anonymous asked:

who is eve, why am i gay, and ur art is so good?

EVE IS MY OC. She is an Eastern Screech Owl (all the characters in her story are based off of birds). She’s half Osage (or Wazhazhe) and half white. She is short and grumpy and knows everyone in her community and is very attached to her hometown. She’s studying mechanical engineering at the community college and makes music boxes that she sells on etsy. She’s bi and very thirsty and lonely and goes on a lot of angry dates. Eve helps others when she’s having a hard time to avoid facing her own issues and would do anything for a friend (of which she has many). She’s a workaholic and doesn’t sleep well. Her eye bags are half actual eye bag and half smudged makeup because she can’t keep her hands off of her face. Very socially aware and a hardcore feminist but then shaves her legs and feels bad about it. Holds a grudge like no other.

I assume you’re asking why you’re gay cause Eve is a pretty girl don’t worry a lot of people are gay for her I planned this

also thank you