OMG! Traffic. So ganito, turn left tayo….ayan. Perfect! So ayan, magleft ka na here. Kasi nung dumaan ako dun last week mga monday din yun as in grabe I swear, walang traffic. Then I remember when my dad told me about… Ohmygosh! Nakakaloka! Nakalampas tayo. Turn right daliiii. Ginusto ko to eh why not? panindigan!“


“Go go go!!! Drive drive lang to the highest level. Turn right ka in 20 meters you know. Ay mali, pasensha na. Left pala dapat. Ok fine. Todo na ‘to! Whoooo!!!”


“To turn right in 200 meters is both an honor and a responsibility. You can show the world the universe rather that you are confidently traveling with a heart.”


“Driver, nagustuhan kaya ng taumbayan ang ginawa mong pagU-turn? O mas pinili nilang pa-diretsuhin ka na lang para maka-iwas sa traffic? Malalaman mo kung ilang metro ka magraright-turn… sa aking pagbabalik.”


“Putangina. Sabi ng kaliwa! Buang ka.”


“In 300 meters, turn right to Osmena Hi-way. Kaunting kaalaman lamang. Alam nyo ba na ang Osmena Hi-way ay intersection ng Qurino Avenue sa Paco Manila hanggang Alabang, Muntinlupa. 3 bayan ang dinadaanan nito; Manila, Makati at Pasay.


Hello mga ka-DDS, sa loob ng tatlumpung metro, kumanan ka dahil yun ang tamang daan. Wag tayong dumaan sa Tuwid na Daan dahil mga Dilawan yan. Bilisan mo lang Ka-DDS, kapag naaksidente ka walang may ibang kasalanan diyan kundi si VP Leni.


“Putangina. Sabi ng kaliwa in 200 meters. Ano? Nawala wi-fi ng kapitbahay? Ang pasensya ko di basta-basta nauubos pero ang 4G ko konting-konti na lang! Bilis!”


“Lumampas ka na punyeta! Sabi ng magdahan-dahan. Meron tayong mas malaking kaaway kaysa sa mga traffic enforcer. Ang ating mga sarili.”

"Kumanan o Mag-Uturn? Pumili ka!”


“In 200 meters, turn right. Ohmygosh. I don’t want na. I’m shy na.”


“Dear Driver, Pagsapit ng sampung metro, kumanan. Pagkarating sa iyong napiling destinasyon, hulaan ang title ng episode ngayon. Nagmamahal, Ate Charo”


“Sa buwan ng Hulyo, mas mainam na kumanan pagkalipas ng 200 metro. Malas ang mag-Uturn. Magiging malapit ka sa aksidente dahil kulay lavander ang panty mo. Tandaan, hindi hawak ng mga bituin ang kapalaran natin. Mayroon tayong traffic light, gamitin natin ito.”


“Kaibigan, usap tayo. Now naaaa!!  Let’s do the fast talk. Kanan o kaliwa? In 300 meters, Red Light or Green Light? Lights on or Lights off?”


“Well, In 100 meters, turn right. B’coz there was the wa- they’re, they was the one who’s… very… Hahahaha… Oh I’m so sorry, Ahhmm… left pala. Oh my god… I told you I’m so confident. hahahahah. Sorry guys because this was really my first trip ever b’coz I’m only 17 years old and ahahaha I, I did not expect that we came from U-turn. Hmmm, so… but I said dot our family is the most important persons in our life so left talaga. Thank you.”

we’re driving through the damn country of georgia because traffic is so BAD from people returning to florida waze has us going through places where people go missing.

documenting all of that shit on my IG story tho @jaxx_garcia - for those interested


…… I blame Waze for everything

(it's transparent btw ) 


Got so many requests to make a “Whats on my iphone” video! So here it is! What apps to do use? :)

‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

hey its me again asking for money help orz

basically i have 2 bills coming up (phone bill and car insurance) and im down to $15 and i need the $15 for gas (which isnt a lot, but traveling to work I’m gonna need more to fill up my tank for the next 2-3 weeks.)

And I start my month training to be a tech support for a call center job this coming monday (and i assume im getting paid while training) and i wont be getting paid until 2-3 weeks from now. and my bills come before that paycheck.

My first bill, which is my phone bill, is $48 (due 8/9). And I need this so i can keep in contact with employers and family, plus i have to use google maps/waze so i can get around

My second bill, which is my car insurance, is $62 (8/14), which is obviously need since if i get into an accident or pulled over, i have my insurance. Plus I have to change it someone soon so the price will go high since i live in a different area, but i’ll be waiting to do that after i get my paycheck

Then finally gas money, which I need about $50-$60, since gas so far been close to $3 around where i live now and i only need to fill up once to twice a week

So in total I need $170 to make both bill payments and have gas money

my paypal is stefaniekurth@live.com, and i have commission page if you like to commission me and get some rad art in the process. if ya can’t signal boosting and reblogging is also good

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Leon Sturman lives in Sherman Oaks, near the top of a hill that separates the San Fernando Valley from West Los Angeles. His is a narrow, winding street typical of the canyon neighborhoods that usually provide a haven from the buzz of urban life. It runs parallel to one of the most congested corridors in the country: the 405 freeway.

By 7 a.m., though, Sturman’s street begins to resemble that freeway.

“Take a look down the block,” he says one weekday morning. “How many cars are there? Thirty cars already just waiting as far as the eye can see.”

The gridlock is a recent phenomenon, says Preet Dhillon, who grew up on this street and lives next to Sturman. She attributes the backup to one factor in particular: Waze.

The GPS-enabled navigation app uses crowd-sourced traffic data from some 50 million users to find drivers the quickest possible route. It’s no surprise the idea has been embraced in traffic-choked cities like Los Angeles, which boasts almost 2 million users — the app’s biggest market in the U.S.

The Road Less Traveled? Not Since Waze Came To Los Angeles

Photo: Ruby Wallau/NPR

Cut my faire then tell me to hurry up? Yeah, I'll be there soon.

I drive for a rideshare in my city. Today during rush hour, I receive a fare request for 9 minutes away at 50% +charge. I accept, and U turn to head toward them. After 2 minutes on the drive, Passenger Dick cancels fare. I pull into a parking lot to wait for new fare. I get an alert after a couple minutes. Its passenger dick again, and this time he’s only being charged 25% +charge. I accept and head his way. After 2 minutes, PD cancels again. I decide to go offline U turn to get to a gas station, fill up. After I fill up, I go online. Within a minute I get an alert, its PD again and there’s no +charge. This person has gamed the system successfully, I accept fare - I’m not picky and their rating is good. I pull out onto the road and get to the next red light. I’m now 8 minutes away per waze. At 4 minutes away, I get a text saying “can you hurry please” - I always hurry, so that was confusing and rather short coming from a passenger so seemingly aware. My phone then rang, when I answered I was immediately asked “can you really not get here any quicker???”

“I’ll be there soon.”

3 minutes away. Time to hit a red light. I manage to hit the next light, and see my opportunity as this individual is outside their complex at their lease office with their arms crossed. With only yards left before my turn in and one car turning ahead of me, I drag my finger across the app and cancel the ride, then go offline. I smile and wave as I roll by slowly, the look of shock in his shitty face burned into my deepest of petty memory.

Don’t be a dick to your cabbie you asshole.

‽ - getting lost together (w/ husband!jin)

“You know, Jin, honey, the love of my life, the man I’ve agreed to marry and conceive babies with - if we’re lost, just say we’re lost!”

“We are not lost!” He exclaims, partially speeding up in the process but his mind takes him down a notch and he comes to his senses that it’s normal to take an extra hour(s) when it comes to road trips and you finally take a glance over to the map he has pinned to the space beside the steering wheel and you click your tongue, “Oh yeah?”

“Yes, Mrs. Kim now if you would please let your husband get the job done, I would-”

Not have the map upside down for two hours now?”

“What the f-”Seokjin’s doing a double take at your words and you notice how wide his eyes become. He may be the man, but if that man doesn’t continue with man, you’re an idiot sometimes, it wouldn’t be love. With a snicker, you prop your feet up against the side of his thigh, nudging him with your foot, “You want me to flip that over for you, champion?”

With a deep sigh, he’s doing a quick check through the rear mirror and pulls over to the side when there are no cars around. He hesitantly peels off the tacked map, flipping it over before he pins it back. You figured you had your victory moment, basking in the glory but it all ebbs away when Seokjin turns to you. He smoothens his hand up your legs before pull you closer and he exhales deeply before he - “Sorry, Y/N,”

Hey, just because he’s being sweet now, doesn’t mean you can’t rub it in like the wife status hanging on your shoulders.

“For what?”

“…for not taking your thoughts into consideration,”


“…for thinking I was right the whole time,”


“I was wrong, okay? Totally wrong and now we’re in the middle of God knows where and-”

“Shh,” You place a finger over his plush lips and fish out your phone, dangling it in front of his face, “Can I waze us there?”

“…only if you promise not to tell the guys,”

“Eh, we’ll see about that.”

((”do we want to know why you guys took so long?”

“gee, ask mr.i-had-the-map-upside-down,”

“…my own wife, unbelievable.”))


Good days!

Bagi kalian anak-anak gaul Bogor, suka vape, butuh tongkrongan baru, internet kenceng buat tanding dota, para penulis yang butuh tempat ena buat nulis, penikmat kopi dengan harga mahasiswa, Cafe yang mumpuni buat download film sepuasnya..

Well, Congrats!
We Are Here Now!!

Cafe Kopipayu.
Cafe yang baru berdiri beberapa bulan ke belakang ini ada di bilangan Taman Cimanggu, Bogor, selain menyuguhkan internet super cepat dan tentunya unlimited, kami juga tak luput menyediakan cita rasa kopi yang berani di adu dengan cafe Kopi lainnya.

Stop Kontak sedikit?
Pffft, Cafe Kopipayu di desain khusus untuk kalian-kalian yang emang suka nongkrong dan open laptop untuk waktu yang lama, jadi kalau masalah stop kontak sih kami ada banyak. Belum juga bagi kalian yang suka nge-vape, kebetulan Cafe kami tepat berdiri di sebelah Toko Vapor juga.

Jadi, main dota bareng, internetan bareng, skripsian, sambil smoking, ngopi, atau nge-vape? Beuuuuh, kurang apalagi coba?

Tapi bagi kalian yang tidak nyaman dengan Smoking Area, kami juga mempunyai ruangan Non Smoking. Dengan Ac yang nyaman dan tempat duduk klasik, serta ruangan yang didesain ciamik banget, kalian akan betah kalau habis jalan-jalan menyusuri jalanan kota Bogor yang panasnya kaya Kuah Popmie itu.

Kopi buatan barista cantik Kopipayu menjamin bahwa rasa kopi yang pasti ke-ena-annya itu tak melulu menuntut harga yang mahal. Begitu juga dengan cemilannya. Pokoknya perut tenang untuk nongkrong yang cukup lama!!

Buat kamu yang bukan penikmat kopi, tidak suka minuman pahit, suka yang manis-manis… Santai!! We have all that you want too. Greentea, RedVelvet, Taro Latte, Lychee ice tea, and many more! So do not hesitate, come to us now!

Btw, karyawannya suka nonton Doraemon di youtube loh.

Kami nggak tau apakah informasi terakhir itu berguna apa engga, tapi kami sendiri suka ketawa kalau liat karyawan laki-laki tapi nontonnya Doraemon sambil cekikikan sendiri.

So, tunggu apalagi!
Kami tunggu kedatangannya di cafe kami, Kopipayu!

Jl. Raya taman cimanggu, ruko cluster cimanggu grande no. 1 - Taman cimanggu, Bogor.
Atau, kalau kamu naik gojek, grab, uber, bisa ketik locationnya KOPIPAYU langsung, nyampe! Bisa juga kalau naik kendaraan pribadi, location kami ada di waze atau google maps.

Btw, ada kabar burung kalau penulis buku Merayakan Kehilangan alias pemilik akun tumblr mbeeer.tumblr.com akan mengadakan meet and greet di tempat ini loh~ 


Waze ya tiene 10.000 usuarios en Panamá

External image

Desde hace varios meses se está escuchando de Waze, la aplicación móvil usada para atender información sobre el tráfico y navegación punto a punto. En conversación con Antonio Morales (@toniomorales), gerente de Waze para Latinoamérica y representante de Location World, la compañía responsable de la aplicación para Latinoamérica, se pudo conocer más sobre cómo se ha estado “moviendo” en Panamá.

La gran sorpresa, es que según Morales, los números están favoreciendo muy bien a la aplicación que ya cuenta con 10.000 miembros activos panameños. Waze, que crece en 100 usuarios cada día, es utilizada entre dos y cinco días a la semana por el 67.3% de ese total mientras que el 13.9% lo usa más de 5 veces. Estos usuarios recorren cada semana más de 25.000 kilómetros, y cada sesión dura en promedio 28 minutos.

Lo que hace Waze es registrar el avance de los que usan la aplicación a través del GPS y compartirlo con el resto de la comunidad de usuarios, permitiéndole ver las calles más congestionadas y las más despejadas en tiempo real, así como notificaciones de los usuarios sobre accidentes y calles en mal estado, por ejemplo.

External image

Waze es una aplicación de red social gratuita. Lo puedes bajar independientemente del teléfono o el operador que tengas. Está disponible para Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Symbian y Windows Mobile. Lo que necesitas es un teléfono inteligente con GPS y descargarte la aplicación. Una vez que te descargas creas tu usuario y contraseña y ya eres parte de la comunidad.

External image