Warner Bros. Studio is LIGHTING up for Batman’s 75th!

Our pals at the Warner Bros. Studio VIP Tours have turned on the signal for their Batman Exhibit in celebration of the Dark Knight’s milestone.

Check out the pics from opening night, and if you’re in town, swing by and say HI! 



In Fall of 2011, I flew to LA to attend Chuck Fest 3 and did a tour of the WB lot the day before with other Chuck fans.  The first picture is a building that was used as the back of the Buy More.

They were filming “Chuck vs. the Bullet Train” when we did the tour.  We didn’t get on the active sets, but only could see other parts that weren’t being used.

The second picture is our group shot with the cast at Chuck Fest 3.  Somehow, all the women at my table were blondes.


I have had another busy week guys, I am 37 weeks old, and I weigh 12.7kgs.

Mum ordered me some Fish4Dogs food to try because I was getting picky and not eating all my meals. I think I like it, when it’s mixed with my Nature Diet I love it! So yummy!

Mum and Dad dropped me at Meg dog’s house on wednesday and they went to the WB Harry Potter Tour, I had so much fun playing with Meg all day, even though she had a sore paw :(, she is feeling better! And look, Mum pretended that I was going to Hogwarts to! Do you think they let Frenchies in? I hope I’m a Gryffindor!


WB studios tour, March 30th, 2013

on saturday my family and i went on the VIP tour at the Warner Brothers studios. i’ve already posted many pictures on instagram (lifeisintheair), but i wanted to write everything out before i forget.

it was one of the coolest experiences ever. since we went on a saturday, there wasn’t any filming going on for shows so we were able to see a lot more sound stages and sets than if we had gone during the week. our tour guide, Brad was another reason the tour was so great. he has worked on the pll set in the past, so he knew a lot about the show. it was 11 of us on the tour and we were the only ones who watch pll. once Brad asked everyone what we wanted to see on the tour, he knew he would show us pll sets. Brad was really nice and had a lot of knowledge for all the shows/movies filmed at WB studios. he was sure to point out every building/area pll has been shot before. now the rest will be in bullet points.

what we saw:

  • spencer’s barn (first thing we saw and my mom, sister, and i freaked out!!)
  • the forest used for pll
  • spencer’s house
  • the gazebo
  • hannah’s house
  • emily’s house/mrs. kim’s house
  • the town of rosewood/stars hollow
  • luke’s diner
  • rosewood high school
  • rosewood police department
  • the church
  • radley!!/emily and richard’s house
  • the set of central perk from friends!

the sound stages where we weren’t allowed to take pictures:

  • spencer’s bedroom
  • emily’s bedroom
  • the hallway with lockers of ROSEWOOD high school
  • we went inside the classroom used for every class for pll (Ezra’s name was still written on the chalkboard from the season 3 finale)
  • the cafe where emily works! (so pretty. i can’t remember the name right now)
  • the courtyard where the girls eat lunch
  • ellen degeneres’s stage
  • big bang theory sets
  • two and a half men set

we then saw a museum with different costumes. we saw one of luke’s menus from the diner, the letter lorelai writes to rory towards the end of the series, a bunch of stuff from friends (rachel’s letter to ross), the CREEPY halloween costume lucas wears in season 1!, spencer and aria’s costume from season one’s halloween episode, the black swan costume! it was so neat, i wanted to steal the costumes!

the next day we went to another museum featuring warner brothers costumes/items from shows. we saw rory’s school uniform, the DOLLS from pll!, newspapers from when ally was missing, outfits from Friends, and other stuff. 

it was amazing. i still can’t believe all that we saw!