Some Domestic Guardians Headcanons~
  • Drax is 100% the most domestic one.  He had a wife and kid at one point, and still remembers a lot of the basics of cooking, cleaning, and looking after his otherwise domestically helpless counterparts.  I have a really great visual in my head of Peter buying him a frilly pink apron that he tells Drax is symbolic warrior’s garb on Earth.  Also, Drax making protein-rich, nutritious breakfast for the team so that they can perform their best.
  • Gamora can sleep anywhere, in any position, at any time.  It’s remarkable.  The others think it comes from her years of training with Thanos.  They often find her curled up tucked into tight places because they make her feel secure, or having fallen asleep face down on the metal floor from sheer exhaustion.  She is at many points the catalyst for a Guardian cuddle-huddle, occurring around her wherever she happened to fall asleep.
  • Yondu quickly adopts the entire team as his weird, wayward children,  Literally den mother Yondu keeping a sharp eye on everyone to make sure they’re doing okay on the battlefield, and getting enough sleep, and dressing warmly enough.  Peter is used to the smothering, but for everyone else, it takes some adjustment.
  • Peter remembers hearing that talking to plants/playing music for them makes them grow faster.  So when Groot is still teeny in his pot, Peter can often be heard having one-sided chats with him, or leaving his headphones around his pot so he can hear the music.  In this way, Groot became privy to plenty of information that Peter has not shared with the other Guardians.  But Groot is a good secret-keeper.
  • Peter and Rocket will eat ANYTHING.  Nothing goes to waste aboard the Milano.  If one of them doesn’t eat it, the other will.  They’re like a pair of walking garbage disposals.  Drax and Gamora are only mildly disgusted by it.
  • After discovering that petting Rocket was a success, Drax decided to try it elsewhere.  Namely, on Peter.  Peter is a little surprised at first to find his hair being gently patted, but he isn’t about to complain. 
  • Sitting down and opening the gift from his mother was certainly not the first or last emotional moment Peter has had in front of the other Guardians.  The others are quick to discover that he’s actually a ridiculously easy crier, getting teary eyed over emotional moments on the television or when Groot first pulls himself out of his pot and takes his first steps.  None of them hold it against him- in fact, it was from Peter that Drax learned to give hugs in the first place.  Now it is a power that he is unintentionally abusing.
Mother’s Day

A/N: Pretty late for mothers day but I didn’t have time to make a fic. Hope you enjoyed! <3

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Originally posted by frozen-delight

Reader: 6

You’ve never had someone to call Mom. You’ve never had a person to call sister or auntie or grandma. It was always brothers. Always. No matter where you were. Charlie was one of the first people you could call anything and she wouldn’t care. She was the first female figure in your life and you couldn’t be more happy for that. Until your brothers told you she had to ‘leave’ with tears in their eyes. You know what happened. It always happened. You didn’t cry. You were used to things like these happening. 

The school was having mothers day activities. You were supposed to make cards and pictures for your moms. They even gave roses and candies to go with it. The teacher told you you could make it to whoever you wanted because she understood your situation. She was part of your daily life, And she treated you like her own daughter but you didn’t see her as anything else but your teacher.

You drew pictures and wrote a card to your brothers. You drew the three of you holding hands with a small house behind all of you, Small trees and flowers surrounding you. It wasn’t your best work but it had to do. The teacher gave you a rose and chocolates to go with it, And you crammed it all in your bag and walked outside the school where your brother was waiting.

“Hey squirt. How was school?” Dean grabbed your hand and walked you toward the impala.

“It was okay.” You look at the kids giving their mothers the roses and cards.

“What did you do today?” He buckled you up into the car seat.

“Nothing fun.” You mutter, Looking at your hands.

It was then he noticed all the moms and their kids hug and look at their presents. Looking at your solemn face he closed the door and got into the drivers seat.

“Sam bought burgers. Your favorite” He tried to lighten up the mood with the mention of your favourite food, But not even that could make you smile.

The rest of the way to the bunker was quiet, The only sound was the rumbling of the impala and the soft rock music emitting from the radio.


You unbuckled yourself from the car seat, Opening the car door and following Dean inside.

“Hey (Y/n/n)!” Sam immediately walked toward you, Ready to take off your backpack like he did everyday.

“No!” You turned away from him suddenly, Tears ready to escape.

“(Y/n)?” Dean immediately knelt in front of you.

“Did something happen at school?”

“Did anyone hurt you?” Sam knelt also, Looking at your face.

“No.. Nothing.” You whisper, Running past them toward your shared bedroom. You shared a room with Sam, Since you weren’t ready to have a bedroom of your own.

Closing the door, You hop onto your bed and take off your bag. Opening it up, You take out its contents. The card and the drawings were crumbled, The rose a few petals short. The chocolate was squished and melted.

You wanted to cry and stomp but you knew it wouldn’t do anything. You were still with your brothers and your brothers were everything you had. Realizing they were both a mother and father for you, You smiled. They might be your brothers but to you they’re your heroes. They were your brother, friend, father, mother, best friend and hero all bundled in one. 

Getting off the bed, You slammed the door open and ran toward your brothers; A big smile adorning your face.

“Sammy! De!” You shouted for your brothers, Hiding the presents behind you.

“What’s wrong (Y/n)? We thought about it and-” Your brothers were in the library, No doubt looking for a case.

“Happy mothers day!!” You shouted and revealed the presents to both of them. They were both speechless, Their mouths agape.

“What?” Dean blacked out for a moment.

“Happy mothers day!! I know we don’t have a mom, But you guys are like a mom to me!” You handed Sam the card and the picture, Handing Dean the chocolates.

Dean picked you up and spun you around, A smile present on his face.

“You’re such a dork (Y/n)” he smiled, Handing you over to Sam to read the letter.

“Thank you so much. You don’t know how much this means to us (Y/n)” he kissed your temple and your cheek lovingly.

“By this, I know I’m doing a good damn job raising a kid” Dean laughed, Folding the letter back up and placing it in his back pocket. He opened one of the chocolates and popped it into his mouth.

“Shut up Dean. You only like her because she’s your sister”

“Hey! I love kids!”

“You can’t stand kids” Sam rolled his eyes, Placing you on his lap when he sat down.

“Any who, Thank you so much for the card and the flower. We appreciate it.” His mouth was full of chocolate. “But your burgers are getting cold, So if you don’t eat them I will” Dean ran toward the kitchen.

“No! De! You’re so mean!” You jumped off Sam’s lap and chased after your eldest brother.

You couldn’t wish for a better family.

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So it’s Mother’s Day over here…it’d be good to commemorate such a day with a gif like this dontcha think?

Lemme give some real talk about some of Day Dreaming Derpy’s inspirations, especially in its unique perspective on experience in video games.

There aren’t really many games where you get to play as a parent, excluding the titles like the Last of Us or TellTale’s Walking Dead where the player is put into a parental position, but there aren’t many games dealing exclusively about the nitty-gritty of parenthood (in this case, motherhood). And rightly so, gameplay that depends solely on the reliance of the raising of a child may not always mesh with, say, an RPG experience where you level up and fight monsters. It all depends on the kind of experience you want to give the player.

The concept of Day Dreaming Derpy didn’t start out with Derpy’s relationship with her daughter, Dinky as a core element. In fact, the idea of going through ponies’ dreams largely stemmed from the fanfics on Fimfiction, and its users’ amazing variety of interpretations of the show’s lore, sometimes through the eyes of somepony most unlikely to be in an empowered position. It was there, that the idea of a unique perspective that most audiences would not immediately understand or relate to, would convey some of the most profound and enduring lessons that anyone can use to walk away with a better understanding of life and all its aspects.

And I believe that Derpy’s wayward story as a mother raising a child on her own is something worth sharing.

Ya’ll have a good Mother’s Day!

Marauders looking after their sick friends

Since I’m feeling sick and like shit, I thought about writing some headcanons about Marauders looking after their sick friends.

-He would be fretting like mad when someone was ill. One wayward cough and the mother-hen in him would wake( well more than usual) and he’d be stressing and worrying all the time.

-the first solution would obviously to tuck the person in bed-if he has to use force for that, HE WILL (Lily once made the discovery at her dismay)

-he would then look for the drops and other medicines needed. Spoon feeding them to HIS patient

-tea would be best in the list. Because dude, he’s got both Indian and British origins and he’d be damned if he didn’t serve tea to the sick

-finally all that done, he would sit beside them and fret all day long. Constantly asking if they needed anything or felt cold.

-two weeks after the flu, he would still be acting the mother hen he is
“Are you sure pads you are well? You look a bit pink in the face to me.”

-Sirius absorbed some of James’ habits regarding this. (Though thanksfully not all.)

-just as James, being tucked in bed with the duvet up to your chin IS THE SOLUTION.

-medecines and tea done, he would just proceed to throw himself over the person

-he’s the best human blanket in Hogwarts

-kisses and cuddles were the solution to flu according to him

-“but Moony, you’re looking so disheveled and cute right now. How can I not kiss you.”

-the next day, he would join the sick person in bed cause he caught the flu as well (he sincerely wondered how)

-Remus was just the antagonist of James

-of course he would worry

-but he didnt know how to express that

-so he always ended pushing that person on the bed and then proceeding to glare periodically at the person and at some vague point in the room

-that is why Sirius always ends up calling James when he’s ill

-“moony’s being mean with me Jamie. Come and love me”

-Remus would usually throw a pillow at him during those moments

So ages upon ages upon ages ago, I mentioned I was going to write a fic wherein Lily saves both Narcissa and Draco’s lives when something goes wrong with Cissa’s pregnancy, and in return Narcissa warns the Potters about Peter? And she ends up living with them, and Drarry grow up together, and loads of house unity and an insane family with Gay Uncles Moony and Padfoot, etc etc?

I present to you the first chapter—consider it a preview, and motivation for me to actually keep at it.

His mother had always warned him he didn’t have the backbone to marry a Black.

He’d ignored her, of course: why should he be any less suited to the Black daughters than any other man? He was of a prestigious family—the most prestigious besides the Blacks themselves—, intelligent, handsome and wealthy. He had been a member of the illustrious ‘Slug Club’ during his days at Hogwarts, as well as Slytherin Quidditch captain and Head Boy. He was charming, possessed of all the High Society etiquette expected and more—far more, he had privately believed, than was commonly displayed by the infamous Black daughters.

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Punk Rock Rae

a/n- I don’t even know.

He’s not sure but he thinks he’s having a stroke.

There’s a brief moment where he wishes he would have paid less attention to the diagrams of vaginas and breasts and more attention to the warning signs of strokes and seizures in health class. He didn’t though but he does remember that two of the signs of a stroke are a drooping mouth and slurred speech. His fingertips find his mouth in a tight line and the what the fuck that drops from his lips definitely isn’t slurred.

Rae, his beautiful punk rock goddess, is sitting at a table all by herself. Her being alone isn’t the part that makes him think he’s having a stroke (Rae likes to be alone a lot). No, it’s the fact that she’s got her hair in a braid and she’s wearing a fucking cream colored top and black skirt that doesn’t even have a hint of lace that’s giving him weird heart palpitations.

He has weird dreams sometimes (mostly involving his wayward mother) where he spots someone he knows out in a crowd and when he reaches them, they turn into a monster. So he’s careful in his approach because as much as he wants this to be a dream, he also doesn’t want to wake up drenched in sweat with his heart beating a hundred miles an hour. He’s almost to her when she spots him and for a second, he face reads oh, fuck before she puts on a smile and waves. Gone is her eyeliner and red lipstick and nose ring. In their place is soft, shimmery make up (he idly wonders if Chloe and Izzy is behind this makeover) and pink lip gloss.

When he slips in the seat across from her and says her name softly, she fidgets a little. “Don’t suppose I could convince you I’m Rae’s twin, could I?”

“I think at this point, I could be convinced of anything.” He notices she winces at his words.

“I know I look ridiculous.”

“No, you look beautiful. You always look beautiful. It’s just different.””

“I look like I raided my mum’s closet,” she rolls her eyes. “Which is exactly what I did.”

He wants to ask her what she’s doing but he figures it’s probably none of his business what she wears or what she’s doing and even if he wanted to, he couldn’t ask because his tongue has adhered to the roof of his mouth.

“I’m meeting my dad,” she supplies when the silence becomes overwhelming.

“Karim?” The confusion is evident in his voice.

“No. My rea- I mean, my biological dad.”

The news hits him like a ton of bricks. Her biological father. She was meeting him? Surely he had heard her wrong. “I thought he lived in Scotland?”

“Apparently, he’s been in Lincolnshire the whole time.”

“And he’s never tired to get in contact with you?”

“Well… I mean, you know how my mum is. I found his address on a card in her purse and I rang him. He said he wanted to meet up.”

Finn’s still unsure. “But why now? And why are you dressed like this for him?”

Her mouth sets in a firm line and she crosses her arms in front of her chest, not meeting his eye. “He’ll be here any second. You should probably go.”

It’s the first dismissal she’s ever given him and it stings enough that his shoulders hunch. She tries to lessen the blow with a smile. “I’ll see you tonight, right?”

He nods, trying to recover from both her weird behavior and the fact that she just told him to leave. “Yeah, I’ll pick you up at seven.”

When he gets home, he goes straight upstairs and throws himself face first on his bed because he’s got a pounding headache. Why would she ever want to meet her scumbag father? This was the same man who up and left Linda with a two year old and no money. The same man who never sent any child support, who had never tried to get in touch with his daughter. This was the man who had made Rae cry without ever lifting a finger, the reason she had trust issues, the reason she doubted every move Finn made because she couldn’t imagine a man doing anything out of love. And for her to find out that he’s been around this entire time and has ignored her very existence and still want to meet him? Finn had half a mind to go back and punch the man’s lights out but Rae had seemed so insulted by his lack of understanding that he was 100% sure she would head butt him (and kill him on impact).

His head still has a tinge of pain when he leaves to pick her up but when she comes out of the house in a dark purple lace dress. Her nylons are torn but they are pretty sheer and it’s just as good. Suddenly, his mood isn’t so foul and he’s wondering if they could just skip the pub and find somewhere to park. She asks him what he did all day and he doesn’t have the heart to tell her he laid in bed and worried about her mental state all afternoon, so he just shrugs and mumbles something about listening to records and he doesn’t ask her how things went with her father because if he’s honest, he doesn’t want to know. Either the guy was an ass (and Finn needed to punch him) or he showed up and probably fed her a bunch of excuses as to why he was never around (and Finn needed to punch him).

“Do you mind if we stop by the tattoo shop? I lost my nose ring and need to get another.”

He doesn’t know why he can’t keep his mouth shut, but he mumbles something about probably shouldn’t have taken it out to begin with and he knows he’s in trouble when she shakes her head and crosses her arms. “Never mind, I’ll go tomorrow.”

“I don’t… I didn’t mean…”

“Just forget it.”

“It’s right on the way, Rae. Really.”

“I said no,” she snaps.

“Fine, whatever.”

(The rest of the night, they barely talk.)

They don’t fight like this. They just don’t. Finn knows they’ve had their arguments but things usually get resolved pretty fast. But this… this has been rocking on for days. It’s a weird feeling, not knowing what’s going on in her head because she never goes to the tattoo shop to get another nose ring and one day she shows up to college in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, no make-up and people gawk at her and her friends question her and it’s the first time Finn truly and utterly avoids her (he doesn’t even try to catch a glimpse of her).

It’s other things, too. There’s a tense feeling in Rae’s house when Finn stops by one day and it’s apparent that Linda and Rae have both been crying and Karim tries to explain to Finn that “my girls they fight” and when Finn tries to question Rae on it, she tells him she has to meet her dad for tea and they will talk later. They never do, though, because she doesn’t call.

Two weeks into this madness, she finally tells Finn that Linda is pregnant. “At her age, can you imagine?” And while she’s thrilled for a new baby, Finn can also tell there’s some doubt in her mind because it was hard enough to adjust to Karim when it had been just her and Linda for so long… how was she supposed to adapt to a new baby?

“Is this why you’re hanging out with…” he always lets the sentence trail off when it comes to her biological dad because Finn refuses to call him her dad or even acknowledge that the bastard has a name.

“No, not at all.” But he can tell she means yes. “I just don’t think it’s fair that she’s kept me from him for so long.”

“Who? Your mum?” Finn has a soft spot for Linda (for all mother’s, really) and he knows Rae loves her and can’t imagine why there’s such a sudden rift between mother and daughter. “Rae, he’s lived here your entire life. I don’t think it’s your mum’s fault.”

“He told me that he stayed away because he didn’t want to step on her toes. She’s so overbearing… that’s the reason he left! She acts so stupid about everything and-“ Her mouth falls open, words halt when he stands up from the table and grabs his bag. “What are you doing?”

“I love you, Rae. I do. But I can’t sit here and listen to you put your mum down like this. It’s not right and you know it. I really can’t believe you’d believe him over her.”

They don’t talk for a week.

He misses her. He really does and he knows she misses him because on the fifth day of them not talking, she sends a mix tape to him through Chloe called the “We’re Both Dickheads” mix. He calls her that night and they don’t say much of anything but listening to her breathe is enough for the moment because he is missing all of her sounds. He picks her up the next night and they don’t do much more than just kiss in his backseat until it’s time to meet the gang. He listens as she tells Chloe that her dad forgot to tell her he was going out of town and a fury begins to build inside of Finn because he’s known all along that it would eventually come to this. The same happened with his own mother. She had wanted him in her life for a spell and then she was gone again and he didn’t want the same to happen to Rae.

It’s a mistake to try and talk her out of seeing her Dad. He realizes this when she’s crying, when she slams the car door and tells him to stay away from her, that it’s over between them and he can go fuck himself. He started out with good intentions, only telling her what was on his heart because he loved her and then her temper had flared and so did his.

“Do you think it’s the best thing for you right now? I mean, seeing your…” he trailed off again.

“He’s my father.”

“He hasn’t been for 15 years. Rae, I just don’t want him to hurt you again.”

“You sound just like my mother,” she rolls her eyes.

“Well, I would think you would listen to her since she’s had more experience with this twat than you have.”

Even without her eyeliner, without the nose ring, and the clothes, she’s still the same Punk Rock Rae in attitude and her glare cuts him like a knife. “Don’t you call my father that! What if I called your mum a bitch?”

“She is, so you would be right. The only difference is, I can fully admit that my mum doesn’t want me but you are too fucking stupid to realize your dad still doesn’t want you!”

“Well, I can see why she doesn’t want you!”

They’ve both said things they don’t mean (and both of them are already wishing for a rewind button) but it’s too late and tempers are too high and his next words cut down to the bone, the way he intended. “Yeah, well I get why your mum wanted another baby. Maybe this one will turn out normal.”

He sits in her driveway for a long time after that and thinks about knocking on her door, apologizing. Two wrongs don’t make a right and what he said was nasty and out of line but her words weren’t much better. Maybe this was for the best, anyway. Maybe everyone was right. Maybe Finnley the Grumpy Sod and Rae the Punk Rock Goddess didn’t make enough sense to last.

She’s not at college the next day.

Or the next.

Chloe is avoiding him like he’s got the plague and the one time he manages to corner her, she stares him down so fiercely that his words die on his lips and he allows her to push past him because he knows she’s not going to pass any messages to Rae for him.

She’s back in school on Thursday and she breezes past him in a pair of fishnets and boots, acts like he isn’t there and she smiles at the guy with the blue Mohawk (the same guy who told Finn he wanted to fuck Rae against a wall and Finn had to punch him) and it’s all so surreal that Finn has to escape to the bathroom and splash water on his face to catch his breath because even though he had thought for a brief moment that they didn’t make sense together, she’s all he wants.

He tries to call her but Linda picks up and tells him she has no idea where Rae is. “She doesn’t talk to me anymore. We’ve never fought like this, Finn. What the hell is going on with her?”

“I think it’s her dad, honestly.”

“I hate that man,” Linda seethes into the phone. “The only good thing he gave me was Rae and now he’s trying to take her away.”

“I don’t think this will last with him.”

Linda is quiet for a moment before she starts crying into the phone. “That’s what I’m worried about.”

Finn is worried about it, too. So worried that several times a day, he has to place his hands on a flat surface because his stomach starts doing somersaults at the thought of who was going to pick up the pieces of Rae when her dad finally broke her? She was too proud to let Linda and she wasn’t giving Finn the chance to even breathe near her.

He gets Archie to deliver a mix to her, a You Deserve Better mix and an apology note that took him an hour to write because he couldn’t find the right words. Archie tells him she threw it straight into the trash and told him not to pull that shit again or she’d cut him out, too. “She’s just too punk rock to care, Finn. She’s not your average girl. Remember that.”

Remembering that becomes a daily chore. She didn’t want some timid boy chasing her skirt and that’s what he had been doing. Sending others after, leaving her messages with Linda. He figures it’s time to pull out the big guns and man up and just fuckin’ tell her how he feels.

But then she stops coming to school again.

And Chloe hasn’t heard from her.

And neither has Archie.

No one picks up at her house and he figures it’s a now or never situation and he skips school to track her down. Karim answers the door and he looks so sad when he lets Finn in, doesn’t say a word, just points upstairs.

The Smiths are playing and it’s a bad sign. She had told him once that The Smiths made her want to slit her wrists and he had laughed at the time but he’s not laughing now. When he knocks on the door, she calls out “Mum, please. I just want to be alone.” Her voice sounds watery.

He lets himself in and takes in the sight of her. Messy hair, tear stained face, and red, puffy eyes. She wasn’t sick, she had been crying and by the looks of it, she had been crying a lot. He means to say something but his heart is breaking and his throat is closing up and she tries to glare but it gets lost in her tears.

“Are you… no, you’re not ok.” Finn shuts the door and sits on the edge of her bed. “Rae… I-“

“I’m a horrible person,” she tells him, tears leaking out of the corner of her eyes. “I really am. I have no idea why you’re even here.”

“You’re not a horrible person.”

“I said awful things to you and my mum and Karim. I didn’t mean any of it, I swear. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m sorry, though. I really am. I can’t believe how terrible I’ve been.”

“I said some really bad things, too.”

She shakes her head. “It’s my fault, though. Everyone kept trying to warn me about him and I just insisted on being in his life. I just… I felt like it wasn’t fair that the new baby was going to have a father and I still didn’t. I should have known better, really. You were right when you said he never wanted me and you’re probably right about my mum wanting a chance at a normal kid, too.”

He winces when she starts to cry again because he knows he’s just as guilty as her father is. “I never should have said that, Rae. I was angry and I… I didn’t mean it. I just…”

“I wasn’t listening. I never do.”

“I still didn’t have the right to say it.”

“I didn’t have the right to say what I did about your mum,” she looks at him and the tears really start them (it makes him nervous because he’s never been good with tears). “I don’t understand how she could leave you. I really don’t. You’re the best person I know.”

“Then you don’t know enough people,” he doesn’t wait for an invitation, he just scoots closer and wraps her up in his arms. “I am truly sorry about what I said.”

“We’re both dickheads.”

He holds her for a long time before she tells him about what happened with her dad. The man had taken to canceling plans without actually canceling them. He just stops showing up, stops answering her calls. He rang her once to tell her he was sorry but things had come up and maybe they could chat later or catch up, but that had been a week ago.

“Then I ran into him last night at market. He looked at me like I was a freak of nature. I shouldn’t have gone into meeting him looking like mum. If I had let him know right from the start that I’m the biggest freak in Lincolnshire, none of this would have happened because he would have taken one look at me and ran the other way.”

“You’re not the biggest freak. I’ve seen your friends pierce their-“

“That was one time!”

“Archie still has nightmares.”

When she’s stopped laughing and starts crying again, he reaches over to hit play on her tape player (not the CD player because she doesn’t need The Smiths right now) and a very familiar tape starts playing and even though she’s crying, she manages a smile and ducks her head into the crook of his neck. It’s the You Deserve Better mix. “You didn’t throw it away?”

“Archie thought I did. You’re not as shit with words as you think.”

(He notices his apology letter is taped to the side of her nightstand and he’s embarrassed but elated that she’d keep it so close.)

Finn goes over everything he wants to do to her dad. The list starts with slashing his tires and egging his house and ends with a punch. He runs this plan by her and she laughs and adds to it, but in the end tells him not to worry about it because she figures it’s just one of those rough life lessons she had to learn.

“But you have to go right now,” she tells him, pulling away and wiping her eyes dry.

He balks a little, goes to protest, but she silences him with a kiss. “I’ll leave my window open tonight if you want, but right now I need to apologize to my mum and to Karim. I mean, seriously apologize.”

She walks him to his car and kisses him thoroughly and he pulls a little box out of his back pocket and hands it to her. “What’s this?”

He shrugs. “Open it.”

When she sees what’s inside, she laughs and her eyes start to sparkle again and she’s sparking back to life and he knows he’s never going to see her in cream colored anything ever again because his Punk Goddess is back with a motherfucking vengeance. She takes the tiny silver nose ring out of the box and kisses his neck until he can’t see straight and then whispers, “We need eggs. Lots of eggs for tonight. You game?”

(And when she lobs the first egg at her father’s house, Linda laughs and says something about being a dysfunctional family and Finn has never been so proud to be a part of something so wrong.)

come morning light, you and I’ll be safe and sound (1/3)

Happy, happy, happy birthday to my lovely, amazing Elisa. Here is the first part of your fic, as promised, on your birthday, and the rest will follow shortly– promise. I love you to the moon and back a million times, you beautiful human being. I hope your day is as amazing as you are. <3


I remember tears streaming down your face
when I said, “I’ll never let you go”
when all those shadows almost killed your light
I remember you said, “Don’t leave me here alone”
but all that’s dead and gone and past, tonight.

“Emma, I… command you… to come here.”

David’s words are broken. The hand that he clings to the dagger with is shaking, and it’s all Killian can do just to stand there and watch—helpless, curious, his heart aching with every pulse.

It’s only been one day.

It’s been one day since she whispered a broken “I love you” to him and only him. It’s been one day since she tethered herself to the darkest magic known, only to save those she cares for so deeply. It’s been one day since she disappeared to a location unknown and left a dagger with her name—her beautiful name– now etched into the blade.

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professor-maka  asked:

There was no other way to say it, they were utterly fucked. Fuscia. SoMa.

I’m so sorry. I had so many ideas and I think I went with the worst one. ;—; I was also going to end this on a totally different point than I did but since we’re all still reeling from Fenestration I tried for a happier and ending and kinda… bleh. I’M SORRY AND I’LL REWRITE IT I SWEAR hnfjsnfjsd


His scythe arched just a few inches from her neck sticks her in place, but her steel-lined emerald eyes reveal no fear to him in the obfuscated alleyway.

“Maka, don’t leave yet,” he says through gritted teeth.

“Don’t call me that here,” she spits. They both know she could leave. They both know she could slip away but she stands still. The faint fuchsia glow of the power orb around her neck allow her to meet his heated gaze directly.

“I’ll call you that everywhere,” he says, his voice bone-tired. “Because that’s who you are, damn it. That’s who I know. Not this… super-powered Grigori shit.”

She folds in her wings. “What do you want from me?”

“I need to tell you something. It’s important.” He loosens his sharp chokehold.

She stays quiet, and listens to the vibration of the quivering golden soul beneath his skin.

His burgundy eyes wander for a moment, and he takes a deep breath before he locks their gazes again. “I need to tell you that I love you.”

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Final Shot-(T/Z)

 So I’m not entirely sure what this is. It was supposed to be for Jae’s birthday, but then I got behind and it got weird. So here ya’ go fandom and happiest of belated birthdays to our dearest Jae

He can hear her staring at him and he knows that when he turns around she’ll still be in her nightshirt, basked in the glow of the hallway. The goodbye he’s saying right now is hard enough. The next will only be harder.

“Are you trying to wake her?” she asks, voice low and barely there.

He sighs; he’s really not. He drops one more kiss on her forehead and then pushes himself up from her bed. He’ll see her soon; he will.


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I made my mother watch supernatural with me tonight
  • (Mentions destiel)
  • Me: sobs
  • Mother: what does that mean?
  • Later
  • (Mentions samulet)
  • Me: Omigosh
  • Mother: what does that mean?
  • Even later
  • (Singing supernatural)
  • Me: inhuman noises
  • Mother: would you please stop?
  • Me: inhuman noises of disagreement
  • Even later
  • (Dean quotes rent)
  • Me: that just happened
  • Mother: what? What happened?
  • Even later
  • (Sweetly sings Carry On My Wayward Son)
  • Me: cries
  • Mother: what is going on? Where did I go wrong?
  • Even more later:
  • (Mother freaking Chuck comes on screen)
  • Mother: what the hell is wrong with you??
Fear the Walking Dead: Alycia Debnam-Carey hopes people will be 'confronted' by the new take

ALYCIA DEBNAM-CAREY: Alicia, for me, becomes a realist in the world. Especially during the first season, we see quite a development of her from having someone who has got a plan and who has a future ahead of her. She’s one of the few characters we see who actually wants to go somewhere and has things really figured out. She’s surrounded by a broken home, lost her father, she’s got a wayward brother, and a mother trying to keep it all together and she’s one of the few people who’s like, “No, I know exactly what I want.” She’s smart and she’s got ambition and she’s ready to get out, I guess. So what’s really heartbreaking is her very extreme demise and that fall, because she loses so much, in a way. When everyone else is just trying to grapple with everything, she kind of loses it all in one fell swoop — that ambition, that hope. That’s awful, because there’s so much hopelessness with her situation, which is really hard.