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Seduction and Destruction; Prompt Style

Anonymous said:could you please do more flirty hero/villain prompts?? thanks! Love your blog!

Anonymous said:Oh my gosh! I can’t believe that I didn’t notice this blog until now! Your prompts are the best, and I love them! Can you do some on the villain being flirty to the hero?

wayward-alex said:Need more villain having a crush on the hero ❤

Anonymous said:prompts with flirty hero and confused villain?

Anonymous said:I love your blog so much! It’s so helpful! I was wondering if you could do something like the antagonist being secretly (or not so secretly) turned on by stuff the protagonist does?

1) “I’m starting to think you’re obsessed with me.”
“In that outfit, who wouldn’t be? You’re just begging to be cuffed and brought to justice.”
“Is that what we’re calling justice these days?”

2) “So suspicious,” the villain raised a brow. “Do you have any proof for your accusations? Or is it simply that you like inventing reasons to come and see me, because, you know…” they settled a hand on the small of the hero’s back to guide them out. “You don’t have to come up with these absurd excuses. For you, it’s always a pleasure.”
“Fine. Dinner, just us,” the hero’s jaw clenched. “Maybe then you’ll stop pretending you don’t know what I’m talking about.”
The villain’s head tilted.

3) The hero strained to hold the roof from collapsing on the civilians, gasping for air with the effort. 
The villain landed in front of them, when they were too pre-occupied by that to be able to spare a hand to fight. “Honestly, you’re like propaganda for sin,” the villain purred, utterly unrepentant. “How can anyone resist blowing up an office building when you look so dashing running around trying to save everyone?” They reached out a hand to trace trembling muscles. “I mean - god. Just look at that.” 

4) “What are you going to do?” the hero said. “Kidnap me and whisk me away to your evil lair. Wine and dine and try to seduce me to your side?” They trailed their hand along the villain’s side and smiled. 
The villain’s eyes narrowed suspiciously. “Do you really think I am so stupid as to carry any information on my person for your grasping little hands?” 
The hero sighed. “There was to hoping.” And they weren’t talking about any keys or data packets.

5) “You think I don’t see the way that you look at me?” the hero asked, pressing close to the villain. “All your games, all your dances…and all the time staring.”
“Know thy enemy.” They tried to sound cool.
“That’s it, if you say so,” the hero said, amused. Then they pressed a kiss, cruelly perhaps, to the villain’s lips just to see them lose all composure.

Spideypool Rec List

. So, I know it can be hard in some fandoms to find quality fics, but I gotta tell you, I feel super lucky with this one, because almost everything I’ve read is just excellent. It’s really hard to narrow it down, because I’ve read literally dozens and dozens of Spideypool fics that I love, so this list is by no means exhaustive, but I’ll try to include all my favourites! Oh, and these are all completed fics. There are some good WIPs out there, but I tend to wait until they’re finished before really getting into them.

took no time with the fall by cherryvanilla 
A 5 times +1 fic with Peter running into Deadpool on the job after being warned about him by the Avengers. This was such a cute, terrifically in character fic, just a fun ride from start to finish as Peter realises that despite what the Avengers say, and despite their differences, he and Wade are sort of perfect for each other. And be sure you follow up with the deliciously, unrepentantly porny sequel:  now you’re in my way

* BF(F) by Carol989
Another 5 times +1 fic (those are sort of popular in this fandom) with the 5 times people thought Peter and Wade were dating, but they were totally just doing friend things, including friendly victory kissing and it is fucking ridiculous and adorable how clueless Peter is. 

*But Today My Heart Swings by bankrobbery
Holy shit, this is so, so, so hot. I’m in love. Peter probably shouldn’t be teaming up with *Deadpool* of all people, particularly where sex pollen is involved. Oh my god, their voices are absolute perfection (this author has RR’s Deadpool down to a fucking T, and Holland’s adorably out of his depths Peter Parker). They are sexy as hell, but fair warning that even though it’s complete, it will leave you hanging and wanting for more. But it’s worth it.

*you grow up and you lose touch by scarlett_starlett 
9 year old Miles Morales from another universe is stranded in Peter’s, and Tony thinks Peter is the best person to raise him and train him to be Spider-Man. I gotta tell you, I wasn’t sure about the premise of this one, but I ended up loving it, and being sad when it’s over. The dynamic between Wade and Peter is just about perfection (even if the development of their physical relationship feels a little unrealistically slow), and the two of them with Miles make such a beautiful, happy family, each helping to heal different broken parts in the other other.

*are you sure you wanna’ love me? by scarlett_starlett
Deadpool shows up at Stark Tower during business hours and Peter can’t get over how Wade just *ignores* him. Maybe Wade’s only into Spider-Man? This fic is great for me because so often fics stress Deadpool’s insecurity or disbelief that Peter could want him, but sort of forget that Peter is a nerd who’s been bullied and maybe has a lot of his own insecurities, too. Also, it’s adorable :D

*Peter Parker’s Home for the Wayward Villain by BeanieBaby 
This is another one of those premises I was pretty uncertain about, with Peter the adopted son of Tony Stark and therefore powerless, but it turned out amazing? Like, he’s still Peter, but struggling with the fact that he’s the only normal, non-powered person growing up surrounded by the Avengers and the Fantastic Four and X-Men, struggling to find himself and ending up buying a rundown far and accidentally becoming a halfway house for the likes of Bucky, Loki, Wade, and more. And somehow even though there’s some crackiness, it manages to do the characters real justice, as they work towards a place of reconciliation with the people they’ve hurt. The Spideypool is on the side, but sweet and satisfying (and there’s some adorable background Bucky/Steve and other ships). It’s all about found family and finding who you are, and managed to even satisfy the part of me that was a bit upset over no-power Peter in a way that’s sort of ingenious. Just. Go read it. Very long, very worth it.

* Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words by iamtheyellowbox
Cute little one-off where someone snaps a picture of Deadpool making out with Peter…and everyone mistakes DP for SM and wonders who he’s kissing, churning out a lot of speculation to make them both stupidly jealous. Underaged Peter is implied.

Alright, as much as I’m all about the hot, smutty porn these two can get up to, I gotta say, this fandom has some quality slow burn long fics full of UST and identity reveals, and declarations of love that leave you clutching your chest. Here are some of my favourites:

*Damage by dontcareajot

*you are the space in my bed by sleeponrooftops (and all its sequels, one of the best out there, it’s just glorious and heart-breaky and then heart-fixy and just UGH wonderful)

*Said the Fly to the Spider by BC_Brynn

*buddy you’re a boy make a big noise by spiekiel  (and its sequel)

*Mistakes by WebbedUpKatanas

And now about that scorching hot porn I mentioned…with a lot of somnophilia because, um. Deadpool is involved. Fair warning to check the warnings and tags on these, just in case. There are some that have dub-con because Wade and boundaries, you know.

*Monday Morning Massages by TheMadKatter13

*Because of Unlocked Windows by MarbleAide

*Hand Made Alarms by ArraFrost

Aaaaand, okay, this rec list is getting way out of control. so I’m going to stop myself now. But I will probably rec some more later, because as mentioned, this fandom has too many awesome fics :D

All About Chemistry by SedatedKoala    

Lord of Thorns (Beauty and the Beast AU) by NotEvenCloseToStraight 

Room 418 by Sintero, Staubengel        

Time to Heal by  jblue_leviathan177        

Two Teachers, One Classroom   by MysticMoonhigh                                  

The Boys Wear Red… by Orcusnox (Cat9894)     

Deluge by  Macx        

And We’ll Never Be Royals   by SeasonsofLauren                

Peter Parker’s Home for the Wayward Villain by BeanieBaby   

Stop Watch  by Shadow_Assassin       

Mutation Squared by MysticMoonhigh                

It Happened In The Multiverse   by  SedatedKoala         

Reap the Whirlwind by Birdie (Robin_Mask)                        

Bad Ideas by  NotEvenCloseToStraight      

Neko AU (Catboy) by AnimeLoveLover123    

 Dermis   by GeminiDerp                                                                                     

Awkward Moments

“One moment unstuck other stuck!”-Deyth Banger

Raven launched into the air, narrowly missing the sticky red trap that rocketed towards her. Black energy crackled at her fingertips, and Raven muttered her mantra. “Azarath, Mentrion, Zinthos!”

The energy grew and warped into a fist, launching itself at the irritating, masked thief. Red X dodged it, much to her ire.

“Missed me, birdie.”

Raven scowled. A barrage of starbolts rained down from above, spurring Red X to leap across the rooftop and out of range.

The ever irritating thief had decided once again to attempt to rob some stupid corporation Raven hardly cared about. Which left the Titans chasing after him, ruining her relaxing night and interrupting her reading, something she did care about.

Everyone else was pretty peeved off as well, given by the cloud of annoyance pulsating in the air. The intensity of it was slowly beginning to give her a headache, and Raven wanted nothing more than to catch the bastard and go home. But Red X was a slippery villain, and had a nasty habit of getting away.

And every time that happened, their night became a whole lot worse.

Raven shook her head and zipped towards Starfire, her dark energy mingling with the blazing starbolts in an attempt to better subdue the thief. Cannon blasts echoed among the streets, accompanied by Cyborg’s frustrated growls and curses as Red X leaped nimbly aside.

“This is too easy,” Red X said, yawning exaggeratedly. He launched some of his sticky red x’s at them, landing a hit on Cyborg. It began sparking on contact, bringing the cybernetic teen down. There was a shout, then Robin was upon him. The two grappled, fists swinging.

“Azarath, Mentrion, Zinthos!”

Raven conjured up more black tendrils at his feet, trying to snare the wayward villain. Red X dodged them of course, landing a hefty kick into Robin’s chest in the process. A few things happened at once, then.

Beast Boy exploded from a pile of rubble, his green form in the shape of a tiger. Raven surrounded her fist in a ball of black energy, launching herself towards Red X.

Raven wasn’t really sure what happened next. One second, she was flying towards Red X, the next, a blur of green collided with her and sent her sprawling.

She landed on the ground in a heap, the weight of the tiger regressing back to the weight of Beast Boy sprawled on top of her. Raven groaned.

Well, that hurt.

“Rae?” Beast Boy’s voice was low and husky, and he sounded a little dazed. She blinked, his concerned expression coming into view.


He was right on top of her, his face only inches from hers. Suddenly, the air felt hot and stuffy, and Raven almost forgot how to breath.

Had his eyes always been this pretty?

She’d always known them to be green, but up close, she could see the valleys and forests of greens swirling there. They shifted and changed as he stared, constantly evolving to the pace of his thoughts and emotions. It was enchanting, really.

“Uh, Rae?”

Raven blinked again. “Hmm?”

“You okay?”

She forced herself to nod, struggling to wiggle out of his grasp. “Y-yeah, I’m fine. Can you get off of me now?”

Beast Boy winced. “I would, but I uh…I think I’m stuck.”

“What do you mean, stuck?” she asked. Raven craned her neck, trying to see what Beast Boy could possibly have been referring to, when she saw it. A red stripe banded his arm, looking very much like the same color red as the x-traps belonging to the very Red X himself. Raven let her head fall back against the concrete and let out a groan.

This day just had to get weirder, didn’t it?

“Can we at least get off the ground? This is…awkward…”

She could practically feel his blush, his embarrassment was that intense. He stammered some unintelligible phrases in agreement, and proceeded to attempt to push himself and her into a sitting position.

Raven tried to help, she really did, but it quickly became apparent that her arms were bound with the sticky red substance that held the two of them together, thus making her mobility limited.

Well, this wasn’t going to work. Raven heaved a sigh and willed her powers to come bubbling to the surface. Tendrils of black curled and tickled at her skin, and she muttered her mantra under her breath. “Azarath, Mentrion, Zinthos!”

Just like that, she pushed them upright. Now that she was off of the ground, Raven could get a better bearing on the extent of their situation.

They were very much stuck together; though that was nothing new. The last time this happened, however, they were back to back. This time…

Raven flushed. The x-trap bound them tightly together, and there was no real stretch room. Unless Beast Boy transformed, but she doubted that would make things less…weird. And things were certainly weird enough, as it was.

Though they were now upright, their position was still awkward at best. Raven was practically straddling Beast Boy, thanks to the stupid x-trap. Their legs were entangled together, and she had to lean back to keep her nose out of the crook of his neck. Her arms were bound uselessly to her sides, while he had at least one free arm.

Luck of the draw, she supposed.

Raven sighed. Why did these things always happen to her?

“Beast Boy? Raven? Are you guys…okay?”

They both turned to see Robin standing over them, a bemused expression tickling his features. She took a little bit of satisfaction in the small little red x’s strapping his skin and uniform, but a scowl still tainted her features.

“Does it look like we’re okay?”

He opened his mouth to answer, but Cyborg beat him to the punch.

“Well, BB seems to be enjoying himself!”

Beast Boy cringed, embarrassment pouring off of him. He refused to meet her gaze and leaned away from her, wriggling against their bonds. “Just cut us loose!” he snapped. Raven felt his heart pounding in his chest, and she was pretty sure his ears were turning red.

Worse yet, she could feel her own face burning, too.

Robin produced one of his bird-a-rangs  and sliced through the x-trap with ease, allowing them to fall apart. Beast Boy sprang away immediately, ducking his head and marching off towards the tower. Raven bit her lip and watched him go, an array of thoughts plaguing her mind.

Did…did Beast Boy like her?

Here we are! Prompt number two. XD I figured this would be entertaining, and I certainly loved writing it! So enjoy. :)

-mod vixensheart

Finn is a Skywalker, not Rey.

The “Awakening” Snoke references in the film is mentioned before Rey has done anything of significance that would cause a Force sensitive to feel their presence. 

But do you know what has happened by the time Snoke references the “awakening”?

Finn has made his own choice about what he believes is right or wrong.

Rey’s awakening happens later in the film when Rey witnesses what secrets Anakin’s Lightsaber holds. As we can see during the interrogation scene, Kylo is surprised at how strong she is with the Force and feels the need to report it to Snoke. If Rey’s was the awakening he had mentioned and Kylo Ren had felt it also, there would have been no need to report such a thing.

This being the case and given the evidence, we can only deduce that…

The awakening Snoke was talking about was not in fact Rey’s, it was Finn’s - and Kylo ‘feels’ it when he stops to stare at him during the attack on Jakku.

He stops to examine one faceless Storetrooper out of the several swarming the village who later becomes ‘Finn’ in a pinnacle moment at the beginning of the film.
We also see Kylo take notice of Finn again when Hux tells him that the one responsible for helping their prisoner escape was one of their own. Kylo Ren is even seen examining the file for this particular trooper before demanding that they take care of the two escaping fugitives. 

Even Hux seems to realize in this scene that the Master of the Knights of Ren is sensing something else about this particular individual, making it quite clear that Finn is more important than we may yet realize.
While Rey is obviously an important player in the film, when breaking down these scenes alone, the entire preconceived focus of the film shifts exponentially. 

Why do I believe this is the case? Simple. The focus of the film is supposed to be misleading. Finn has been wiped and has no recollection of who he really is. By purposely using camera and cinematic tricks to fool the viewer into believing that things are not clear, it will bring a greater sense of shock to a later reveal.
But, if we watch carefully, we can see obvious hints to the future.
Personally, I think that that is the key here to who the token Skywalker is in this trilogy.

Rey is not the missing heroic Skywalker - Finn is - and the evidence to which will continue to grow with future movies. 

I also believe that both Kylo Ren and Han knows that Finn is Luke’s son.

For Han, (We will discuss Kylo’s involvement later) it’s a simple breakdown of his character and how he acts around people he knows and trusts (which are few and far between) vs how he acts with new people he is forced to deal with (regardless of whether he actually likes them or not).

Such as the scene where Rey does her damnedest to impress the old smuggler.

While it is quite clear that what Rey has done is impressive (and Han is actually genuinely impressed by her capability) he acts, for the most part, indifferent to it. We see this type of character trait with Han when he is addressing someone new that he has been forced to have in close proximity. It’s a trait that signifies that he does not trust this person yet and has no reason to.

However, when Han addresses Finn after nearly failing to bandage Chewie, he praises him and even calls him ‘Kid’, which as any Star Wars fan knows, is the nickname he most significantly used to call Luke.

We also see in this scene a few more moments that are quite reminiscent of everyone’s favorite naive little moisture farmer.

In fact, the whole time Finn is on the Falcon, there are many alludes to his connection with Luke - even having him find and hold the sphere Luke first used to train with Anakin’s Lightsaber and Anakin’s Lightsaber - while Rey may be the one that it calls to (remembering that Finn was still trying to run away from everything at the time) Finn was still the first one to wield the weapon knowing absolutely nothing about it.

And despite knowing nothing about it, knows how it functions quite well.

But, if Finn is the long lost Skywalker, what does this mean for Rey?
Quite simply, and as show in the scene where she begs Finn to stay and where the Lightsaber shows her the visions she sees, she is shown to be a guiding spirit. The one person who is there to attempt to keep the hero on his path of virtue. 

In the past, this has most notably been the place of Obi Wan Kenobi and Master Yoda.

Moving further into the movie, there is more evidence that Kylo knows more about Finn than we are yet to realize. This particularly lies with the disdain Snoke has bread into Kylo Ren for his family. If Rey were the Skywalker everyone seems to believe she is, Kylo Ren would not have bee so forthcoming to be kinder to her than his other prisoners or offer to train her in the ways of the Force despite his Master telling him that his compassion for her will get in the way.

However, his disdain for Finn is quite evident and while, yes, he betrayed the Order, the kind of Anger Kylo Ren shows is far more deeply rooted than any other anger we’ve seen towards the other characters.

A scene we see this in and that seems to be particularly often misinterpreted is the scene where Finn and Rey are spotted by Kylo on the landing after Kylo’s been shot by Chewie. For some reason, people seem to believe that Kylo Ren is angry with Rey in this scene, but the focus is quite clearly aimed at Finn and not Rey.

This leads me to my next point - during the fight outside the Starkiller Base:

Kylo Ren says, “We’re not done yet,” and once again, the focus is pulled to Finn, then breaks to Rey who calls Kylo a “Monster”. 
This scene indicates that Kylo is in fact not speaking to Rey, but to Finn - something that is often misunderstood by fans.

Kylo then goes on to say, “It’s just us now. Han Solo can’t save you” and proceeds to beat his own side to draw strength from the darkside. Rey then tries to fire at him, at which point he pushes her away from the fight. Why? Because she is not the target of his anger. Because he was not speaking to her, he was speaking to Finn. He does not want to fight Rey, he wants to kill Finn.

Finn then runs to Rey’s side, ignoring Kylo’s advances, and angering him further.

Prompting Kylo to call him a trader, once again indication that Finn has been the focus all along and it is at this point the two proceed with their fight.

Here we are faced with a similar scene to when Luke face Vader for the first time. The dark villain, a wayward Skywalker and the unrefined, inexperienced prodigal son standing up to this ominous figure without regard and despite knowing that he could easily be killed.

It’s here where we get a really good look at the turmoil that is between Kylo Ren and the former Stormtrooper known as Finn - As well as a hint to what could possibly be foreshadowing a future reveal of Finn being the rightful decedent of the Skywalker bloodline when Kylo points his lightsaber at Finn and demands that the Lightsaber belongs to him. To which, Finn gets an extraordinarily confused look before proceeding to attack the dark Knight.

Finn, for someone with little to no knowledge of fighting with a weapon he only a little while prior didn’t even know was a weapon, is decently talented at wielding one.
He not only holds his own against the injured Ren, he actually manages to slice his shoulder before being disarmed.
Of course, like with Luke, Finn looses his first fight, but survives to fight another day because the guiding spirit (Rey) duels the darkness to protect the fallen hero (Something very similar to something a vary famous Kenobi did for our beloved little farm boy).

It is my belief that Finn is Luke Skywalker’s son and that Kylo Ren, in order to keep his cousin from taking his rightful place as the prodigal Skywalker, had him brain washed and trained as a Stormtrooper. When Finn awakens from this programming, Kylo senses it but disregards it knowing that Phasma will rewipe him once they return to the base. However, Finn escapes with the prisoner before this can happen, prompting Kylo Ren to panic.

When Han finds Finn, he recognizes the boy as Luke’s son. In so, he has a special connection to him being the blood of his dearest friend and decides to protect him - probably something he’d done in the past when Kylo was younger and something that Ben would still be upset about.With Han now dead, he can no longer protect Finn from Kylo’s wrath and thus, Kylo strikes with the intention to kill the only other Skywalker decedent and the only other person (outside of Luke) standing in the way of him inheriting Anakin’s legacy- only to be stopped by Rey, this story’s Ben Kenobi.

I really, really like the fact that (despite what Kakashi thinks), in the Talk no Jutsu tug of war, Obito almost won before Naruto ultimately won out. It’s great, it shows just how closely the two of them were matched and how well they understood each other. Unlike what people romanticize about Naruto (in canon, and I suppose some even outside) Naruto absolutely could have become Obito, even right where he was there, and Obito absolutely could have been Naruto instead.

It pleases me a lot that it wasn’t just some immune, perfect shounen hero who only flirted with the dark as a token ‘I know the temptation but you have to say no!’ and never really stood a chance of turning sides, like it came off as when he faced against Nagato (excepting the brief time he almost gave up with Pein, but even then it felt more like giving up than seeing his side of things). Or, you know, like it is with other shows like Goku who is infinitely pure and never faced any danger of changing sides.

But also, it just pleases me forever the way Obito hit that perfect balance of villain and wayward hero in a way even Sasuke can’t quite manage because he’s burdened with also being Naruto’s rival/opposite, where Obito  was Naruto…just Naruto who made a different choice, that Naruto could still make at any time, if someone managed to make a compelling enough case.

And maybe also what I really like, is that Obito did make a compelling enough case. Naruto didn’t just 'not waver’ because he was inherently stronger or purer than Obito. The only reason he didn’t reach out and take Obito’s hand right then was because Hinata–his friends and support group–slapped him out of it before he could. It’s not that Naruto is better than Obito, it’s that Obito was isolated and had no one to shake him out of it until it was too late, and Naruto had his friends around him who could stop him before it was.

…And then of course, they were so similar that it was actually Obito’s own subconscious that ended up convincing him and making him 'lose’ the tug of war in the end.

Yes, I just really, really love Obito as the main villain.

anonymous asked:

Can you explain to me more what Peter Parker's Home for the Wayward Villain is about?

Peter Parker’s Home for the Wayward Villain by BeanieBaby

i read this about a million years ago, so as far as i remember, peter basically finds himself housing a number of different marvel ‘villains’? he gives them a safe place to crash and deal with their problems - sometimes he also gives them advice - which in turn makes all these ‘bad’ people be really super extremely protective of him. and they kind of become a family :D

Title: Peter Parker’s Home for the Wayward Villain

Author: BeanieBaby

Link: AO3

Ship: Peter Parker/Wade Wilson, Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes

Rating: Teen

Major Tags: Fluff and Humor, BAMF!Peter Parker, No-Powers!Peter

Summary: A really long redemption story.

Reviewer’s name: realxmen

Found family? The best trope. Villains being decent(ish) people? The second best trope. Peter Parker kicking butt and taking names? Priceless.

So, Peter drops out of college, buys a farm, and adopts a bunch of super villains. He also lies to the Avengers for a whiles, but that’s okay.

This fic features a bunch of various “villains”, with the main ones being Bucky, Deadpool, Magneto, Loki, and Ultron. The author did an excellent job at keeping all of them in character, and it’s fun seeing them actually being kinda good guys.

asterixa1313  asked:

Hey, do you have any fics where the avengers realize that Wade is not that bad of a guy? Or notice how sensitive and insecure he can be? I don't like it when they're a bag of dicks towards him. lol

I had a kinda similar ask recently. I can’t think of many of those, sadly. I can add 

Villain  by Lafaiette            

Peter Parker’s Home for the Wayward Villain   by  BeanieBaby                

Petey and Wade discuss the proper way to go about vigilantism (and maybe they fall in love too)  by   isaDanCurtisproduction    

Well by Lafaiette 

Assembling for Party by KarasuNei

take your daughter to work day by TheLadySyk0

My private life is a secret by Grinedel

What could possibly go wrong?by slightly_salty_ace

Sick Days by DarkMoonMaiden                

Ryan Reynolds Redemption by captain_americano                  

the monster you think i am

Fandom: MCU
Summary: A thousand opportunities to be the man he saw in the mirror.

“You have to promise to go there as a friend.”

“Captain,” Iron Man greets, taking his plated hands off the door he just wrenched open. Captain America lowers his shield, stepping off the stairs and towards the suit. “You seem a little defensive.”

“Well, it’s been a long day,” the Captain says with a smile. Iron Man has a line here, something he’s supposed to say, something that breaks the dark tension, but he remains quiet. The Captain’s smile drops. “Tony?”

No, Iron Man thinks. “Captain Rogers,” he says, and there is the sound of boots pounding down the hall from both directions. “Sergeant Barnes.”

“Tony!” The Captain pleads, stepping back towards where Barnes is crouching, whirling around, searching for the source of the sound before turning back to Iron Man. “What’s going on? What did you do?”

“What I had to,” Iron Man responds. No, he thinks again, dimly, as if his thoughts were very far away. Soldiers dressed in heavy combat gear appear almost out of thin air, surrounding the Captain and Soldier and forcing them to the ground. 

“You’re under arrest,” Iron Man tells the Captain, who bucks under the soldiers’ grips until Iron Man levels a repulsor at his head. “Stay down, final warning.”

The Captain collapses, surrendering. “Why are you doing this?” he asks brokenly. 

Tony, watching it all unfold, shrugs his shoulders. “Have to protect myself, Cap. I hope one day you can understand.” 

Outside, Ross is waiting, and he smiles when he sees Iron Man with two super soldiers in tow. “Well done, Mr. Stark.”

Iron Man remains silent, but Tony keeps his eyes focused on the look of devastation on Steve’s face, the resigned defeat on Barnes’. 

No,” Tony says. “Not this way.”

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The signs in a spy movie
  • Aries: The wayward villain-raised kid who later becomes the awkward member of the spy's team though still struggling with anger issues and confused morals.
  • Taurus: Second in command- the squad's computer hacker who never leaves their office throughout the entire movie. Is loved by the team.
  • Gemini: The villain's crazy lover who is freakishly loyal. Eventually forms an alliance with heroes after realizing what an asshole the villain is.
  • Cancer: The hero with great ideas who keeps getting walked all over and ignored by team mates- causing them to join the villain.
  • Leo: The super confident lead agent. NEVER follows the very clear rules that the leader has set. However, always gets out of a tight spot and completes a mission in an... alternative way.
  • Virgo: The obnoxiously honorable leader. Keeps a lot of things from getting done with their "honor." Also keeps a lot of lawsuits from happening. No one's really sure if they're just super noble or if they're actually the team's lawyer.
  • Libra: The hot field agent who's good at literally everything and saves everyone's asses on several occasions.
  • Scorpio: The antihero who lives in shades of grey. Isn't afraid to get their hands dirty but doesn't go out of their way to do evil shit.
  • Sagittarius: The villain's goofy sidekick who doesn't actually stand for anything the villain is doing but has a crush on them and could really use the cash.
  • Capricorn: The villain. Analytical, emotionless, psychopathic. When they want something (usually money or power) they will stop at nothing to get it. Takes the spies a long time to catch due to the villain''s preciseness. Puts the ass in classy.
  • Aquarius: The kid that doesn't actually do anything other than admire the spies from afar and hope that they invite them onto the team. Probably collects spy gadgets.
  • Pisces: The noble civilian whose parents were killed by villain. Becomes obsessed with villain and always predicts villain's next move. Helps the spies time and time again.

slothsbeforecocks-deactivated20  asked:

Any gold fics honestly. not heavily smutty though makes my rlly uncomfortable.

By gold you mean really good fics, right?

I’m Not That Good at Breathing In   by Celebrate_the_irony                

BF(F) by Carol989                

That’s Amore   by  Lafaiette       

Homeless by  radstar                           

Villain  by Lafaiette                

Peter Parker’s Home for the Wayward Villain   by  BeanieBaby                

Petey and Wade discuss the proper way to go about vigilantism (and maybe they fall in love too)  by   isaDanCurtisproduction    

Damage by dontcareajot                


“I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.”-John Green

It started off slow. There were little moments of happiness, small bursts of color that swirled across his otherwise dark existence. He became addicted to the feeling, that fuzzy warmth in his belly whenever she was around, and he found himself trailing her like a lost puppy. Making her smile was his new hobby, as seeing that pure and fleeting expression of joy was like experiencing sunlight after an eternity of darkness.

She was the anchor to his ship, the thing that kept him grounded. Whenever his jokes went too far, she was there to hold him back. When the crushing sadness that he carried became too much, she helped lighten his burden. Raven was the yin to his yang, the green light of hope across the expansive bay of uncertainty.

And he was slowly but surely falling in love with her.

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The Meat Cute - Chapter 2

A/N: I’m back! Hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long!

This chapter is all from Emma’s POV, but fear not - there will be plenty of Killian in the next chapter to make up for it. Maybe even some Captain Cobra.

Read from the beginning: ff.net / AO3 or on Tumblr [Prologue] / [Chapter 1]

Rain clatters against the tin roof of Swan’s Bar-B-Q as Emma sits hunched over the desk in her cramped office, glaring daggers at the QuickBooks spreadsheet on her computer screen. Two weeks. She has managed to avoid Killian Jones for nearly two weeks now. True to his word, he has not been the person to deliver her regular orders from the Meat Market (which she couldn’t help but notice has a large new sign proclaiming it to be Killian’s Meat Market in tall, green letters). Instead her brisket is brought by an unfamiliar bearded, portly man named Smee who constantly wears a threadbare red knit cap. Probably some hipster that Killian brought with him as a sidekick from… wherever it is that annoyingly attractive, scruffy-faced jerkwads come from, Emma thinks.

Not that she minds the new delivery man. She’s relieved, in fact, that she hasn’t had to see Killian’s face or deal with the awkwardness from their previous encounter. Awkward? Emma thinks, Is that the word? It didn’t feel awkward, it felt… She drums her fingers on her desk in contemplation. ’Charged.’ It felt charged. ‘Intense,’ maybe.

Not that she bothers to think about it. Because she doesn’t. Except maybe every five minutes or so.

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pornandnothingelseneeded  asked:

Every single fanfiction list/recommendation you have has been pure gold and I was wondering if you could make a list of longer/multi-chapter ones with good plot (and maybe funny sexy times as bonus)? Thank you so much for all the work you put in!

I had made a list here and here are more

The Boys Wear Red…  by  Orcusnox (Cat9894)           

Peter Parker’s Home for the Wayward Villain by BeanieBaby

Stop Watch by Shadow_Assassin     

Should Have Locked the Door, Spideypool by  Bottom_PeteParker      

Let Me See by Birdie (Robin_Mask)        

Use Me by xxjinchuurikixx                      

Conversations and Candy Bars by Dawnwolf17       

Have Your Cake or Eat It   by  Vixen13    

Dermis by GeminiDerp                                                              

tesutagirly  asked:

Hallo! I was wondering, do you have any fics that have a thing about Venom? It's such an interesting storyline in itself, let alone with a loving relationship mixed in!

Peter Parker’s Home for the Wayward Villain by  BeanieBaby  

You, Colin Firth and pizza by Staubengel

Learner’s Permit by  Sintero                

Alienated by  Beeba    

Dehumanize Me by Orcusnox (Cat9894)                

Three’s A Crowd (Especially on a rooftop at night.) by 11sharn11            

Been Wanting You by  9haharharley1    

Don’t Mess With a Mercenaries Spider by  Mystery_Name  

Sing Me to Sleep by  ColdTeller    

im-not-poetic  asked:

any fics with a well written wolverine in them?

Not a Fucking Part of This by gaily-daily (passionateartist)                

It Happened in the Multiverse by SedatedKoala

Wing Fic by AnimeLoveLover123                

Well  by  Lafaiette

CONFUSION by K_Vader                

Counting the stars at our fingertips  by  schierlingsbecher

How to embarrass yourself in front of your colleagues by Grinedel        

How Soon Is Now? by Death_Herself         

Peter Parker’s Home for the Wayward Villain by BeanieBaby      

Deluge by Macx         

Too much like falling by Francium                                    

slenderlock  asked:

There's so much spideypool with stony, but I'm dying for some spideypool with stucky! It doesn't even have to be the main focus, maybe just in the background? Anything long?

Peter Parker’s Home for the Wayward Villain by   BeanieBaby  

Findings (series) by LaLunaWritesStuff  

Vociferous by   TheMadKatter13  

roses are red by scully_carter    

Omega Squared by catlyon    

We Got Chemistry by sendormari  

Fuckin’ Hell! by   Skybloodfox  

Thank You for Seeing Me by PrincessSunflower    

Older Than Water, Stubborn As Stone by Remy_Writes5    

If This Love Doesn’t Kill Me, The Sex Will by  Spideypool is my weakness (CinnabunAngel)