• Katie - mostly a supernatural blog, theres a good dose of Sherlock and angst and other fandoms and obviously since she’s my girlfriend, theres a lot of similar interests and shared moments. not to mention hilarious posts and all around random neat things yay. do recommend 10/10 would bang

  • John - one of my bestest friends irl and an awesome artist. also, firefly. firefly is a vey important factor to my dashboard. joss and good art and fun stuff and vidya games and augh a great blog to follow
  • Cas - my sister happens to be way cooler than i am but i try to keep up. her blog is full of so many fandoms and great graphics and funny shit and shenanigans and such a love for avengers, tony, and hiddles
  • Kat - one of the sweetest people i know on tumblr. I love the art and animation things she reblogs, her own and others. disney and dreamworks appreciation too <3. And plenty of excellent debates and social justice things woo
  • Monica - probably my oldest friend on tumblr. brought together by the portal fandom and love for her art. so much silly stuff and great comics and ahhh i love her
  • Myla - adorable lotr fanatic who makes excellent graphics and im pretty sure she almost has the entire trilogy giffed at this point. her text posts and personal life are fun too :3 one of my closest friends on tumblr
  • Cam - a silly pototo loving moron whom i love very much. between her and friends online, many fun times are had. and her blog content has less prominent fandoms like tf2 and ace attorney and sdkfjhksdjhf cam is so fun i love her
  • Nat - i dont know her personally, but her and cam go together like a two-for-one follow deal. shes just as awesome as cam and just as sweet and funny
  • Tabby - a kind and sassy castiel fanatic who has actually increased my love for cas and destiel through her blogging. I am so proud to know her personally u w u. shes also very inspiring to me. amazing quality blog full of spn and cas love
  • Scoot - a ridiculous spn, dw, and merlin loving fanboy who somehow hides his identity in weird ways with an strange yet awesome obsession for bradley james. text/personal posts are always entertaining and i dont think anything he blogs is boring.

  • usbdongle - an amazing artist and fun portal/wreck-it-ralph central blog. I love her art so much and ive really enjoyed seeing her progress in her style and composition.
  • tailycat - doesnt too often reblog fandom things, but the stuff they do is always quality. aside from that, theres a lot of interesting facts, stories, gifs, and also hilarity on this blog.
  • bluandorange - one of my favourite artists on this website. her fanart is so amazing and her original art is so creative and inspiring. yes, very inspiring
  • fessah - a great artist and a gravity falls fan as well. I love all the AUs and crazy fanart and fun gifs and mermaids. expect mermaids. yes <3
  • gingerisaspice - great dose of hellboy and comic appreciation on my dash. yes this blog is essential to my tumblr experience.
  • snarkystiles - an awesome teen wolf blog that i only recently started following but find the quality to be superb.
  • kreugan - another one of my biggest art inspirations on tumblr. their work is amazing and i love the style. hunger games fandom, too, so thats a necessary addition to my dash

  • andlatitude - obviously their art is so quality since dick s. jr asked for a print of hers like really, im so envious thats amazing. the likeness of characters in her spn (and other) fanart is amazing and i love all the AUs they draw awww yiss
  • ktshy - is probably the artist ive been following the longest on the internet, let alone tumblr. i met her last year at fanexpo and it was not only the highlight but the only worthwhile part of that trip. i love her comics and characters and she will forever be an inspiration to me
  • nothing-rhymes-with-ianto - an excellent dw and torchwood blog with great writing and fanfictions. a must-have component for any fan plus a little extra ianto/gareth david lloyd on the side mm yes pls
  • natural-magics - a very informative and non-hokey magic blog that i find myself looking to for spells and information on the craft. she’s the type to tell an asker that its probably not something magic related (like a ‘mysterious’ leaky faucet or something) because not everything is magically related or means some spiritually significant. not only that, but shes a very kind and resourceful host.

I will try to keep this as updated as possible if there are URL changes or anything like that. Also, I might add to it in the future, who knows? It was really hard to pick out my favourites out of 600 blogs but i think this is the most complete.
My tumblr life would not be the same without you folks <3

I'd like to share a brief story

of how I came out to my sister, cause its awesome and shes awesome and everyone is awesome.

So, I told my mom earlier that day (or the day before I cant really remember)

I walked into the living room while going to the kitchen and my sister was sitting on the couch on her phone while my mom was coming in from outside. My mom gives me this lookand whispers “…did you tell her?” and im like “wha?” and she repeats, “did you tell her”? Then my mind clicked and I was like, “oh yeah”


she says, “yeah?”

and I say, “Im gay”

and she says, “cool”.


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I LOVE YOUR THEME its cas but it won't let me log in wtf tumblr also Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Hot | Sexy | LORD MERCY - me

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Hot | Sexy | LORD MERCY

you are one bodacious, sassy mass of steaming hot cuteness that makes my kokoro go doki doki because i am proud to be the sister of someone so amazing.

Also, THANKS FOR FINALLY CHECKING IT OUT! isnt it awesome i love it too yay