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For 1′000 flippen followers I have spent WEEKS drawing out every current cat in Weed clan AND I’m going to name all of them:


-Trumpstar: A courageous half wolf cat who came up from the dirt to leaders position only on a small loan of $1 million. He is vegan and mates with Scourge. Scourge and him have two kits, Skunkass and Lionedge.


-Handsomedeputy: Most consider him to be the most attractive cat in all of Weed Clan, with his yaoi paws, squared mouth, stunning colors, and strength. He is currently mates with MILFpetal and has three kits with her, Longdick, Normalkit, and Neonvag.


-Glitterspirit: After killing all of his past clan as soon as he was born he became a rogue and quickly discovered Desukit and Daddystar, who were starting a new clan, Weed Clan. Since that day he has been in position as Medicine cat. He walks on two legs, and his hair is his life force.

-Nightmare: One of the four kits of Desukit’s said to be the spawn of the late Daddystar. She is a gentle and loving cat, though she cannot be a warrior as she has a horses face and can only communicate through horse noises, which Glitterspirit can translate.


-Spicytaco: One of the four kits of Desukit’s said to be the spawn of the late Daddystar. In her old age she has grown cold and bitter, even still kits and apprentices seem to like her, as she is frequently seen speaking with them

-Waluigipaw: He never graduated from apprenticeship, the clan had no choice but to place him as an elder at the age of 204 moons, without ever gaining his warrior title.


-MILFpetal: A hot young queen, she is often showered with gifts from admirers, though has settled down with Handsomedeputy for the time being. Currently has four kits; Longdick, Normalkit, Neonvag, and Hauntedkit.

-Tokyostream: She became a queen by sheer chance, no one knows the true father of her children other than herself. She had three kits; Safarikit, Chromekit, and Internetexplorerkit. As she feared if others were to know the true father, she abandoned them, returning moons later to find one survivor, Internetexplorerkit.

-Coalfur: Having just been accepted to the clan she is very excited to become a mother of at least 1,000 kits. She refuses to leave the nursery, even after her kits have grown.


-Lionedge: A very strong and large cat, the child of Trumpstar and Scourge. He is a rather cheerful cat for his name. His apprentice is Snart ™.

-Fancysprootle: No one is exactly sure of the origin of this strange cat, as he rarely speaks. Though he has spoken to Desukit who says that he is very intelligent. He seems to do things at total random, but with determination.

-Peppermint: Found in a ditch by Glitterspirit, She is very energetic and loud. She has taken a strong liking to Glitterspirit for helping her. Her apprentice is Glowpaw.

-Fuzzyfur: Very weak, but just so gosh darn adorable, you can’t help but say yes to that face.

-Neonvag: Daughter of Handsomedeputy and MILFpetal, She and her brother are blind, yet somehow have became successful warriors. Named for her extremely bright genitalia, said to be able to stun any cat.

-Longdick: Son of Handsomedeputy and MILFpetal, He and his sister are blind, Yet somehow became successful warriors. He constantly tries to play with other cat’s assholes, Glitterspirit has become tired of having to patch up his damage and thus keeps a close watch on him.

-Desudesusparkleass: Desukit’s long lost sister, having finally found her sister once more, she has joined the clan in hopes of connecting again with her sister.

-Skunkass: Son of Trumpstar and Scourge, for some reason Trumpstar and only Trumpstar calls him a girl. He is considered the Punching bag of the clan. His apprentice is Radioactivepaw.

-Tamponheart: Firestar’s long lost brothers sons friends neighbor. She is very shy and you will be reported if you are mean to her. Her Apprentice is Animupaw.

-Sunburn: An elusive cat, he seems to only ever even exists once someone has made a comeback, and in that moment his soul purpose is to go “OOOOOOO SIck bURn bRo”. His daughter is Glowpaw.

-Dubstep: Most have described him as “Like Kylo Ren, but edgier”. He lost his family in a fire off clan grounds, though he does not let this stop him. He is currently mates with kHaOs and often makes her dubstep remixes of songs as gifts. kHaOs is the only one who has ever seen his eyes.


-Snart ™: His name is Snart ™.

-Glowpaw: The daughter of Sunburn and a Kittypet named Asshole. She is curious of the world around her, she wants to be able to take in as much of it as she can.

-Radioactivepaw: One of the four kits of Desukit’s said to be the spawn of the late Daddystar. Originally named Sweetkit, for being as sweet as can be(along with Desukit being very hungry) he got his title changed after hearing the song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. He has dreams of becoming a famous dancer using that song.

kHaOs:  One of the four kits of Desukit’s said to be the spawn of the late Daddystar. While she stays close to and helps the clan, she considers herself a rouge and prefers to go by her rouge name. Originally named Screamingkit as from birth she was practicing her screamo vocals. BotDF saved her life. Her mate currently is Dubstep, though she gets very tsundere around him, and will often run away when she tried to tell him very deep and personal things. She knows the truth about Daddystar and seeks any knowledge she can of her father, Desukit seems reluctant to speak anything of him. While she is under apprentice, she is over 12 moons old. Like Waluigipaw, she never graduated.

Animupaw: Half robot cat who was made in Japan. She absolutely adores anime in all it’s forms and will frequently speak on how japan is superior to other countries.


-Hauntedkit: An odd kit, he appeared one day with MILFpetal and Handsomedeputy’s litter, and has yet to grow since. No one is sure whose kit he is, or how he came to be, he does not seam to speak.

-Desukit: The former mate of the late Daddystar, She was said to birth his kits, though she seems reluctant to speak on her kits or Daddystar. She is a very upbeat and kawaii kitten who was blessed from birth by Star Clan. She is currently 300 moons old, and will continue to be a warrior of Star Clan for the rest of eternity.

-Normalkit: Son of MILFpetal and Handsomedeputy, he is a normal kitten, nothing special with him.

-Internetexplorerkit: The only survivor of Tokyostream’s litter, He has an oversize head and ears, making it difficult to walk, along with the malnourishment he has experienced.

And that is the hell I’ve been experiencing for weeks now. You’re all horrible and it’s great.- Mod Glitterspirit

Daddystar can always be our Daddy -Mod Tokyostream