wayy to many feelings

ron’s jealousy as a character trait really interest me because the narrative gives so many valid reasons why he might feel that way

i mean, just look at the yule ball robes thing as an example. ron gets shitty hand downs, while harry can afford proper ones, and ron kinda resents harry for that a bit

he’s jealous of harry because harry has the opportunity to have so many more things than he does, because harry is loaded and also has a newtork of adults who pity him and will give him things, and while ron might intellectually understand that, it wouldn’t stop him from feeling a little upset by it

and i just think that’s interesting

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Im praying for shatner bc so many ppl are giving him shit for not going to nimoys funeral and suggesting he hop on a flight afterwards like ??? The funeral might over anyway and he made a commitment and hes honoring it let him grieve in his own way

I haven’t seen much of this- but I’ve also purposely kept to insular tumblr bubble I’ve created for myself here. Can’t say that I’m surprised at all though. SO many assholes in the world…

I mean look, when I first saw that he ‘couldn't’ make it, and he ‘had’ to honor his previous commitments, I assumed that wasn’t quite the 100% truth. But that is one of those things that you let people have. You let them have that little lie, because it’s probably a cover for something heartbreaking.

Yeah, he probably could have gone, but maybe he knew he couldn’t handle it? Maybe he knew if he went it would be about him and his tears and not the memory of Leonard? Maybe he made promises to Leonard, and he kept them by doing his charity work and holding a ‘service’ online for the fans?

I mean, there was no way he could have done this the ‘right’ way

  • If he went he’s a jerk that didn’t honor his commitments…
  • If the day or time had been changed then Bill’s a jerk for not thinking about the family wishes…
  • If he went and cried or spoke or brought any attention to himself- yep a jerk for making it about him
  • If he went and said nothing and no tears, wow a jerk for not grieving in the right way

I have so, so many Bill thoughts and feelings, and I too am worried. I really think Leonard actively made Bill’s world/life better and now Bill is left with ‘us’ the assholes of the world. I just, what would Leonard Nimoy do? (WWLND?)

Leonard Nimoy would treat his friend with kindness and understanding, and the world would be a much better place if we remembered that.