Suicide Squad Mid-Credits Scene Confirmed

No spoilers here, but when you finish watching Suicide Squad, you’ll want to stay in your seats. Now that the film has started screening, we have confirmation that there’s a scene in the middle of the credits. After the credits sequence rolls (that’s also called the “bumper,” the part before the plain black-and-white names and characters part rolls), using the same stylized hyper-colored imagery they’ve used in the posters and character art, there’s one more scene waiting for you on the other side. It’s pivotal and important, too.

There is not, however, an after-credits scene. While Marvel Studios frequently makes use of both, giving a major story beat in the mid-credits, and an extra tease or sometimes a joke post-credits, it seems DC Films/WB is not following suit. Of course, this is also based on early screenings, so it could change after the film itself is released. We’ve reached out to Warner Bros. for confirmation, and should they provide it, will update.


leeshy-loo-squid-squad  asked:

If they spend 3.99$ on Lexa's forehead piece... Wanna guess how the CAT TIRE shoulder pieces came into existence? Please everyone go do that WB survey, I want to see what they do with een lower budget.

The production designer needed new tires and what best way to recycle than putting them in a show. They gave her $0.30 for all four of them. 

Speaking of, have you filled out the survey today? I know the Blarkes are trying to go up against us. Make sure we make our voices heard. 


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Fuck this movie is gonna destroy me?! I'm barely surviving the damn HQ pics? And how the hell is he so beautiful covered in dirt and in these ridiculous trousers? He looks like a damn painting in every picture?! And he is standing next to Cillian and NOLAN? And all the cast & crew seem to love him?!?! He's throwing damn bread that's how comfortable they all are around each other...I might burst and I might not survive that on the big screen...he's making a movie 😱😍 WB

WB! You are me. We can both die peacefully in hell together <3

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hey. i know you already know that MCRX/Living With Ghosts is up for pre order now and just wanna ask what you think because none of the boys are promoting it? and did you like the song "The Five of Us are Dying"?

I really don’t know but I think the reason why they’re not promoting it because the reissue is not their doing? I mean, yeah, those are their songs but WB owns the copyrights of it so the boys, not being a band anymore, has nothing to do about the reissue? No one has mentioned anything about it so I think only the label is behind this. Idk. I can’t even explain it properly. I’m sorry.

*If anyone can help please send an ask. hehe*

anyway, I’ve heard the song and it’s beautiful! We all know that this is the early version of WTTBP but it really sounds different.

I’m just happy to hear this song because it definitely took me a decade back to the past! WTTBP is perfect and It’s really quite thrilling to hear the early version of this iconic song. 

so yeah, that’s it. I hope I made sense. Take care hon and have an amazing day/night :)

夏休みに入り、より本格的な練習が連日行われていますが、部員達は少ない時間をうまくやりくりして勉強と部活の両立をはかっています!!!三年生は、練習しながら受験勉強することにより、とても効率的に時間を使っています!!受験生の鑑ですね!! http://pic.twitter.com/dG92qxxiTT

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July 26, 2016

The LEGO Batman Movie : SDCC TRAILER

Does Batman live in Bruce Wayne’s basement?”
NO, Bruce Wayne lives in Batman’s attic!”

The new trailer for WB’s brick-tacular™ Batman flick is revealing a lot more info about the plot. We come to see that Robin is along for the ride–and they don’t look like a Grayson…or a Drake..or a Todd. While we don’t get a name, we do know that they’re a boy who has a striking resemblance to Carrie Kelly’s Robin. We also see the Justice League, Harley and the Joker, and Barbara Gordon (AKA Batgirl/Oracle).

Batman lore abound!