So some of you may of gotten anons from someone going by the sign off of ‘Positive Anon’ (Some people who have gotten these include thankyouforthedildos,holyhobbitshit, nicepixiewings, wayygasm, awake-andunafraid,delirious-angel, iearoh, mriero, kawaiimccracken, mourningteahouse,greytoro. AND A HANDFUL OF OTHER PEOPLE, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE MY DARLINGS.)

These messages, as the name suggests, have been nice and positive.

I have been the positive anon. And I did it because I think you are great, and I want you all to see what I see. You are all people I wish I could be like. I admire you all for various reasons.

But yeah, I’m been the creeper sending the 'positive anon’ messages. Please don’t hate me, I just wanted to make you all smile or at least have something there for you that you can look back on on a bad day and use it as a kind of motivation if that makes sense?

I wanted to have you feel about yourselves what I wish I could feel about myself. I wanted you all to at least have a moment where you thought 'You know what? That Anon is right.’ I wanted to make you smile at least once. And it seems I did, so I’m happy. 

I want you all to be the people I wish I could be. I wish I could be like all of you, and I wish you would all give yourselves more credit and believe in yourselves more. You are all beautiful people, inside and out and I love you all. 

Also it’s my birthday today, so if you could all be happy today that would help me along today. i’m not looking forward to today at all, so yeah. Keep smiling you super duper people. I love you all and I’m proud of you all and I really do believe in you all to! <3

P.S I’m surprised only Mariah and Andrea (Delirious-Angel) openly guessed and got correct my identity (Well I say openly, they both asked me via ask haha. )