Waywardbiro hates comics; it was her birthday on Friday so naturally I’m making her an enormously over-elaborate one and being slow as balls about it.

Here is the title page and a random panel I was rather pleased with. Still can’t draw but, you know, getting somewhere bordering approaching possible to identify what I’m getting at.

Edit: should obviously point out that these are still at the rough pencils stage and not what will appear in the finished thing. If I ever finish the thing.

Starry asked me to stop drawing disturbing things and instead draw her with Benedict Cumberbatch as the Pokemon Sigilyph.

I have not stopped drawing disturbing things, is what I am saying. Apols for the bad pencil colouring, they were the only tools available and fairly necessary for the Sigilyph look but it’s made it all rather indie-twee, which is at least appropriate to its requester.

Yes; first item on the agenda is it actually pronounced ‘trout on’ and second item on the agenda is how many fish references have been gotten out of this over the years?

Either hospitals are not actually very secure or we are super sleuths.

waywardbiro said: Are you sure it’s not the busting frog crotches.                           

 Godammit, nothing gets past you people.


littlecreamsoda said: have you ever seen the python sketch where everyone is a superhero and Bicycle Repair Man is *their* hero? XD                             

I have not! I shall youtube it on my lunch break.

 waywardbiro said: Dude I think you need to go and stand outside in the snow for a bit and think about England you know what I mean.

I did not get much sleep last night and a man came to read the electricity meter this morning I am confused. Although it has just occurred to me my entire commentary on Hott Swiftgate could have just been that ‘stupid sexy Flanders’ gif, saving everyone much time and mental trauma.

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God, thank you. Earth X was the literal worst.

I have read a lot of shit Marvel AUs and I was totally up for car-air-freshener Loki hitting on lady Thor but GODDAMN I will NEVER LIVE LONG ENOUGH to read it. I tried, I really did but dere LORD it’s a comic and you’re supposed to be the Watcher SHOW NOT TELL SHOW NOT TELL SHOW NOT TELL. 

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Er yeah I solved this issue earlier today dude.

True story. However, I had a lot of beer after that and so I felt the need to go vigilante.

tomewing said: Crepey comparisons aside I am glad someone else I know has also only just started watching it! (Are you planning to continue tho?)

Yes! I am quite enjoying the Stark bits, Super Big Wall nonsense, White Walkers, etc. Also Daenaerys’ husbint is quite hott. (not that this mitigates the crepey) I think Mr Piratemoggy may want to get it on Blu Ray before we continue (currently using borrowed DVDs- I can’t tell the difference but he enjoys fiddling with the TV settings) but overall the conclusion was that it wasn’t too naff and was worth pursuing for Tyrion Lannister and Arya Stark even if everyone else needed a good smack upside the head. I may actually finish my ‘I Was A Teenage Dark Elf Priestess’ thing for FT apropos it, re: reading epic fantasy series as ~a gurl~.  

waywardbiro said: I’ve still never seen it! So if it helps it is impossible for me to make this comparison. Also, for me to hold conversations with people this year, if I don’t start catching up :(   I am surprised it is so big, tbh. It is kind of just a soap opera. I had read the books one grillion years ago and was sufficiently immersed in Generic Fantasy Culture to sort of get my head around it anyway ‘oh, there’s a thing and character classes- koff, I mean,- HOUSES and there’s a throne and yes, yes, I see.’ So I do feel a bit like I’m doing the extra reading by actually watching the series but WHO KNO maybe it will blow my mind in episode 3. It does have some A+ DOGGES. Also Sean Bean altho obvs that may not last.


kittyjimjams said: It is, but… if they’ve watched more than the first two, it is worth bearing in mind that Dany rapidly transforms into a seriously kick-ass warrior queen, and maybe that’s where they’re getting the comparison? Her origins ARE dodgy tho’.  

Yeah, I was saying to Mr Piratemoggy that I think I’ll find it a lot more engaging once her initial wooby arc is over and she’s being cool. There are at least some good dresses in the meantime? Also it must only be like another 10 minutes before someone kills at least a few of the most annoying characters. 
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I walked past loads of people being threaded (argh) in John Lewis the other day, which is full of sparkly frocks too, if you need MOAR brow/sparkly frock maintenance. Anyway er WELL DONE?

I used to have my eyebrows done in a civilised hidden room. However, because Brilliant Eyebrow Woman is unfortunately opposite Former Workplace I have to now get them done in the middle of a shopping centre and it all feels much lower rent and generally unsatisfying. Public eyebrow removal is pretty much uncool, not least because I tend to have a little nap while the threading is happening and this is less acceptable when there are people actually able to see you.

Sparkly dresses are A+++, will buy again forever. I am currently wearing one that looks like my collar and cuffs are made of chain mail; amazing. Everyone should buy ten.

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Ooh! YERP visit huh. Any Englanding?? We did a pass a law saying that all cats must wear little hats if they enter the borders though, I trust that’s OK?

Alas, no England this time. Just Spain and France and then Germany a little later. But Bec is welcome to kidnap me via Eurostar. I don’t think my cats will go for hats, so they might have to parachute in! But then they’re be wearing parachuting helmets. We have a conundrum.

littlecreamsoda replied to your postcan I kidnap you when you come to Euroope for the…

yes I am always too late! also where is Euroope? ARGH

Euroope = Europe + the Land of Ooo, of course!