WB 1771 El Pueblo
March 19, 2013

WB stands for WineBar. It is a perfect place to hangout for young and working professionals. It might look somewhat expensive but it’s not and it’s surprisingly affordable! We were invited for the wine tasting and we were taught about the origin of the wines, its raw ingredients, the right way to handle  a wine glass and why wine lovers love to sniff it. There’s a technique to enjoy your wine and one approach is to share it with friends. We tried different wines progressively, from the lowest concentration of alcohol and it gets higher as we go on. 

The place feels very high-end since a lot of foreigners and corporate people are in the place but not to worry… It’s also a good place to consider even if you’re on tight budget but you want to impress someone. The food that was served to us tastes ridiculously good like it’s was showered with love potion. Another great thing about this place is that they have this specialized wine distiller that keeps the wine absolutely fresh while you can instantly pour some more in your wine glass.

This wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for another invite from Ms. Vannah Santiago who never failed to amuse us and we are indeed planning to set another event for foodies here on Tumblr! Interested? Kindly like this post and send me a message. We’ll be having it after the Holy week. 

For a more thorough review, kindly visit: http://paresatbp.tumblr.com