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Leo Messi models Argentina’s home kit for 2018 World Cup

“Three decades. That’s how long Argentina’s fans had waited for their team to claim South America’s biggest prize. So when la Selección became continental champions in 1991, the kit they did it in became instantly iconic. Inspired by that memorable strip, this football jersey Argentina will wear as they take on the world this summer in Russia.”

@deepbluefeeling requested bluestar, which was a nice excuse to finish this sketch into a quick paint! bluestar and snowfur, in starclan together. in pink clouds. idk its sunset or something

got that strong sisterly love <3

Okay, but consider this au:
Crowfeather stays with the Tribe because of feathertail dying there, eventually growing close to Brook and becoming a more selfless cat. Stormfur comes home with the other cats. He still has a crush on Squirrel, but upon meeting Leafpool he falls in love. They have kits, and when he finds out, he accepts it rather than being appalled.