wazir masjid


March 14, 2017: Whenever we visit our sunyara in Suha Bazaar we make sure to take the long way around. We start at Delhi Darwaza and take our masala amrood to Masjid Wazir Khan where we sit in awe of its beauty and peace. This masjid is a silent giant sitting in the heart of one of the oldest and most crowded places in Lahore. We then walk down the road to Sunehri Masjid where we make a pitstop for aloo chaat and pethi k laddu. The bazaars, the narrow alleyways, the food, Lahore never ceases to amaze me.

I know the voice of depression
still calls to you. I know those
habits that can ruin your life
still send their invitations.
But you are with the Friend now
and look so much stronger.“ -Hafez

Wazir Khan Mosque.
Lahore, Pakistan. (Instagram: aabbiidd)