On the Church of the Sable – ;

  To preface, this headcanon will be predominantly structured around the material provided in SmoughTown’s video encompassing Londor, and bolstered by my own opinions and readings found in some Reddit threads on the DS3 subreddit, this will be by no means a complete nor perfect observation so much as it is a speculative and subjective take on Londor and its Church.

  To begin, it is best to begin with its people. As given in the character creator, the Londorian preset describes Londor as a land of the lifeless and old, connotation to which is owed to the appearance of its denizens. If it isn’t obvious enough, Londor is populated by Hollows or Undead who are in the process of Hollowing. The reason I believe this is because, if the PC decides to kill off Yoel early on, he mentions himself as being an Undead. Now, for a land comprised mostly of Hollows, because it is known that fully Hollowed Undead tend towards being completely inhuman enemies with little to no sentience, it is my reasoning that they are not fully Hollow and maintain certain degrees of humanity–harking to Yuria’s saying that Hollows are one of the purest forms of mankind, something Darkstalker Kaathe asserts firstly in the previous games. 

  As it is said in the Dead Again sacrilegious miracle, the people of Londor are shades of the undead and those who lived unsavory lives, leading me to believe that Londor earned its moniker from being composed almost entirely of exiled Hollows who were unwelcome in their homeland, as it became the foundation of the Sable Church–not just being a manifestation of the Darkstalker Kaathe’s will expressed through the three sisters. 

  The Sable Church is the pinnacle of Londor’s religious and governmental body, meaning that the three sisters, aside from being its founders and mentors, are also its heads of state and theological governors. Aside from being this, the Sable Church functions predominantly as a refuge for those weary Hollows who come first to them likely seeking acclimation into Londorian society and to be acquainted into their way of life, likely anointing them into the Church as well. As any governing or religious body, it can be assumed that there is a hierarchy as well.

  The Church is physically described as dark and twisted by the matching descriptor of the Morion Blade, with its blessings being the direct opposite of miracles, some of which extol a price from their wielders in order to exact sinister consequences on their foes. Its titles range from the Church of the Sable, the Sable Church, to even–and perhaps uncommonly–the Black Church. Its heads don black whilst their lower echelons, such as the Pale Shades and pilgrims themselves, typically outfit themselves in lighter clothing. As stated in the Braille Londor Divine Tool, they seem to bless all known Hollows while conversely cursing the living, as preached by Liliane who can be inferred to possibly preach at masses offered to their believers–recounting takes of the suffering and conflict of Hollows. The Sable Church exists in defiance to widespread beliefs in the gods and the necessity that lies in the living and the linking of the flame to keep it preserved. 

  The pinnacle is headed by Darkstalker Kaathe himself, unlikely as a physical presence, but as the focus of its worship, ideals, values, and morals as well. Darkstalker Kaathe was head of the Darkwraiths that could have likely evolved into Londor itself, established possibly by these Hollows that grew in size and number. Kaathe’s aim is simple: to bring about the Age of Dark with the intention of saving mankind from the shackles of the gods that linking that flame has succored time and time again. Yet also in doing so, Yuria makes another motive clear: that a Lord of Hollows is to come to usurp the Flame and use its waning energy not to be frivolously expended and instead be utilized for Londor’s sake. 

  Because of the need for a Lord of Hollows, it can actually be presumed that the sisters are, in fact, not rulers but stewards that rule and would likely mentor the Lord as advisers in statecraft and the proper use of the Flame as prescribed by Kaathe. That they may even act as prime ministers where the real governmental power lies in them whilst the Lord of Hollows is a ceremonial figurehead with no true measure of power except where they see fit to expend it. 

  Next come the sisters themselves. Known as Mentors of the Church of the Sable, Yuria, Liliane, and an unnamed older sister are the heads of Londor and the Sable Church. They are Darkwraiths, the body of Hollows whom directly serve Kaathe as their master. The sisters are known to be highly accomplished swordswomen with a gift for fencing, as witnessed by Yuria’s own fighting style. They are lethal in their swiftness, wielding undeflectable blades that can collide through armor and shields to land their heavy, precise attacks. Liliane, the youngest, is an orator and preacher whom regularly recounts that suffering of Hollows during what may very well be their masses, while with Yuria’s own prominence in the Usurper storyline, she may serve as a more diplomatic body that coordinates affairs of state–such as finding a Lord of Hollows–and it might be assumed that she may cater to the political/diplomatic facet whilst Liliane focuses more on the spiritual affairs, such as leading the congregation. As for the final sister, her purpose is Londor is relatively unknown. 

  Next are the Pale Shades of Londor. They are controlled by the sisters and exact killings on their behalf. As stated by the Pale Shade Set:  Gold mask worn by those who kill in the name of the Sable Church of Londor. A faint, kindly smile is bound to its surface, giving them the moniker Harlots of Death. What lies beneath that expression, however, is nothing more than the face of a darkly shriveled Hollow. Attire worn by those who kill in the name of the Sable Church of Londor. The Pale Shades of the Sable Church are all undying Hollows, giving rise to much fear and contempt. Their fight is one of neither honor nor exaltation, yielding nothing but withered moans. Basically, the Pale Shades are those whom don gold masks plastered in wan smiles likely meant to both deride the victim as well as serve as a method of concealment against revealing their hollowing. They are the assassins of the church meant to kill those whom stand in its way. 

  The next are the pilgrims. These were likely acolytes, laypeople, and otherwise anointed followers of Kaathe whom failed in their duties or otherwise excommunicated from the Church with the option of redemption–the penalty being no hope of return or life after. Those such as Yoel and the others whom figure prominently into the Usurper storyline are those whom journeyed to Lothric with the intention of dying there perhaps as some sort of precursor. That in doing so, their deaths would be their redemption before the Age of Dark that they would perhaps facilitate in bringing. Those whom helped with the wedding and in bringing the Dark Sign to the Ashen One to facilitate their Hollowing and combining it with Anri’s Dark Signs and contributing to the creation of a fully-fledged Dark Lord. These pilgrims, essentially, act as servants with one last aim before they die and are therefore forgiven for whatever wrong they have committed. These wrongs usually stem from the gambit of things like purging stones that cleanse hollowing and can involve turning on one’s fellow Hollows, something likely a grim sin and taboo in the Church. 

  The last of the Church’s body are the Hollows that comprise its congregation. The Hollows can be surmised to come from many places, exiled and forgotten, where their wretchedness finds a home in the Sable Church. As Londor can presumably be inferred to be a theocracy, they are the worshipful and ruled alike. They are given blessings that seek to benefit them at the expense of the living, and Dark Signs that ensure and increase their Hollowing whilst also amplifying their power that they may otherwise not be able to. It can be inferred that most, if not all, of Londor’s Hollows are part of the Sable Church due to the singularity in which Yoel and Yuria refer to Londor collectively as. 

  Another aspect as well is the feasibility a matriarchal church instead of a patriarchal one. Because the sisters are all women and the Pale Shades referred to as Harlots of a Death–though a derogatory term for women–this is a likely stance whilst the the congregation below is quite obviously inclined towards all genders. 

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Can you elaborate on why Merthur hurts you more than Destiel?

  • dean and cas are alive
  • arthur is dead
  1. arthur is dead

arthur is dead

arthur is dead

merlin had to live hundreds of years without arthur and could still be living without him now

how can you watch them be happy in an episode knowing it’s going to end in pain

at least dean and cas still have each other, no matter how broken they are

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dean isn't the first "dean" castiel has met. the heavens have been aligning the Two Brothers for centuries, creating the perfect vessels to fulfill the prophecies. castiel has gazed into those green eyes a dozen times before, each pair growing more knowing and hazed with confused familiarity with each reincarnation. it's only when he stares straight into dean winchester's soul and dean stares right back with unconscious knowing that castiel knows he's found his dean.

u r trying to hurt me arent u

its not working

its christmas

nothing can hurt me

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Do you like Castiel? 'Cause I really don't love him as much as the rest of the fandom does, and can you tell me why you love him so much, if you do?

i don’t actually talk about cas that much but in my opinion, he’s one of the best characters ever created - next to spike from buffy and many others. like… i don’t know. i can’t even explain WHY, he’s just so different?

  • he’s an angel
  • he’s badass
  • and even though he’s badass he still has this innocence around him
  • he has a personality that i’ve never seen another character with
  • he’s not a typical supernatural-being-who-wants-to-be-human
  • when he’s not around, it feels like something’s missing
  • he doesn’t mope about things. he feels guilt, regret, etc, but you don’t have to sit through endless scenes of him staring into the distance and looking miserable
  • i’ve always had a soft spot for characters who seem ‘emotionless’ (itachi, vegeta, spike, kyoya). cas isn’t emotionless, but he has this stiffness about him that i like

ugh i could go on forever srsly i’m going to stop now

basically cas is one of the best fictional characters ever created because he’s unique

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filler episodes are necessary and part of pretty much every show that runs long seasons. the funny thing about supernatural is that when it started, every episode was a "filler" episode, therefore none were. from the start it's been in the "moster of the week" format and finding their dad was this secondary problem that just ran in the background as a constant worry. now the plots are a lot more complex, but to say you don't want "filler" episodes is basically saying you only watch for the angst

listen to erin 

erin is god

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Also he messages you?? Where how TELL ME WHAT HE SAAAID


yes he messaged me in june on twitter after he saw my other kevin tran vid and said i’m talented and now we talk a lot. he helps me with my uni course and gives me all these tips and stuff and i help him with the fandom

i made a blog for him once and he put up a message to everyone after reading all the messages aND HE SAID: ’Can someone please get her an internship so she can be in the editing room for some of the episodes?’ and i nearly choked

but yes for a while we spoke everyday for about two weeks but now me and him are busy so it’s more like once a week

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ok so can i have a summary of how you know osric ...

ack i only recently told people about this but here we go again


  • he tweeted my kevin tran vid once
  • then he tweeted my other one
  • then he sent me a huge message on twitter that nearly made me cry
  • i actually didn’t read it for like a week because i didn’t realise i had a message
  • he said i have an awesome name
  • i talked to him
  • he talked to me
  • we kept talking
  • now i help him with the fandom stuff and he helps me with my uni course
  • and i’m going to meet him at asylum 10

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I met Jared and Jensen both a few years ago. It was kind of an out of the blue type thing. I am mom and very not cool in comparison to most of you, so I didn't know they were at an event in the same hotel that we were staying at. Our 16 year old special needs foster daughter was with us and both of them were awesome to her. It really made her so happy that these stars of her favorite show were actually sweet to her. That is what made me a fan right there. PS I love your blog!

i dare someone to say jared’s a dick now