Wbeeza - Billy Green Is Ded   


wbeeza - laying here


Party on Marz Radio #84 (Aired 3-13-12)


1.   Wbeeza - He So Crazy (Original Mix)

2.   Unknown Artist - Say Something (Original Mix)

3.   Johnny D - Gualia (Original Mix)

4.   Solomun - Boys in the Hood (Gorge Remix)

5.   Shaun Reeves - CDV (Original Mix)

6.   Soul Clap - 3 Wheel E Motion

7.   Cobblestone Jazz - Chance Dub Mix

8.   Shinedoe featuring Mr Bumpy - No Boundaries (Martin Buttrich Remix)

9.   Unknown Artist - Little Helper 11 (Original Mix)

10. Unknown Artist - Sweet Spot (Original Mix)



Wbeeza - Billy Green Is Ded

Pure vibes on this one, ‘I Wish’ by Skee-Lo is the classic that inspired this, in case you were wondering. Oh and a little sample from the late great Gilbert “Gil” Scott-Heron doesn’t hurt either.

Let Me Know feat Diyana
Let Me Know feat Diyana

Artist: Wbeeza

Record: Void

Tune: Let Me Know feat. Diyana

Released: Late November 2010

If there is one sound i’m really into right now, its the ultra-suave vibes of London Deep House producer Wbeeza. Releasing Void, his debut 17 track LP last November, Wbeeza continues to captivate the underground London scene with his short, catchy snippets of blissful house music. Although Wbeeza borrows generously from his predecessors from Chicago and Detroit, he still manages to  conjure a fresh take at the genre. Void has that smoky, late night sound; perfect for cruising down the motorway at 1 in the morning or for lounging and smoking cigarettes  in the backroom of a London club.  My only gripe is that there are so many great ideas on this LP and Wbeeza fails to develop them more,as most tunes are under the two minute mark. No record is perfect I guess….

-Armand Saunders