ASTRO Reaction To Taking Care Of Their Sick Girlfriend

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fandom-girl-625 said:

Is it ok if I request an Astro scenario where their girlfriend is sick and he takes care of her?

MJ: *lowkey knows all possible home cures for sore throats and congestion because he has to deal with it often as a vocalist. You’d be having soup/jukout the wazu with a very cute and caring MJ as a side. He’d have you back to normal in no time*

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JinJin: *has a secret stash of meds acquired from trying to take care of all his babies so he’s there in minutes giving you all the necessary drugs. But he gives you a special treatment the members don’t get - cuddling and pillow talk. A special treatment you’re all too happy to accept.**

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Eunwoo: *spends a good twenty minutes at least googling your symptoms, then an hour getting everything that was suggested by the trustworthy sites, on his way getting any recommendations from his mother. Returns with bags of cold treatments and a sheepish smile before he begins to try everything.*

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Moonbin: *Smiling the whole time but panicking on the inside, suddenly forgetting everything he sees the members do when their sick or that he does when he’s sick. Texting everyone for tips until he calms down enough to think clearly.*

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Rocky: *Rocky, I think, has his shirt together and generally knows what he’s doing and what should be done. Immediately he’s there with  the stuff you need, like meds, but also the stuff you want, like a new movie you were interested in and a book from your fave series. Boy is good at going the extra mile*

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Sanha: *When you text him you’re sick, he’s immediately panicking. He’s the baby, he’s not used to being the one in the caregivingrole but he is willing to step up. He just needs a bit of help. By the time he leaves the dorm, the other members have loaded him down with supplies and nearly too much advice for him to keep track of. He’s a little nervous taking care of you at first but then he relaxes and takes it easy.*

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