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Artist WBK - A large part of my work makes reference and is influenced by the transition from analogue to digital. Using old type sets, type writer keys, analogue numbers, analogue timepieces (clock faces) etc. to represent the analogue era. The digital era suggested with computer keys, calculator buttons phone buttons, etc.

“ The hand made days are gone. Our food, our clothes, our furniture, our homes, our lives are manufactured. Life is factory made.” WBK is factory made art for a manufactured world. With a quite reflection on an analogue past.

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I’m lonely now but soon I’ll smile
and have that same feeling of when I used to live in the desert and drive though the mountains;
reaching the crest, I’d see across the dry valley until it reached countering peaks, abashedly burst through chaparral plain.
It was infectious.
It gave me hope.
—  Walter Blake Knoblock