I’ve got this manic love that devours me some nights and the only thing I can liken it to is if you set the base of a dried pine tree on fire and watched the flames creep up and the green needles char away. It leaves a martyred skeleton frozen in glowing tangerine and yellow ribbons and I think that’s me because I’m a prisoner to my rampant thoughts.
—  WBK | WalterBlakeKnoblock.com

8 Videos featuring artists using Tachyons+ gear
their creative video production set-ups.

From top to bottom via the photos above:

Thomas McMahan

Capital Waste Pictures

Travis Flournoy


Al Hodgson

Shane McKenzie

Jon Cates

Nihil Minus


City Delivered - “WBK”



City Delivered - “WBK”

As we grow up, the problems around us only seem to get worse. I forgot to pack my lunch one day in elementary school so I had to eat a peanut butter and jelly that the secretary made out of bread and jam she kept incase kids like me showed up hungry. That used to be a problem. In high school, I was scared to tell a girl I sat next to in German class that I liked her and that was a problem, too. In college, I failed my first class and felt like I had not only wasted time, but also hundreds of dollars. More problems. After I graduated, I couldn’t get a job and felt like my life had no purpose or meaning. I can feel these problems building– toppling over each other, sticking together by their greasy underbellies in one giant, putrid glob. Maybe one day I won’t love my wife. Maybe one day I’ll wonder why I never had one. I think this is going to continue escalating at a predictable rate until I am old and broken and tired, faced with my final problem: the daily challenge of finding a way not to die.

- Walter Blake Knoblock walterblakeknoblock.tumblr.com