I adore Cassandra Clare’s work as you can see. This is my collection of her “Mortal Instruments” series. I’ve yet to read City of Angels because I only got it a few days ago & I’m in the middle of another series right now but I am soooo excited to get back into her fantasy land, she has such a way with keeping plot fast paced & involving. It’s an absolute joy to read. Plus I got a free healing rune necklace with my order from Dymocks thanks to my wonderful friend Vetti!

Oh hey Clara Oswald, what are you doing there? I’d recognise that button nose anywhere!

I see there was some time for a spot of modelling whilst you investigated the Crimson Horror! But then again, you've always got time on your side, eh? ;)

Fictional Characters in Paintings



I wish I could be there to smell old books & eat cake with you.

Enjoy this Florence watercolour & hand painted typography poster in my absence.

A True Companion
  • A True Companion
  • Owlett

I wrote this Doctor Who ballad for my beautiful, kind, funny, caring friend Vetty. The Doctor would be lucky to have her as a companion, goodness knows I am beyond lucky to have her as a friend.

Happy Birthday Trinks!

Lyrics to “A True Companion”

Vetty my dear,
I am hoping that some day, preferably soon
You’ll wake in the night, with a bit of a fright
Look out your window and be happy to see
Something familiar and blue, too good to be true,
Spinning past the moon.

You’ll shut your eyes tight,
And wish with all your might
That that blue box is heading for you.

Take his hand.
He is the man they call The Doctor.
Don’t hesitate, you’ve waited long enough my dear.
He is all smiles, glasses and wells
You can feel your heart swell
At the sight of his suits and burgundy boots.

Vetty its your turn to run, run, run
Vetty its your time for fun, fun, fun
Goodness knows the Doctor has a soft spot for blondes
So Vetty its your turn to run.

You’ll meet alien races, some with cat faces
And I am sure there will be times when you will be scared
You’ll wish us beside you, to have us to hide you
But don’t worry dear, you’ll see your friends again, in the end

Spinning into the past, you’ll having a blast
Talking with artists and poets you love.
There will be knights, and lots of sword fights
Everything will be fine as you spin off into the sky.

And I’m sure that in time, you’ll come spinning round mine
I will wake in the middle of the night
With a bit of a fright and be happy to see you,
With the Doctor, a plate of jammy dodgers
And that grin of yours I love

And we will run, run, run
It will our time for fun, fun, fun
Cause goodness Doctor couldn’t go it alone

And we will run, run, run
It will our time for fun, fun, fun
Cause goodness Doctor couldn’t go it alone

Couldn’t do it alone.

© Lauren Smaulren 2011