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Do you have any advice for when you've been writing an essay all day, which is worth 40% of your overall grade, and it suddenly deletes itself on Word and isn't retrievable? Like, how do I not jump off a cliff right now :) :) :) :) :)

Damn mate that’s awful!!! My tech-loving boyfriend has written up a set of instructions and hopefully that works! If not, pump some motivational tunes and work super hard until it’s done! Good luck xxx


If you are using office 2010 or higher you can try looking in C:/Users\(your username)\Appdata/Local/Microsoft\Office\UnsavedFiles

Otherwise if you are lucky you may still be able to find a temp file which will be located in either

C:/Users/(your username)/Appdata/Local/Microsoft/Word
C:/Users/(your username)/Appdata/Local/Temp

You are looking for a file which is named something like (xxxx will be a number )
~wrdxxxx.tmp or ~wrfxxxx.tmp or ~wraxxxx.tmp or maybe a recovery file with the extension .wbk

If you find any of these you can open them in notepad to see if they have anything in then copy that into a word document .

If you are on a Mac the process is going to be a little different

1 . We are going to have a look in your trash for a folder titled “recovered items”
If that gives you any results drag them onto your desktop and search through the files for your document otherwise proceed to number 2
2. Go to finder , select Go > Go to folder, type /private/var/folders and search for any files named “word work file” inside the folder “temporary items”
Again drag the files to the desktop before opening them in word

Neither of these are guarantees however I wish you the best of luck in the future ALWAYS save immediately after making the document ( yes while it is still blank ) for some reason it seems to assists with with words auto recovery and ALWAYS save every 10 minutes because prevention is best fix for data lost


I’m lonely now but soon I’ll smile
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City Delivered - “WBK”