wayward villain

Wayward Villain: Kushiel

status: open | age: unknown (looks 17) | species: demon | FC: Callan McAuliffe

bio: Who would suspect a blue-eyed, blond-haired seventeen year-old to be the demon of punishment straight out of Hell? The answer’s probably nobody, but that’s exactly who Kushiel is. His job is pretty self explanatory, and his weapon of choice is a whip made out of fire. Basically: don’t cross this mild-mannered teenager if you value your sorry skin.

But why is he topside, exactly? To put it simply, Kushiel’s gone rogue, dealing out punishment to those he deems wicked or rule breakers. And the three biggest rule breakers just happen to be Sam and Dean Winchester and their half brother Adam Milligan, who cheat death like it’s their job. Except Kushiel’s not going straight for them, but for the ones they love most. The top of his list? Castiel and Sam Evans. It’s about time the Winchesters learned that the dead should stay dead.

target(s): Castiel, Sam Evans

ships: up to applicant