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@alecwiens excuse the terrible wb in this picture it was the first one i found in the folder showing the light.

the oem ones are clear, and I have LED bulbs in them currently. I am sorta wondering if anyone has a picture of the dmax ones in action as I can only assume they are much brighter and cooler. 

Please sign the petition to tell WB to cast a Native American girl as Tiger Lily
Hello all. I’ve been on tumblr for months now and this is my first post ever because I wanted it to be an important one. Well, it doesn’t get any more important than this. Please sign the petition I created and show WB that we will NOT take this trash anymore. Tell your friends, the more people we get the better. Thank you so much. 


Legendary and WB Pictures have announced an epic shared cinematic franchise. Monsters will become towering heroes for a new generation.

Bulding a mythology that brings Toho Studio’s Godzilla and Legendary’s King Kong in a shared universe that will include other giant monsters both old and new!

Can a remake of ‘Destroy All Monsters’ be far behind?

The Phantom

Into The Storm Screening Summary (I promise no spoilers)

OMG< how can i convey the emotions of this movie? It was insanely intense in some parts that I was thankful my niece was there (I crushed her hand several times from holding so tightly)  But let me begin from the beginning. We waited in line to see the movie and finally about 1 hour later we were lead into the theater.  And what happened next?? The entire cast (excluding Richard of course) were in our theater and were introduced. The producer Todd Garner introduced them all including the Executive Producer Steven Quale.  Mr. Quale spoke a little and then the movie started.  It was a surreal night! We all walked away with mini posters of the movie.  Please see this movie, you will not be disappointed!!


Prisoners - TV Spot 3 [HD] (by WarnerBrosPictures)

Michelle MacLaren In Talks to Direct 'Wonder Woman' Movie

With Warner Bros. slotting several DC comic pics to open over the next several years, the studio has worked quickly to get one of those stand-alone features up and running. Sources tell Variety tha…

This is such good news. For those who don’t know: MacLaren has directed some of the best GOT episodes like “Oathkeeper”. She also directed a bunch of Breaking Bad episodes. She was an Executive Producer for Breaking Bad. I don’t watch The Walking Dead but I know she’s directed a few of them, too.

Four new Batman V Superman images released | The Action Pixel
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice have released 4 new images from the feature via Total Film. Check it out superfriends: Also check out some more BVS images here and here. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice synopsis reads: Fearing the actions of a god-like Super Hero left unchecked, Gotham City’s own formidable, forceful ...

TGK Editor James A. Molnar — also film editor of Toledo Free Press — stops by WTOL-11’s “Your Day” in Toledo every Friday morning and talks about the latest movies at the box office. On the Friday, Feb. 7, 2014, segment, he reviews “The LEGO Movie,” the 3-D animated adventure featuring those nostalgic building bricks.


JFK Remembered: 50 Years Later Documentary – Remembering – Available November 12 (by WarnerBrosOnline)