wb inspiration

I made this years ago and taped it above my drawing table to remind me that not every drawing I make is going to be good and that’s ok. Remember that for every good drawing you see, especially on social media, there are thousands of bad ones that led up to it. The crazy thing is that even as you get better there’ll always be something that frustrates you and the only way to get through it is to draw draw draw!

i carry the sun in a golden cup, the moon in a silver bag

Bin believes that Dongmin is his Sun, for he as the Earth, depends on it to survive and to brighten his world.

Dongmin believes that Bin is his Sun, for he as the Moon, could not live a day without

note: a continuation of holding your small hand that’s prettier than the sea but in bin’s perspective (+ dongmin at the end because what’s binu without dongmin gushing his heart out)

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This describes the daily life of an astronaught

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