So... Should I make a family page?

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@funnycas is ma sissy and that makes @mojowoho my sister in law or aunt or something? idk your guys family tree is insane and I love it XD 

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It’s getting hard to keep track of everyone. 

1) Does anyone else wanna officially fam me? I chat to a lot of you, but if you want an OFFICIAL STICKER OF MY LOVE FOR YOU I can fam you. 

2) Should I make a page on my blog to keep track of this? Yes, yes I should

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we killed bee queen

(link in case video player breaks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KE_UcDtYBXg )

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I think that many of her fans think it has to be a love/hate relationship with Emilie. I lover her music; I hate her music; I love her music, I hate her as a person, etc. At the end of the day, she’s just a musician like all the other musicians, and will attract a spectrum of opinions, not two extremes. She actually does have casual fans who don’t feel like they have to agree with the Life and Times of Emilie Autumn in order to validate their music choices.


“Maybe my first decree as King should be to banish Homework from the kingdom.” He muttered turning over the page of the heavy text book in front of him. He often found himself thinking and saying these things in the face of tremendous amounts of school work. 

 Not seriously, but still… perhaps just playing with the thought of a homework-less school career. It would sure as hell save time. And would allow him to get even more sleep. And a healthy sleep schedule was a good thing for a young Prince… not that he would get up early enough to complete that schedule. 

 The young prince sighed before leaning back in his chair and looking towards his friend adviser babysitter. Somehow no amount of work ever even made him flinch in all the years he’d known him. He never once questioned these sorts of things. Noctis supposed he shouldn’t expect anything less from someone who’s supposed to advise him. Ignis always did seem to be the book-type. 

 “Even you have to get tired of all these types of things don’t you, Ignis?”

Hey guys, I was just going through my high school stuff and I found my journal where I wrote quotes from books I’ve read and some poems I wrote and I thought about sharing one with you (if it has ANY grammar mistakes please send me a message so I can fix it)

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The masks we wear, 
The feelings we hide
Are always there,
With them we’re tied.

They think we’re strong,
They think we’re tough
But they are wrong,
That’s why I laugh

I laugh at them 
Because they thought
They know us all
But they do not.

We love, we care,
We even weep
But we don’t dare
To admit it.

If we do, we will be mocked 
Because we are ourselves.
Our feelings must be locked,
We have to act like someone else.

If you want to use it in edits (though I doubt it’s that good) please credit me. And please do not repost! 

anonymous asked:

Alright, so as you know PP3 is in the works. And I assume it'll take place after college which might mean *tries to hide a sigh out of respect* a jeca wedding or something. But can we start a petition to have their song be like an acoustic version of carry on my wayward son (the song he did the solo to in the cab) or don't you forget about me. On a different note what song do you think mitchsen would dance to first as a married couple? (Do you and your girl have one picked?)

I one hundred percent don’t think PP3 will be a Jeca wedding. Skylar Astin hasn’t even confirmed for PP3 at this point. If there’s a wedding involved, it’s gonna be a Fat Amy/Bumper wedding for sure. Jeca was pointless in PP2 (ain’t nobody gonna convince me that Anna talking about the onscreen relationship where she had to kiss a dude and just didn’t feel like it was necessary at all was anything other than Jeca in PP2).

As for wedding songs, heck yeah. The first dance is Eva Cassidy’s Take My Breath Away, which has always been Our Song, though lately it had a little competition from Sia’s version of Unforgettable from the finding dory soundtrack.
Wrong Choice

Originally posted by marilynmay

Characters: Y/n, Cas, Dean, Sam

Pairing: Cas x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Angst, death, argument with Dean, dumb Cas, sad Cas and Dean, just angst.  

Word Count: 2257

Summary: Y/n discovers Castiel has been back in contact with the Winchesters, which doesn’t make him too happy. 

A/N: This is a requested fic I got a while ago with the prompt- “no don’t, you can’t, please” male!reader x character of your choice, with a lot of angst please? Hope this is angsty enough for you. 

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“Cas? Castiel! Where the hell are you?”

Y/n looked around their small little apartment, looking for his now de-angeled angel.

“Cas! Where are you? I’m gonna go back out. Apparently someone forgot to buy the groceries.”

He got no reply once again, going further into their apartment to find Castiel to be nowhere.

Y/n wondered where the angel could’ve gone.

He had a job at the gas station, but he wasn’t in today.

He had no friends, y/n being the only person he had in the world.

The Winchesters?

No, y/n didn’t think they’d be the ones.

Dean had kicked him out when Cas came back, completely human now. Y/n of course objected, but Dean refused to back down.

Y/n had no idea how Dean could do this. Cas was the one who helped them through everything, always there no matter what.

So of course, it was easy for him to choose to leave with the ex-angel and take care of him, knowing he’d need help.

He rang Cas, hoping he’d answer the phone, but of course, he didn’t.

He went out, checking the gas station and anywhere nearby that he might have gone, but y/n just couldn’t find him.

So he sat at home for the next few hours, waiting until Cas walked in through the door.

“Where the hell have you been?”

“I’m sorry. I had…things to do”.

Y/n furrowed his eyebrows.

“Like what?”

Castiel said nothing, just staring at the floor.

“Cas. Tell me!”

“I-I helped Dean. On a hunt.”

Y/n’s eyes widened, anger growing inside him.

“Dean? Dean fucking Winchester!? You helped him? You’ve seen him?”

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cori, my love, could you recommend me some quality buffyverse blogs that i should follow (pls ilysm)

absolutely! though i’m not sure how many people i’ll be able to connect you with.

here are the rad people i think you’d like to have on your dash (if you don’t already): @angelandfaith, @bisexualbuffy, @bisexualbvffy, @bisexualcordelia, @buffyboleyn, @buffytags, @buffyysummerss, @callistofisto, @carry-on-my-wayward-wesley, @demandingbillydolls, @dreadfulcalendarwoman, @drusillathekiller, @faithandbuffy, @faiththevampireslayer, @frcdburkle, @gaykatekane, @gaytaramaclay, @giffingbuffy, @hotchickswithsuperpowers, @kathubs, @kiranwearsscienceblues, @lesbianparisgeller, @lilahsmorgan, @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer, @mermaidbuffy, @midgardian-lokidottir, @muchbuffy, @part-timeslayer, @regenderate, @shrinkin-violet@solaleo, @sunnydaleslut, @taramore, @tattooeyes, @whedoncon, @whedonversewomen, @willowsrosenbergs, @willozsummers, @xsmallpidge, and @xtwenty3

Devil’s Backbone

@this-ginger-has-no-soul told me about how it’s my fault she was thinking about Negan while listening to this song in particular, so I took this as a challenge and made this Aesthetic and Drabble for her. I’m also working on two more for the exact same song ;D

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Word Count: 469

Warnings: Foul Language here and there

Mood Music: Devil’s Backbone by The Civil Wars

A/N: This is my first Negan Aesthetic Drabble! Which means that Aesthetic drabbles are open to SPN and TWD characters! *happy dance* Send me a song, character, and a color. I’ll get you an aesthetic and drabble done up all nice and purdy for ya ♥

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There he was standing before us all as we were lined up. You gulped and felt your airways closing up at the fear and adrenaline that surged through your veins. His booming voice sent kills down your spine as you prayed your final prayer. 

“If you wish to be protected then stand. If you don’t want to agree to my ways, then you can stay the fuck down.” You stood quickly and the waterfalls started as your brother stayed down and yelled at you to get back down. 

You shook your head no as the man behind you pulled you backward and Negan laughed as he squats down in front of your brother. 

“She’s with me now. If you want to make sure she stays safe then you better get to your feet son.” He didn’t move and you yelled at him to get up. 

“Hey, No shit from your mouth. If he wants to be a man then so be it. Turn around if you don’t want to see this.” He took his bat over his head and you squealed in horror as you looked down at your brother.  

He had his head turned to you mouthing the words ‘I love you’.

It had been three years since that day and you were now Negan’s fourth wife. He never asked for anything of you and you assumed that you were simply a wife that was there for show. It didn’t bother you anymore because you were protected. 

“Come see me.” Negan sounded and you turned to see him walking toward his bedroom. 

You followed and once you had the door closed his hands were all over you and your shirt was off as his scruffy chin scratched at your delicate skin. He had never been so aggressive and it sent a jolt of pleasure throughout your system. You moaned out something along the lines of 'Give me more’ and he did. 

That night you had sex with Negan for the first time. It was unlike anything before. He was rough and slow then fast and irrational with his words. He complemented and worshiped you as you begged for more. 

After the night seemed to calm down you closed your eyes and let a tear fall as you realized that you were officially no longer the same woman you were before you had met him.   

You didn’t care and soon after that night because he was doing what he knew was right. You stood by his side even if you had nights where you stayed up crying and contemplating if it was really worth it, but then his lips would touch yours and you knew that this was right. 

He did what he had to do what he had to do.

I just want to point out the fact that the first friend I made on here was @hunters-hiraeth because she asked me if we could start talking because I looked like a nice person and because of her I met @tattooedluci , @murdochinthetardis and @unsink-the-titanic and I’ll always be thankful for that I love you all so much <3

(Then @carry-on-my-wayward-girl arrived because of a fic I wrote and I think that’s wonderful)

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hey, did you ever write a story about various times reader fell asleep in the car and sam and dean carried her out of it? all i remember is that one of them called her ankle-biter and i searched that and it brought up one of your stories, but not that specific one. if you did, can you link me to it? i liked it a lot!

I use ankle-biter a lot in my writing but that one is not mine. It’s by an author that got me into sisfics, @tattooed-on-my-wayward-soul

It’s called Baby’s Purr & I remembered that because I’m obsessed with that one.