Tuesday 25th October - 3 hours.

I do not really have anything new to say about yesterdays pole class, apart from me and Becky both did three hours and it was fucking hilarious. I worked on my Shoulder Mount and Air Invert, but for most of the lessons we were doing things i could already do. I did however do one new move called the Bottle Rocket. Becky has all the photos this time on her snazzy new camera, so when she sends them to me i will post them on my progress page.

Sunday 4th December - 1 hour.

In yesterdays lesson i did my first Straight Leg Drop Back (which was really terrifying for me!) and i tried the Iguana Mount from an Inverted Crucifix but i was too close to the mat to straighten up. Sara got me to do a lot of Inverted combinations which i need to carry on working on tomorrow! I tried my Caterpillar again and i am getting better at it. I also need to work on getting straight legs from my Shoulder Mount because i just seem to automatically tuck.

Tuesday 8th November - 3 hours.

Tuesdays lesson was full of new moves! I was only booked in for two hours but Fleek bullied me in to staying for three. I did a new spin called the Jump and Squeak and i also learnt how to Spin Up which was fun. I did my first Blade and got it on my first try which was awesome because i was the only one who did! I managed my first Double Cross Knee Release and i also attempted my Caterpillar again, this time moving up twice which is an improvement! One new move i could not do was the Bent Leg Crucifix, that was just ridiculous. I will get it though.

Tuesday 10th January - 3 hours.

In yesterdays lesson i was made to try and Spinvert from a back hook, which to me seems absolutely frickin’ impossible! After that failed, i was told to do an Aerial Climb and i nailed it first time! I also did my Scissor Climb a few times and a few combination spins. For the advanced lesson there was only me and Heather there so we got to try whatever we wanted. I chose to try and do a Jade, which i almost got and i also tried doing a move i saw Squeak Suicide do in one of her videos, which i nailed! I was told to do an Inverted D which would help my get in to my Jack Knife (which i still haven't got) and i got that first time. Some other new moves i did were my Pike (which i then got in to a Superman from), Box Split and Scorpion.

Tuesday 13th December - 2.5 hours.

Tuesdays lesson was intense, but i loved it! Sara really pushed me with new moves and i am so happy that i managed to actually nail some first time round! I was playing around on one of the spinning poles and ended up doing my first Swan (which i think is now my new favourite move!) when trying to get in to a Peter Pan. I also did a lot of new Inverted combo stuff which was ace. Sara got me to attempt my first Jackknife, which was slightly wobbly but not bad for a first try. I also did my first Bow and Arrow and Iguana!! The amount of courage (and strength!) i needed for that, but i did it first try! I need to try mounting from Iguana now. I tried my Extreme Drop Back and nearly got it, but that one still needs some work. Towards the end of the lesson we did some transitional practice with some Lady Walks, Squat Pirouettes and Hip Dips and some new ‘resting’ Climbs which were in fact ten times harder than a normal Climb! I attempted my One Handed Side Climb and my No Legged Climb too. I am defiantly stepping up with these new moves because i have started to really bruise again, yay!

I have updated my pole check list, so feel free to have a peak and ask any questions!


Sunday 20th November - 2 hours.

Yesterdays lesson was amazing! I FINALLY DID SUPERMAN!! I have honestly never felt so good about doing a move! I also did my first Inverted Thigh Hold and i attempted a Spinning Invert, but i could not quite get the hang of that one. I also went in to an Inverted Tuck from a Shoulder Mount, got slightly higher with my Flag and did an ‘impossible’ move that has no name yet as my instructor made it up. I am so sore today, but it is so worth it!

Sunday 16th October - 2 hours.

In yesterdays pole class there were only five of us so i got a pole to myself for two hours! We did a lot of combination spins for the first hour but in the second hour we just had one big playtime and focused on our invert moves. Sara wasted no time in getting me to Air Invert. FUCKING AIR INVERT! Then she went on to tell me that after i had inverted i was to go in to an Inverted Crucifix and slide down to the bottom in that position. SLIDE DOWN TO THE BOTTOM! I have always though this move was so fucking amazing and i have always wanted to try it, but my god it was hard. I climbed to the top of the pole, gave it two big tries to invert and on the third one I DID IT!! I AIR INVERTED, WENT IN TO A INVERTED CRUCIFIX AND SLID DOWN TO THE BOTTOM!! I have ever been so proud of myself. That was the only time i managed to do it though, so i will work really hard on that in tuesdays lesson. I attempted my Knee Hold again and also my Cupid, but only managed to do my Cupid one handed. I did my Flagpole! Which is very nearly straight! I had a go at doing my Tinkerbell and I Believe In Faeries (Back Hand Grab moves) but only did that correctly once because it confused me too much. I also tried Shoulder Mounting again and managed to get my knees to my chest! Hopefully i will be able to do that within the next week or so. Ah god i love it so much!

I have updated my list too so if you are interested in seeing what i have mastered so far then feel free to take a look! http://waywardvictorian.tumblr.com/post/10683802674/i-have-decided-to-make-a-pole-check-list-of-what-i

Thursday 6th October - 2 hours.

I am so black and blue it is ridiculous! In yesterdays pole class we came up from our Headstands and did out first Yogini Lillys. I tried the Flag Pole and managed to hold myself off the ground! I was not strong enough to get as straight as i should be, but it was still a good result for my first try! I also went from a Gemini in to my first Side V. Fleek wanted me to try The Apprentice but i decided to leave that for another day. I also inverted on my opposite side (which felt so odd!) and did my first Cradle Invert.

Sunday 12th February - 2 hours.

It was so good to be back at pole!! I was quite impressed with how well i did, considering i have not been for about three weeks i though i would be crap. I did lots of Air Inverts and some scary new drops! I also managed to do an awesome controlled Shoulder Mount WITHOUT kicking up! I was so amazed at myself. There was no new moves yesterday but i did practice my Iguana and my seated Drop Back drop.

Sunday 2nd October - 2 hours.

Pole class today was amazing! There was only four of us in the second lesson so we each had a pole and just had one big play time! I did my Scorpio for the first time on the first try! I finally managed to do my Teddy Bear with both hands off the pole and i tried the Straight Leg Drop Back, the Iguana Mount and a Shoulder Mount but i was just not ready for that yet. I managed to get my feet off the ground on my Shoulder Mount though which was a pretty good start. I tried my Extreme Plank which was hilarious because i just kept popping up and down instead of making an arch shape. I also did my Rainbow Drop, elbow grip Skater and i actually managed to invert with the split legs for the first time! Ah i just love it so much!!!

Tuesday 4th October - 2 hours.

Yesterday in pole class i tried me first Knee Hold, a Hollywood Spin and Flat Legged Scorpio but that one just baffled me. I apparently do perfect Fairy Jumps which made me smile because they are one of my favourite moves. I also did a really good Pole Pull Up on spinny mode and i did my Gemini to Scorpio and back none handed!!