Despite the naysayers, BvS was an unequivocal financial success. And now Suicide Squad is on a very successful path as well, heading for more than $600 Million worldwide – more than enough to be profitable beyond its $175 Million budget and $125 Million marketing campaign…Suicide Squad is also keeping pace above the wildly successful Guardians of the Galaxy, which still reigns as by far the most successful August movie ever.“
"But DC/WB’s success goes well beyond the box office…
In DVD and Blu-ray sales, many people might not realize that Man of Steel, the 92nd highest grossing film of all time, is the 17th best selling Blu-ray title! And now BvS seems to be on a similar path of home media success as the best-selling DVD and Blu-ray for the last four weeks. Not only that, but the number two selling DVD and Blu-ray is WB Animation’s Batman: The Killing Joke, which bodes very well for the movie that had a $3.5 Million budget and already has a $4.4 Million box office total.”
“The main point here is that, despite quite a bit of negativity directed toward WB/DC in 2016, it also happens to be a time of very broad-based success for DC Entertainment overall.


Assalamu’alaykum wr.wb

Saya secara pribadi -sebagai orang yang menulis- buku yang sedianya bernama ARAH MUSIM, ingin minta maaf karena ARAH MUSIM saya tunda rilisnya.

Mohon maaf telah membuat teman-teman yang sudah menunggu ARAH MUSIM harus bersabar lebih banyak untuk buku ini. Berita lainnya, sebelum ARAH MUSIM rilis, akan ada buku yang dibuat khusus dan bisa teman-teman miliki secara terbatas pada bulan September nanti. Saya akan merilisnya dalam waktu dekat lagi.

Kami juga akan membuka pemesanan buku

  •  Hujan Matahari
  •  Lautan Langit
  •  Teman Imaji

yang bisa dipesan untuk teman-teman di Indonesia dan Malaysia di awal September 2016 nanti.

Untuk informasi mengenai pemesanan buku :

INDONESIA : +62 857-7272-4343 / IG : @langitlangit.yk

MALAYSIA : +60 13216 7518


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1. Favorite song at the moment: Snoop Dogg feat. Wiz Khalifa - That Good (atm)

2. A word or phrase you overuse: fuck (lmao i cant think abotu anything else:’)))

3. Least favorite food: mushrooms and red meat:(

4. If you could spend your entire life with a kpop/khh group or solo artist who would you choose:

5. Who’s/What’s your Screensaver/Wallpaper at the moment:            

Homescreen: Same as locker screen:’)

(yeah I’m a sucker for unicorns)

6. Zodiac Sign:

7. Van’s or Jordan’s

8. Biggest pet peeve: ppl that torture animals:((


10. SMTM or Unpretty Rapstar:
  I dont watch neither of them but UR looks cooler

11. iPhone or Android

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alderamin_anime ちなみに、アルデラミンverということで種田さん、水瀬さん、千菅さんの3人で。
#wb_anime #alderamin https://t.co/n8sIuXeHQk

Player Bio: Tyler Hoechlin

Famous Face: As an actor, Hoechlin is best known for his role in the movie Road to Perdition as Michael Sullivan Jr., the son of Tom Hanks’ character and as the recurring character Martin Brewer on the WB’s widely successful series, 7th Heaven. Hoechlin has appeared in over 50 episodes of the popular sitcom… currently being considered for a role in the HBO series directed by Tom Hanks, Band of Brothers.

High School: A 2006 graduate of Santiago High School in Corona, Calif….earned three varsity letters and was a team captain as a senior…was named the Best Defensive Player on his team as a sophomore, helping his team to a CIF semi-final berth…was twice named Second Team All-Mountain View League…earned the Most Improved Player award as a junior and the Coach’s Award as a senior…appeared in the 2004 and 2005 Area Code Games.

Personal: Majoring in film…son of Don and Lori Hoechlin…has an older brother Travis, an older sister Carrie and a younger brother Tanner…lists former Sun Devil and current San Francisco Giant Barry Bonds as his favorite player…full name is Tyler Lee Hoechlin…born September 11, 1987 in Corona, California.


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Hey guys the webcomic will be called Shape Adventures but if u do anything for it like draw (even though nobody probably will) tag it as #Shape Adventures Wb (the comic will also be tagged as that) and any characters please tag as either #sawb star (for example) or #star sawb thank you!