Swan Dock by William Beem
Via Flickr:
This is my favorite view inside of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Sadly, it doesn’t exist anymore. Disney decided to go on with some construction, which often means destruction of old favorites like the Swan Dock.

Tumblr Tuesday: Tumblr Goes to the White House

The White House
We’re going to the White House today to talk to President Obama about the cost of education, and we’re bringing a bunch of you with us. Among you: 

Kelly Brown’s tips on being a real life adult: Step 1: Get a key ring. Step 2: Visit the President of the United States of America. 

I, Too, Am Harvard
A photo campaign based on a play based on interviews with black students at Harvard College that were based on a very real and very empowering way of fighting back against racism on campus.

Adventures in Learning
A teacher who is publicly asking the fundamental question, “Why we educate.” Sometimes the answer is, “To conduct improv theater about mean princesses.”  

David Karp
Here’s a guy whose mom is very excited for the President on this occasion.

White House photo by wbeem