A while ago, a glorious anon gave us this beauty:

Anonymous asked whatareyouwearingbenedict:

Ben gave us Todger Tuesday in THOSE Star Trek trousers. Today was Pectoral Pingling Thursday. Please God next week brings us Buttcheek Friday. Ding dong! PS I respect him and his art.

And we kept forgetting to give Friday its due. So here y'all go. Happy Buttcheek Friday!

Back to your regularly scheduled WAYWB

anonymous asked:

I wonder if he knows we say things as "Suitbatch" and "Gingerbatch"... He probably has, since he's seen your blog, but I can't help but wonder what he might think about it.

He probably calls him that himself, “get in the shower, lazybatch”, “that’s a nice look, suitbatch”, “let’s not be late for dinner, datebatch”, “I miss my gingercurls, choppedbrownbatch”..

Benedict @ the theatre

I’ve not got a picture, because he was really busy (and swamped by autograph hunters), but I held my umbrella over his head, haha. He’s wearing a leather jacket and jeans AND A WAR HORSE BASEBALL CAP. I didn’t ask him about the blog because he was in a rush, maybe if I get a chance later I will, but for now I’m happy just to have sheltered him from the rain! Looking forward to the play now, I’m fans of the other actors too, it’s going be amazing.

anonymous asked:

You know WAYWB? They're not paid or anything. They like it. They get off on it. The weirder the outfit, the more they get off. And you know what? One day just snarking won't be enough. One day we'll be standing around a black trilby and an ill fitting pair of trousers, and WAYWB will be the ones who put them there.

anonymous asked:

Excuse my bad English, but: I wonder what he's wearing when he's really not expecting anybody to recognize him or take pictures of him. Besides i wonder if there's any photo of him just in jeans and nothing else.(God, it's getting even worse... Need to contact my doctor....)

There are photos of him in jeans and nothing else…


Also in boxers(albeit gigantic ones) and nothing else:


Also without the boxers… 


It’s like a strip-gif. Like that this came straight after Hootersbatch.

I mean… there’s also this 

aprillikesthings asked:

Something that drives me crazy about The One Show appearance: Everyone talks about how his buttons are straining in that shirt, right? It gets better: THEY'RE SNAPS. That shirt SNAPS UP. Which means you could, you know, grab each side in the front, and yank, and the shirt would pop right open. Oh, Yes.

anonymous asked:

What do you think of TuringBatch?

Let’s start with, I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE! But I became a teeny tiny bit less excited when I scoped out the hair situation on this guy:

(Alan Turing…obvi)

BUT, in typical Batch fashion, he actually just looks adorable:

The woman in the back is swooning so hard, she’s gonna lose her kerchief. 

But I feel like I’ve seen those pants before somewhere…where was it? Oh yeah:

anonymous asked:

I read that Benny smoked like a chimney does anyone know how much he does smoke? I haven't seen that many pics with him smoking.

You haven’t? Here you are:

I am not aware of his daily nicotine intake (one does not tend to share these things with strangers, I find). Could be 20 a day, could just be the odd cigarette when he’s stressed. We will never know.

anonymous asked:

I know Benedict has done Yoga to get in shape for Sherlock. Has anyone seen a photo of a workout? I would love to see a Bendybatch photo! (Yes, I totally asked that question so that I could write out Bendybatch!)

He should release these photos. For science.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Love your blog etc. Ever since you posted that screenshot of your folder with Benedict pictures, I desperately wish to see two of them: the one labeled 'visual orgasm' and the one called 'martin freeman's forbidden erotica'. Would you mind? Thank you so much and stay sassy :D

visual orgasm:

martin freeman’s forbidden erotica: