Competition/Group Prompt Time!


This is our first group prompt, so we’re holding a small competition. 

For the winner, there will be something more valuable than a Nobel Prize…

We have - DEAN’S RAINBOW SLINKY (You have no idea how hard it was for me to steal that from him.  Of all the things to survive the Apocalypse…)

And from True Blood an; ‘I wanna do bad things with you’ pendant.

There’s a prompt below, and you can fill it however you wish - only original work please!  We accept graphics (orginal drawings, sketches, digital art, manips, gifs, etc.), drabbles (mini-fic or headcanon style) or an audio or video post (of yourself, or something you’ve made).

Prompt:  The Canadian Mistake.

The FC of your character is suddenly dumped into the Apocalyptic world of WO. 

[For example, Sam is no longer Sam, he’s suddenly Jared - human, no powers, everyone still thinks he’s Sam…  Oops.]

For those of you who would like to fill the prompt, but don’t want to enter the competition, we’ll be posting links to all entries/fills on the main blog.  So send us the link to your submission in the… uh… submit thingy, and let us know if you want to be in the competition or not!

This is entirely optional, but we’d love for as many of you to participate as possible. We’re gonna stick a deadline on it too… Submissions by Midnight on Wed 2nd May - which gives you two weeks…

That’s it.  Go wild.

[The fine print;  We will only accept entries from WO players.  You can submit as many pieces as you wish.  The judge is me (Sam/G).  Yeah.  Suck it up.  Which means Cas can enter too.  No, Eric.  This does not automatically mean you win.  You might, but we have to play nice with others.  I may well write a drabble also, but there will be no 'I win, so I win.'  I’m looking at you Lucifer… O_o] 

Day #1 in the dust - Mod post

Hello everyone!

The response so far (considering it’s day one) has been overwhelming.  A few people are still setting up accounts and we have a lot of reserved characters to look forward to also.

If you have any suggestions then we’re all ears, other than that, get stuck in and try to stay alive? (Well… Survive, at least for those of you who are already dead… O_O)

Let battle commence…

(Runs away and hides in a bomb shelter)

~The Mods~