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(Windblade #4 spoilers) I want to see Chromia putting her everything into winning Windblade’s trust back. I want to see her get back up on her feet and be a noble, yet fierce bodyguard. I want to see her trying to make up for all the damage she’s done. She was shaken up at the end of the last issue, but she wasn’t broken. I want her back in full action.

(I love you, Windblade comic, but you hurt me!)

Withering Blossoms; fragment IV

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Notes: Finally, a new chapter! Also this chapter introduces new character~ some more colors into the pile! How long will this story be, nobody knows xD

I need to remind you that this is a collab between me and @eulyin-senpai! Have you checked the previous chapters’ cover art? If no, please do visit her page!

Summary: The moon knows no hunter and no prey.

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Last set of kids. Harold’s son Lutz, Odin’s daughter Opheila, Lazward’s daughter Soleil,  and Zero’s daughter Eponiinu

  1. MPID_H_ルッツ: ハロルドの息子。相棒の竜の名はミシェル。\n素直で天真爛漫。とんでもない強運の持ち主。
  2. MPID_H_オフェリア: オーディンの娘。夢見がちな性格で、\n星や石などを用いて独自のまじないをする。
  3. MPID_H_ソレイユ: ラズワルドの娘。明るく元気な性格。\n羞恥心があまりなく、周囲をやきもきさせる。
  4. MPID_H_エポニーヌ: ゼロの娘。冷静沈着で頭も良いが、\nあやしい妄想家でもある。