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20 years ago today, ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ was published.
I was only one year old then, so I literally can’t remember a life without Harry Potter. I’ve met most of my closest friends through Harry Potter, I fell in love with reading because of Harry Potter, and I took up drawing again as a teenager because I wanted to draw Harry Potter.
My life would be completely different without this book ♡

Pendant la visite des studios Harry Potter, j’avais mon t-shirt avec le symbole Louis Vuitton en gros et écrit en dessous “Lord Voldemort” et y a deux membres du staff qui m’ont dit qu’ils adoraient mon t-shirt et que ça faisait du bien de voir un t-shirt original et unique et que c’était la première fois qu’ils en voyaient un donc du coup j’étais trop heureux et j’étais hystérique et du coup je me sentais trop supérieur en fait


Hogwarts in the Snow 

Today for the first time ever (!) I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. I first read Harry Potter & the Philosophers Stone at the age of 6, and have been hooked on the entire franchise ever since, so today was understandably SO AMAZING. This winter the studios have been preparing for Christmas, so everything was covered in snow, the fires were lit, and the Great Hall was decorated for a Christmas feast - these touches made my experience all the more magical. 

I had a wonderful day, and am now 100% in the festive spirit…! Also, thank you for all the lovely messages about my 10k, I will get to answering asap. Am currently watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at home with a Chocolate Frog … I didn’t realise they were solid chocolate, so have started eating something I definitely cannot finish (but I’ll give it a good go). 

- Sarah xoxo 


I filmed and photographed almost the entire tour of WB Studio’s the making of Harry Potter! so much to show! (The HP is around 13 minutes long!)

Ofcourse, you can click it away after the Tour part or keep watching ;)