If you’re Ethiopian PLEASE WATCH! ! ! ! 


Sound the Horn!

July 4th!!
So I was walking down the street, looking around
And I see this guy’s back with a shirt that reads

As I continue walking, I look at the front part of the shirt
There is a map of Africa, Ethiopia is Highlighted and there are
words that say “Sound the HORN”

You have no idea how ecstatic I got!
The Habesha in me just busted out and was litteraly filled with joy;
I went up to the guy and asked him where I was from.
Then he said He wasn’t sure, then smiled and said !!Ethiopia!!
After that
Me, the guy, his friends and their organization lady
had a wonderful talk about  famines and there were many people outside
of Ethiopia and Africa who care about those living in such nations, that they
Are doing their best to help out and sincerely feel their pain. 

One thing she mentioned to me was that
How there is no such thing as a ‘natural' famine, that causes people to die or
go through pain. She mentioned that it’s the political structure behind the famine that’s holding the people and preventing them from growing. She was a really nice lady, smart, and beautiful too!

One thing that amazed me was that,
Here you have these NON-Habeshas
Who care about our Homeland with their heart.
Who are leaving their nice home and their OWN country
To go to another country to help out because they care 
**We Habeshas need to Unite and start a movement to bring Change


Have an open mind, heart and spirit and an appreciation for the beauty in life that surrounds you. Then and only then will you start to see that life is beauty even in troublesome times and nothing will stop you from continuing to enjoy your life; so smile, always :D!

One way to keep on smiling is to see nature and marvel at how amazing it is. Weather it rains/snows/gets cold/ gets too hot; they survive and always smile at us :)


Habeshas in my class

Ohh man! I remember from 2nd grade until 7th I had 3 or more other Habeshas in my class and to this day I laugh at the memories!

I remember having an exam once, I sat next to one of habesha girl. I didnt know a question on the exam and i would whispered to her in Amharic and right when I heard her reply back in Amharic…I lost it. I started laughing soo hard and said to myself ayyyee Amarinya Mawek (ohh man!! Knowing Amharic) then got in trouble for being disruptive and lost points !!

I also remember one of the Habesha boys from another class, came into my class one year. He was a bit Americanized and would always bring regular snacks and I would bring Injera. So once he brought injera for snack and at the lunch table me and him were eating injera like it was nothing, while the other kids where like “ohh thats cool….what is that….can I have some.” Plus he didnt know how to wrap the wett with injera that well so i showed him how!

I remember once, kkkkkk,
Our teacher started to teach us about “EVOLUTION” hoo hoo hoo
And this one habesha girl, while the teacher was teaching us, would say to me “YeSaytan Timerit, Whushet New, Whusetam Asemari” (Satans Teaching, Its a lie, A lying teacher). The fact that she says these things to me in Amarinya while the teacher was teaching was so funny, I started to laugh and the teacher kept asking me what was so funny but I couldn’t reply.

Omg omg lool
So I used to hang with the Habeshas and those kids who were “regular kids. I didn’t hang out with the ‘bad/trouble makeres in class'  But one of the Habeshas did. So I got into this his argument once and almost got into a fight, but then the habesha kid who was a prart of their group lol stopped the fight and was basically like ” don’t fight him, he is from my country as I am"  LOOOL

My nickname was “Naphtali” (Neftalem) back in the day
So I remember once, one of the girlsl couldn’t pronounce my name real well and we got into a fight. She knew my name, but instead of calling me “Nef-talem…she would always call me "Neft-alem” (that separation changes the word from a name to phase meaning “Nift(bugger) Alem(world)” So she went around the class telling ppl that my name meant “Bugger Land” in our language lol SO to get back at her, I told this boy in the class, who liked her but she didn’t like, to start calling her KONJO!! Ohhh that pushed her buttons even more!!

Then I moved & went to a high school in a different city where there were no habeshas lol so from 8th grade through High school…school was sooo boring! lol

EPIC Habesha moment of LIFE

wayyyyygude alhe soyew! 

EPIC Habesha moment of LIFE 

So usually I go to this coffee shop near my workplace where there is this Habesha lady there. She is a very nice lady and real sweet! We usually talk for a bit as she puts the order in for my drink/food whatever it is that I get. I always get a HOT coffee with milk and she really goes out of her way to make it real HOT!. She always says these little innuendos that suggest that she is hitting on me, but I totally play it off like I didn’t hear her or anything, can’t have dat! 

Well the other day I went to into the shop and she was on her break!! I talked to her much longer and it was nice. She then said “Hey check out my new iPhone”! So I was like sure, looked at her phone, looked at the camera and gave her compliments that she did good upgrading to an iPhone and did small talk about phones and stuff.

Then she says this that totally caught me off guard “Check out my contacts”. I say “Sure sure” and as I am going threw her contacts, I say “ohh you have a lot of contacts, but i dont know any of them (what else is there to say?)” She replies “Yea I know, but I think something is missing there” lol

I respond “Ohh really? Like what?” and she says “I am not sure but something” So I say “Ohh you might want to add how to check your minuets/balance. Its a code that tells you info etc.” (Still clueless here). She says the same thing like 2 more times but in a different light and I say “I don’t know” but still i am nice and and give other suggestions to improve her phone.

All of a sudden, she says, in a kind of rude way “Give my back my phone beka, I have to go back to work” And I say “Okay nice, Ill see you sometime this week, bye” but she just waves and walks away! 

Fast - forward two days and I see her at the coffee shop. I am excited like ‘Hey here is my habesha sister’’ I try to do small talk again, but she totally kills the convo and I am like ohhh ohh what happened today? Usually she is excited to see me! 

I asked for a coffee and a soda. She gives it to me and then says bye! I am cool and as I am walking away, i start to drink my coffee

Wayyygude you wouldn’t believe it! The coffee wasn’t even warm let alone hot! And I said to myself 'What in the world, what could have caused this? What could I have said? 

Then I remember “Check out my contacts….Something is missing” Ohhhh snap! She wanted my number!! Ayyyeee. Did I get played or did what? lol Enjoy your day you all 


McMitmita Burger

Adding a bit of Habesha spice  to McDonalds !!