and pride were so moving as she emotionally sang her country’s anthem.


Ten female skaters who have passed the 130-mark in the free skate (2010 GP series to 2014 Olympics)

  • Julia Lipnitskaia, RUS (2013 SC, 2014 EC, 2014 OG)**
  • Akiko Suzuki, JPN (2013 WTT)
  • Miki Ando, JPN (2011 4CC, 2011 WC)
  • Kanako Murakami, JPN (2014 4CC)
  • Mao Asada, JPN (2013 WC, 2013 SA, 2013 NHK, 2013 GPF, 2014 OG)**
  • Yuna Kim, KOR (2013 WC, 2013 GSZ, 2014 OG)**
  • Gracie Gold, USA (2014 OG)
  • Carolina Kostner, ITA (2012 IC, 2013 EC, 2013 WC, 2014 OG)**
  • Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, RUS (2013 EC)
  • Adelina Sotnikova, RUS (2014 EC, 2014 OG)**

(Note:The world record that Yuna Kim set at the 2010 Olympics still stands, which has not been included here. Also, both Mao Asada and Yuna Kim have broken the 130-mark more times than noted here.)

**: denotes those who have passed the 140-mark.


13-16 in RG

August 30th 2013: Yana Kudryavtseva from Russia becomes the youngest world all-around champion ever at 15 y/o, Ganna Rizatdinova from Ukraine and Melitina Staniouta from Belarus complete the podium. Showcasing a very delicate gymnastics with a rare virtuosity in her apparatus work, Yana manages to display nerves of steel throughout the entire competition, hitting her ribbon routine in th all-around despite technical problems with the music. The contrast between her delicate frame and her ability to keep a level head in stressful situations eventually lead people to nickname her “the angel with iron wings”.


Cosplay: Behind The Craft

A small, simple, straight to the point inside look inside the wonderful world of cosplay. Watch in 720 HD!