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Can you elaborate on why Merthur hurts you more than Destiel?

  • dean and cas are alive
  • arthur is dead
  1. arthur is dead

arthur is dead

arthur is dead

merlin had to live hundreds of years without arthur and could still be living without him now

how can you watch them be happy in an episode knowing it’s going to end in pain

at least dean and cas still have each other, no matter how broken they are

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dean isn't the first "dean" castiel has met. the heavens have been aligning the Two Brothers for centuries, creating the perfect vessels to fulfill the prophecies. castiel has gazed into those green eyes a dozen times before, each pair growing more knowing and hazed with confused familiarity with each reincarnation. it's only when he stares straight into dean winchester's soul and dean stares right back with unconscious knowing that castiel knows he's found his dean.

u r trying to hurt me arent u

its not working

its christmas

nothing can hurt me

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Do you like Castiel? 'Cause I really don't love him as much as the rest of the fandom does, and can you tell me why you love him so much, if you do?

i don’t actually talk about cas that much but in my opinion, he’s one of the best characters ever created - next to spike from buffy and many others. like… i don’t know. i can’t even explain WHY, he’s just so different?

  • he’s an angel
  • he’s badass
  • and even though he’s badass he still has this innocence around him
  • he has a personality that i’ve never seen another character with
  • he’s not a typical supernatural-being-who-wants-to-be-human
  • when he’s not around, it feels like something’s missing
  • he doesn’t mope about things. he feels guilt, regret, etc, but you don’t have to sit through endless scenes of him staring into the distance and looking miserable
  • i’ve always had a soft spot for characters who seem ‘emotionless’ (itachi, vegeta, spike, kyoya). cas isn’t emotionless, but he has this stiffness about him that i like

ugh i could go on forever srsly i’m going to stop now

basically cas is one of the best fictional characters ever created because he’s unique

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filler episodes are necessary and part of pretty much every show that runs long seasons. the funny thing about supernatural is that when it started, every episode was a "filler" episode, therefore none were. from the start it's been in the "moster of the week" format and finding their dad was this secondary problem that just ran in the background as a constant worry. now the plots are a lot more complex, but to say you don't want "filler" episodes is basically saying you only watch for the angst

listen to erin 

erin is god

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Also he messages you?? Where how TELL ME WHAT HE SAAAID


yes he messaged me in june on twitter after he saw my other kevin tran vid and said i’m talented and now we talk a lot. he helps me with my uni course and gives me all these tips and stuff and i help him with the fandom

i made a blog for him once and he put up a message to everyone after reading all the messages aND HE SAID: ’Can someone please get her an internship so she can be in the editing room for some of the episodes?’ and i nearly choked

but yes for a while we spoke everyday for about two weeks but now me and him are busy so it’s more like once a week

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ok so can i have a summary of how you know osric ...

ack i only recently told people about this but here we go again


  • he tweeted my kevin tran vid once
  • then he tweeted my other one
  • then he sent me a huge message on twitter that nearly made me cry
  • i actually didn’t read it for like a week because i didn’t realise i had a message
  • he said i have an awesome name
  • i talked to him
  • he talked to me
  • we kept talking
  • now i help him with the fandom stuff and he helps me with my uni course
  • and i’m going to meet him at asylum 10

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I met Jared and Jensen both a few years ago. It was kind of an out of the blue type thing. I am mom and very not cool in comparison to most of you, so I didn't know they were at an event in the same hotel that we were staying at. Our 16 year old special needs foster daughter was with us and both of them were awesome to her. It really made her so happy that these stars of her favorite show were actually sweet to her. That is what made me a fan right there. PS I love your blog!

i dare someone to say jared’s a dick now