Waywardbiro hates comics; it was her birthday on Friday so naturally I’m making her an enormously over-elaborate one and being slow as balls about it.

Here is the title page and a random panel I was rather pleased with. Still can’t draw but, you know, getting somewhere bordering approaching possible to identify what I’m getting at.

Edit: should obviously point out that these are still at the rough pencils stage and not what will appear in the finished thing. If I ever finish the thing.

Starry asked me to stop drawing disturbing things and instead draw her with Benedict Cumberbatch as the Pokemon Sigilyph.

I have not stopped drawing disturbing things, is what I am saying. Apols for the bad pencil colouring, they were the only tools available and fairly necessary for the Sigilyph look but it’s made it all rather indie-twee, which is at least appropriate to its requester.

Yes; first item on the agenda is it actually pronounced ‘trout on’ and second item on the agenda is how many fish references have been gotten out of this over the years?

Either hospitals are not actually very secure or we are super sleuths.

waywardbiro said: Are you sure it’s not the busting frog crotches.                           

 Godammit, nothing gets past you people.

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littlecreamsoda said: have you ever seen the python sketch where everyone is a superhero and Bicycle Repair Man is *their* hero? XD                             

I have not! I shall youtube it on my lunch break.