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Zombie Frisks Backstory

Well It All Starts At The Mountain…

Mt. Ebott

Frisk Went On A Journey To Find The Monsters And Ran Away From Home Because In California A Virus Was Spreading And Their Parents Abused Him/Her/Them
On Their Journey They Got Stung

By An Infected Wasp And Thats When Our Story Begins

Frisk: Owwwwwwww…. Well Im Almost There I Gotta Keep Going

A Vein Was Starting To Go Black And Went Directly For Their Soul All Of Sudden Frisk Falls Almost At The Top Of The Mountain

Frisk: *Coughs Blood* I…. Have To…. Keep Going


Well Frisk Fell And Hit A Rock With Their Forehead And Broke Their Arm Now Fully A Zombie…

@zombie-frisk hope you like the story spooks sorry its short


@ask-jt-lt-wc Hahaha thanks for the fanfiction, friend! I love it! ;D