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#5 Favorite TLAT Ship: Remus Lupin & Clancy Goshawk

Nickname(s): Mancy

Typical Reaction:

Best Quotes:

He turned to go, as Clancy answered the riddle for her Common Room, but Remus did not hear a word she said.

Charlie Plex?

She was dating Charlie Plex?

Of all people, Charlie Plex?

Remus hated Charlie Plex.

Justice was a dead art.


“Not very what?”

“Smart, I think.”

“She’s smart!” Remus defended.

“She’s dating Charlie Plex.”

“Just because someone sees the best in people and believes that they’re able to change doesn’t mean they’re not smart!” said Remus loudly. Ms. Sevoy scowled at the pair. Lily grinned. Remus glared. “You tricked me,” he accused.

“You so fancy her.”

“Oh, Merlin.” The Marauder sighed, massaging his forehead wearily.