TV Version (NHK-BS2) of Special Performance at Welcome Back To BEAST Airline


111224 Beast for u - 문이 닫히면


[Fancam] B2ST - Lightless (11.02.18 Welcome BACK To B2ST Airlines) (by yaminifurukiseki)

And of course the final set.

The tickets and wrist band that we acquired on this trip.

Welcome BACK to BEAST Airline.

I will never forget these two nights.
I can not and I will not.

These two days isn’t something that I will ever forget in my life time.
The week itself was amazing.
I went with three amazing people who I wouldn’t trade for the world.
If anything there are more people who I would love to add to this trip to make it more memorable.

Although this trip could of started horribly wrong but it didn’t.
There were a couple of rough times but overall it was an experience that I will not forget.
Even if we do some how lose touch with one another, I will look back at these pictures and remember.
I don’t want to lose touch with them though.
Even if we are young and we did crazy things. I want to do more crazy things when we are older.
As long as BEAST is together, I think we will too.

I want to also know that even if BEAST isn’t together that maybe somehow we can also be together.
But right now our main common interest is BEAST. 
As much as I like it this way, I hope we can still hang out even if… 
BUT I hope that nothing will befall on this wonderful group because I found great new friends.  
I want BEAST to last as long as Shinhwa plus more. 

Everyone who went and didn’t go on this is trip is a precious person to me. 
They mean a lot even though the stuff we do to each other is makes it seem like we DGAF about one another. 
Everyone is different but we somehow get along…somehow. 
So I hope they stay this way and don’t forget about what is happening to us and to the six wonderful boys who brought us together. 

I'll eventually write about my trip but for now, I just felt sentimental.
Wonderful people are slowing shaping my life and I am grateful for them.