Wazir Khan Mosque Minarets by Mystapaki on Flickr.

Over here the beautiful minarets of the Wazir Khan Mosque can be seen soaring above the hustle and bustle of one of Lahore’s oldest Bazaars the “Kashmiri Bazaar”. The Wazir Khan Mosque is actually located deep in the middle of old Lahore it can be an arduous task for someone who is not that fond of walking through congested streets but its like best thing ever for the adventurous type

Calligraphic Panel - Mughal Tile Work (by ||| Tammie)

A small portion of a larger calligraphic panel, this tile work is a technique that was mastered by the Mughals, and comprises individually cut-out pieces of glazed tile which were fitted together like a mozaic. Called ‘Kashikari’, this example is on the east-facing façade of the main prayer chamber of the Wazir Khan Mosque. It dates back to 1634 under the reign of Shah Jahan, but may have undergone sympathetic restoration some time in the 20th Century. Hairline cracks are now appearing on the white-glazed areas, but the thicker original cuts can still be identified, dividing the larger white areas into more manageable smaller pieces.