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A Crash Course in Warding

Let’s just start a series of crash courses in witchcraft, since sometimes we need to learn things the quick and dirty way. Today, let’s talk about wards.

What are wards?
Wards are protective energy barriers. They keep things out. You can place them around your home, certain rooms, even on certain objects. With practice and clear intentions, you can focus the wards to block out everything or only certain things. We’ll get to that in a bit.

Why should I ward my space and my things?
Wards can keep out all sorts of things you don’t want in your home. They can block out negative entities, wayward spirits, mischievous entities, demons, and (if you’re really good at what you’re doing) even gods. Some people ward their divination tools so they know there are no spirits tampering with the results.

So what do I need to do first?
Cleanse. This is very important. Wards are kind of like walls, or perhaps more accurately, bubbles. If you don’t clean the space first, you might trap things inside your ward bubble. You do not want that. There are lots of methods of cleansing, from burning sage to spritzing oil-infused water. Find a method you’re comfortable with and cleanse everything you’re going to be warding.

I’ve cleansed my home/item. Now what?
Now we ward. I’m going to give you a couple methods. Let’s start with my favorite, incense warding.

Incense warding can also be done with spritzes of water/essential oil blends or herb-infused water if you can’t have smoke in your space. Whichever you’re using, you want to have a blend of protective herbs. Bay leaves, cinnamon, ginger, mustard seed, and salt are some great options that you can find in the grocery store, no fancy witch shop necessary. If you’re using incense, make sure you’re using natural incense and not super cheap stuff that’s artificially scented. The magic is in the herbs, and you won’t get that from fake scents.

How to Incense/Spritz Ward an Item

  • Smoke or spray item.
  • Visualize the smoke or spray clinging to the item and wrapping around it like a tight blanket, protecting it from anything that would cause harm (or interference, etc.).

How to Incense/Spritz Ward Your Space

  • Pick a place to start. I always start at my altar, but it’s up to you. If you’re doing multiple floors, start either at the top or bottom floor.
  • Moving continuously to your right, smoke or spray along the walls and door frames. As you go, imagine a barrier being formed around the walls, ceiling, and floor, pushing outwards to fill the room. Visualize the smoke or spray forming the barrier to keep out anything that will do you harm. [If you have a hard time with visualization, you can simply focus on the intent of the smoke or spray keeping things out.]
  • Keep moving right, following the layout of your home, making sure you get all the closet spaces. You basically want to outline the entire area you’re protecting, whether it’s you’re room or your whole house.
  • For multiple floors, repeat on each level.
  • For big layouts where there are rooms in the middle, go around those rooms as well.
  • I like to reinforce the wards over outside doors, windows, and mirrors. These are all passages of sorts, and when I reach them, I use the incense to draw a pentagram in the air over them. This is entirely up to you.
  • You’re done when you’ve reached the point where you began.

So why do we go to the right? Is that important?
Kind of. Going to the right is like going clockwise. It’s about making things and progression, where going to the left or counter-clockwise is about deconstruction or reversal. [I read this idea in a witchy book a long time ago and will try to find a source when I can. If you honestly don’t feel it makes a difference, do whatever you’re comfortable with.]

Can I place wards that keep out certain things but not others?
Sure. When you’re going around your space/warding your item, your intent is what’s important. I like to ward out entities that mean harm - it’s nice and general and doesn’t keep the fae out. Some people might want certain spirits and not others. Have your intentions clear in your mind as you place your wards.

That’s neat and all, but what are some other ways to ward?
Let’s list a few.

Symbol/Sigil Wards

  • Choose (or make) a symbol or sigil that has protective properties. I’ve done this with Pluto’s astrological symbol because I worship him and it’s my way of being like, “Hey, Pluto. Please protect me, kthanxbai.” Pentagrams are nice and basic witchy/pagan symbols if you like them.
  • Draw the symbol over doors and windows. You do not literally have to draw it. It can be in water, incense smoke, or just your finger against the surface if you want.
  • As you’re drawing, make sure you have your intentions in mind - that nothing harmful can pass through this door, that the windows remain closed against entities, etc.

Energy Bubbles (if you have control over your energy)

  • Pick an item - any item.
  • Get your warding intentions in mind.
  • Channel lots of energy into the item. Visualize it emanating from the item in a bubble to fill your space.
  • If you’ve got mad skillz, you can form the bubble to the walls and be super exact with where its barriers are.

Vocal Wards

  • If you like spoken (or thought) spells, come up with a small chant to protect your space.
  • You can repeat this chant as you focus on your item being protected or as you walk around your home, protecting every room.
  • This is really great to incorporate into basically any other form of warding and gives your magic an extra bit of oomph.

I’ve heard wards can “fade” over time. True or false?
Wards are just energy. Like all energies, they can disperse and weaken over time, or if something particularly nasty puts effort into destroying them. Redo your wards every so often (I do mine every few months, but it’s up to you), and especially before spiritual interactions. I also like to do mine after I’ve had lots of company, to kind of clear out family’s lingering energies and reinforce what I don’t want in my house.

In general, the intent of your wards is the most important part. Know what you want to keep out. This concludes our crash course on warding. Now go forth and protect some stuff!

anonymous asked:

all these debates about whether shane or ryan is a demon well I say why can't they both be demons


  • shane does unsolved because he thinks it’s fucking hilarious to mess with this human embodiment of sunshine
  • except ryan isn’t human - but shane doesn’t know that
  • ryan does unsolved in order to track down wayward spirits and bring them to hell, and sometimes shane’s unrelenting skepticism makes him want to throttle the man, makes him wish he could just show shane this whole world he doesn’t know about (because he doesn’t know that shane is a demon, either)
  • except shane knows everything about that world
  • when they run into ghosts at various haunted locations, they both make equally terrible excuses to split up, both needing to speak to the spirit for different reasons
  • ryan wants to follow his duty and convince the deceased to go to hell (hopefully without them putting up too much of a fuss)
  • shane wants to make sure it knows that ryan is off limits and shouldn’t be harmed unless you want me to tie you up with a nice little ribbon and deliver you to satan personally
  • ryan being all worried about how shane might one day push his taunting a little too far and get hurt, because he may be related to bigfoot but he’s still human and has a fragile human body (again, little does he know…)
  • and now i’m just picturing shane and ryan standing back-to-back, eyes a solid inky black as they glare at any ghosts that wander a bit too close, both totally oblivious to what the other is doing
Social Engineering

“Well, what about Ten?” Iraz asked.

“Who’s Ten?” Kera replied.

The zabrak pilot and human engineer were conversing quietly in the corner of the hangar beneath Iraz’s X-wing and the crates that always seemed to be piling up at the edge of the bay.

Iraz pointed across the brightly lit space, where a diminutive Dug was hunched over a datapad. The Dug’s camelid snout suddenly whipped up, and he barked something condescending in Huttese at a technician nearby, who flinched a bit and dropped his spanner.

Kera shook her head. “Nah. See that? It’s like they say. If he’s nice to you, but not nice to the wait staff, he’s not nice.”

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Description: You were just a girl consumed by wanderlust. Lin was just a boy determined not to lose you.

Word Count: 1108(short and shitty, just like me)

Note: I made this for a six-months-away-from-your-birthday birthday present for Taylor

Tags: @secretschuylersister

You were just a girl consumed by wanderlust.

You could never stay grounded or comfortable in one place. As you would settle in one, you would feel a calling in you, deep down in your stomach, that screamed out that there were new places; this time, places far away from anywhere you had been were screaming out for you. As if possessed by a wayward spirit, you left behind everything.

This time, you not only changed your location, you changed everything. You cut your hair, shearing it and letting your curls go wild and wind blown. You stopped wearing any makeup, and didn’t stay in one place for too long.

This time, you could never settle. You were always moving, and nothing was ever the same– well, one thing was.

You had been unable to change your phone number, too afraid to truly lose the love of your life. Lin was a constant, and you always updated him on where you were; postcards, letters, phone calls, texts. Anything and everything to make him feel less alone.

You had been in Australia for a while, spending time on the beaches, strolling through the Australia Zoo, and trying to get used to the differing hours when compared to the last place you’d been.

You were woken up at almost four in the morning, you phone ringing off the hook. You were considering not picking up and going back to sleep, until you saw Lin’s face pop up along with his number. You picked up instantly.

“Hello, love. How are you,” You said, trying to hide the exhaustion in your voice.

“Please come home,” he said almost immediately, barely giving you time to finish your greeting. “It’s just, Im miss you, and it ain’t home w-without you her.”

“Lin, are you drunk?” You sat up, prepared to call one of your friends in the city to watch him and make sure he stayed out of trouble.

“Yes,” he answered without hesitation, and you froze.

“Why are you drunk, love?” He almost never did this, never getting drunk and making phone calls like this without hesitation.

“Because it’s been a year,” he slurred, and ice spread slowly through your veins. Had it really been a year since you left? It felt like it had been only weeks, but you had truly spent a whole 365 days without getting held by and holding Lin in your arms.

“I’m sorry love, but-”

He cut you off, “I would offer to come to wherever you are, but I don’t know where you are right now. But if I did, we could watch The Shining mini-series together. We don’t even have to spoon! I-if we get comfortable, we can,” there was a long pause, “there are parts that are scary. But, we can-we can watch the miniseries.” He paused again, and you heard him audibly gulp, as if he was taking another drink of some sort of alcohol, “I’ll have the book, in hand. I have the old, first print edition,” he slurred out, and started to cry quietly.

“Don’t cry, love,” you whispered into the phone. You weren’t able to handle it. You were the reason he was drunk, the reason he was crying, the reason he sounded so heartbroken.

“I-I just miss you, so, so, so much.”

“I know, love,” you replied, trying to steel your nerves, “but I need you to call someone to pick you up, take you home, and watch you to make sure you’re alright.”

“I am home,” he spat, “and I’m on the phone with you.”

“You need someone to be with you in person. Call Oak, or Daveed. They can watch you.”

“Daveed, is off fucking some girl, and Oak is off trying to fuck some girl,” he replied, “and I just want to be with you.”

You closed your eyes, squeezing them shut, trying to keep tears from falling down your face. “I know, love, I know,” you took a deep breath, “just promise me that you’ll call someone. Try Anthony, or even Jasmine.”

“Anthony and Jasmine are-”

“Don’t say that they’re fucking each other,” you snapped. “Lin-Manuel, I don’t care who’s fucking who right now, I want you to call someone that isn’t me, and tell them you’re drunk. Or I will.”

“Fiiiiiine,” he drawled after a moment, “but, I still wanna see you.”

“I know, love.” You said your goodbyes, and hung up the phone. You collapsed back onto the pillows, burying your face in your hands. You stayed up the rest of the night, making a rock solid plan and booking flights.

When your plane touched down in New York, all the nervousness fluttered back into your mind like migrating butterflies, and you subconsciously bit at you lip, feeling it split open.

It was late, stars dotting the sky like pinholes in a black cloth, and you walked out of the airport alone, toting a bag. You hailed a taxi, jumping in, and feeling knotted up with apprehension, the butterflies refusing to leave you.

You knew Lin’s regular hangover routine, and by now he would be passed out all over again after a day of moping about and having a twelve hour headache.

You didn’t even bother knocking on the door to his apartment, choosing instead to grab the spare key from underneath of the mat and sneaking quietly into the apartment.

You were scared out of your skin when someone practically jumped you, pulling you into their arms and pressing you flush against their chest, murmuring into your hair that they couldn’t believe you were home.

“I’m here, love. I’m home,” you said, as Lin kissed your forehead after pulling away. “God, I missed you,” you breathed out, pulling him in for a kiss.

Soon enough, he had you pressed against the wall, his arms boxing you in, his mouth devouring yours. He was suddenly kissing you cheek, jaw, neck, shoulder. He pulled your shirt off, and you pulled off his, and you were being pulled into Lin’s bedroom, and everything was perfect.

“I missed you, so much,” he breathed out as he traced nonsense patterns along your bare side, kissing the top of your head.

“So did I.”

“Are you going to leave me again,” he asked, and you shook your head.

“If I ever feel like I need to, I’ll tote you along with me, or I’ll only be gone for a week. No more than that,” you promised, and Lin nodded.

“So,” you began, looking up at him, “do you wanna get to watching that miniseries you mentioned yesterday?”

“Absolutely,” he said, dropping a quick kiss on your forehead.

On dedicating yourself to the Goddesses of Hyrule

Dedication to a deity is a very personal and serious rite. Oaths are taken very seriously in pretty much all paths, and it’s specific to the relationship between the deity and the devotee-to-be. Such vows should be carefully worded and thought over, as they can easily become a burden rather than a joy with too many loopholes.

Vows in Hyrule seem to be taken pretty seriously as well. Link often comes across wayward spirits and cursed people on his travels, trapped because they took an oath that they have yet to fulfill, or they broke one. Based on this, death does not seem to release you from a vow in Hyrule, at least not immediately. So be careful in the wording of any vow you make.

At first, I was going to try and write out individual vows for each Goddess, but after doing a little research and asking Hylia for guidance, I realized that, at best, I can give people a jumping off point. But I can’t really write it for you, because it’s going to be different for everyone. So, below, you’ll find the jumping off pieces I wrote. These are meant to be modified, changed and expanded to fit you, your needs, and your relationship to Hyrule’s goddesses. I hope you guys like them.

Din: “I come before you, Din, Goddess of Power, to dedicate myself to you. When you lift me from my own darkness with your red arms, I will know it is you. When you guard my peace I will know it is you, and when you upheave it to expand my comfort zone I will know it is you. I pledge myself to honor and serve you, and to uphold your virtue within my capabilities.”

Nayru: “Nayru, Goddess of Wisdom, I have chosen this day to dedicate myself to you. Your wisdom knows no bounds and it is you who guides me. When there are truths to behold you reveal them, gently when they are difficult and sternly when I may ignore them. I vow to honor and serve you within my abilities and uphold your virtue.”

Farore: “Dearest Farore, Goddess of Courage, I come before you to dedicate myself to you. You give me courage and hope when I feel lost. You encourage me to step outside my comfort and to improve myself, but also remind me not to be reckless. I vow to serve you and honor you to the best of my abilities, and to uphold your virtue.”

Hylia: “Hylia, her Grace, goddess charged with guarding the Triforce, this day I come to you in dedication. You defended the Surface from Demise and his horde, and guided the Hero. So do you guide and defend me. As you helped the Hero grow and guided him to balance in the virtues of the Golden Goddesses, so you guide me as well. I vow to serve you and honor you within my capabilities, and uphold the virtues of the goddesses.”

The Music I Can Give You - Part 15

Summary: Generally, you’re a fairly open person with the team. You tell them about your past and in turn they seem to open up to you as well. The only thing is, is that no one on the team knew of your intense love of music. It was something incredibly personal to you and you kept it close to your heart, not willing to open yourself up to other people’s judgement. That is, until Bucky Barnes came to the Tower. You never spoke to Bucky but the more you watched and observed him, the faster you found yourself falling for the kind, strong man. It’s only after seeing Bucky being tormented by one of his nightmares do you realize that maybe there is something that you can do to help him, and quietly show your love for him at the same time. 

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 1.5K

A/N: So sorry for the long wait! I’ve been working nonstop all week. Anyways, I hope this chapter lives up to your guys’ expectations! Feedback and just random comments are always welcome!


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ASK THE MODS:  How are you celebrating Samhain?

Originally posted by i-alwayslikedstrangecharacters

We thought it would be fun to ask WHC’s mods what their plans were for Samhain this year!  Reblog and let us know what you are doing to ring in the witchy new year!

SAMMA: So, I wanna head this with the fact that I am definitely ready for Halloween, but Samhain? Not so much. See, I celebrated it six months ago by sitting a Dumb Supper with the spirits of my deceased pets, and by pledging myself to my craft. I’m Australian, so it’s Spring right now, which means that on the 31st I should be celebrating Beltane.

Note that I said should, though. Will I? Probably not as much. Samhain is just so much cooler! But it does mean that I will probably do the official Beltane/Walpurgisnacht stuff and the fun Samhain stuff. I’ll encourage my friends in their Samhain adventures, and see in the new year for them by acknowledging any of their pledges or resolutions they make. I’ll probably do a major tarot spread for myself, light some candles, a spot of spiritwork, and definitely some Astral stuff (Southern Hemisphere or not, the 31st is a Very Important Date and I have Obligations!)

And for shenanigans? I’m throwing a Halloween party with my housemates, and I’m offering to read tarot cards for anyone that attends. I’m dressing as a witch/demon thing (I dunno, I just decided to go gothic and spooky), so if you’re on the server, keep your eyes peeled for selfies. If not, look for me @auroraliferous on Tumblr! I might post a selfie there too.

SMOKEY: On Samhain, I’m also celebrating the creation of my witchblr @little-mahika! I’m still a secret witch, so I’m planning on just celebrating with chocolates and enchanting sweets with blessings to the kids in my neighborhood. I haven’t got any major plans so far, but I’m trying to slowly ease into it because once I move out, I’m going all out witchy.

Samhain, for me, isn’t just about Halloween. It’s also about respecting the dead and remembering them. I want to honor the loved ones I have lost and share the peaceful energy I have with them. What I love most about Samhain is this raised energy from the Veil being so thin on this night. As an Empath and budding energy worker, it’s one of the best times to practice on my skills and reflect on my progress so far on my path as a witch. After all, October is the “spookiest” month of all!

But for now, I’m sticking to my chocolate stash, maybe bake a few monstrous goodies, and probably take a good trip to the astral.

LIV: The first thing you need to know before I tell you about my Samhain is that Halloween, as a celebration isn’t really part of French culture. Finding items for an altar, events or the like is a real hassle, especially if you do not live in a big city. But still, Halloween or not, the 31st has always been an important day for me, for reasons I’m only starting to understand now that I’m getting more and more into my practice.

So there will not be any big ceremonies for me, nor coven meeting or big spell. I’ll keep things simple. Cleanse my place big time, probably go visit an old graveyard to go pay my respects to the dead. Then it will all be about candles, cider and divination. Probably some astral travel, a spooky movie, candies and some make-up, all for a night of remembrance and magic to celebrate the Summer’s end.

CASS: Hey y’all, it’s Samhain! So I actually don’t celebrate the holidays, they are typically pagan holidays.  My witchcraft is secular and I know that these days are powerful for others, but they’re just another day for me. Instead of what I am going to do, which will sadly be studying for a lab practical and taking a test, I’m gonna give you all some info about Samhain.

For those of you who have no idea what’s going on Samhain is a celebration of the deceased and the start of winter, typically on the 31st of October. Most people call this date, Halloween, but Samhain is celebrated at a few different times depending on the witch. Some celebrate Samhain from the night of the 31st of October to the morning of the 1st of November, others celebrate on the closest full moon, and others celebrate on the 6th of November because it’s more in between the Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice, whenever you celebrate it is fine, pick something that you like and stick to it.

Now, what can you do for Samhain? You can decorate your space or altar in the traditional colors, yellow, orange, purple, black, gold, and silver. You could add items like marigolds, or scarecrows(to scare away the dead), or pumpkins and gourds or apples(which are coming into season and very cheap). I like warm spicy scents for the season, so chai scented things, or dragon’s blood or frankincense are all great options, so are the more “stereotypical” pumpkin spice and cinnamon. It’s a great time to explore your family tree and honor your ancestors, and it is also a great time for divination or getting in contact with spirits and updating your protection. I hope you all enjoy a lovely Samhain and have some nice ideas to celebrate.

KIT: Hello children, it’s spoopy time! If you know me at all you know that I am a devout death witch - and that means this is a great season for me! I’ve already increased how much work I’ve been doing and come Samhain I’ll be doing even more. This is such a good time to call on ancestors, help wayward spirits find their way, and practice energy work! Aside from that, though, I’m a total sucker for the aesthetics of Autumn and Halloween, so it’s my favorite time of year for plenty of reasons!

This year I’m excitedly planning a silent supper for some ancestors. Not blood ancestors, mind you, but ancestors I venerate as artistic forebears. This includes Thoreau, Jane Austen, and Vincent van Gogh, just to give you an idea of what’s going on at my house this holiday. That means that I’ll have the opportunity to incorporate my kitchen witching with my death work (one of my favorite things is incorporating different parts of my practice into each other). Before the supper I’ll probably cleanse my house, recast my wards, and make sure the energy is just right. Of course, it’s Halloween so I’ll also be munching on some candy and doing mundane things like dressing up, taking my brothers trick or treating, and reading spooky stories to my family.

BELF:  Hiya Hellions! I’m sure this comes as a huge shock to you all, but guess what? I ADORE HALLOWEEN! Of course, it’s not like I haven’t just spent the past… oh, I don’t know, entire time since last Halloween screaming happily about the arrival of the most spooky of seasons ;)

Anyhow, I will be celebrating Samhain with the lighting of many candles (safely, of course), the excessive decorating of the entire house including the outside (trick or treaters love it, we are quite the Halloween attraction!), a goodly amount of divination and a dash of spirit communication- and who knows what else, I’m not all that great at planning ahead.

What I do know though is that for me, Samhain is a time for reflection, cleansing and protection, and honoring the dead. I spend some time thinking back on my year so far, and acknowledging what has been good and what has been, well, not so good. I pay my respects to the departed, familial and otherwise- Halloween is quite the time for a medium- and I dedicate some time to cleansing myself and my home, and checking or rebuilding my wards.

This year though, things are gonna run a little differently since Kyla, your lovely Mumpkin, will be joining me for some Halloween hoopla! Together we plan to raise a little hell- not literally guys, please raise hell responsibly- in the historic little English city that I call home. A little ghostly activity, a bit of exploring, some time out in nature and a sprinkle of spell work- all in all, a very Happy Halloween!

KYLA:  Hey loves! How are we all? Happy Samhain!! I’m going to let you all in on a secret… I’ve never been able to celebrate the holiday before. I come from a family that gives the word mundane a whole new meaning but this year that’ll change as I am spending Halloween with fellow moderator Bel!! (I know right, she’s about to have the best Halloween ever!.

We plan to do some rituals of our own which I’m positive will include ALL of the candles, but to also explore the town she now calls home in the midlands and hopefully go on a planned spoopy ghost walk which will be super exciting for me or we’ll end up planning our own, we are training mediums after all…  I’ve never done anything like this before!!

I myself will also do a spot of spirit work on the night too as not only is Samhain about Halloween fun but for me it’s also about remembering your ancestors and respecting the dead in general. So hey, maybe just take a second to think of all of the lives that have come before you and hope they’ve all found peace, that alone is enough.

KAI: Hey guys! This will actually be my very first Samhain as a practicing witch so I’m learning about the holiday. I know that a lot of witches go crazy this time of year, but I’m still getting used to witchcraft. A lot of that means figuring out what holidays mean to me. I like taking the opportunity to cleanse and reflect on how things are moving in my life, as well as thinking about my next steps and where I want to go.

This Samhain I’m looking forward to giving my dorm room a really thorough cleansing, I’ve been saving a special Yankee Candle Halloween wax melt, one of the Forbidden Apple ones. Out with those negative energies and replace them with something more positive and calming. I found a special Samhain tarot spread and I’m looking forward to seeing what the cards have to say. I might also try to do a bit of past life meditation, because I’ve been trying to delve more into that lately, and if I still have energy astralling sounds like a great way to finish off the night. I am very sad that I can’t spend this holiday with my best (also a witch) friend, but hopefully the next one.

EXCLUSIVE | Acolyte Fey back behind bars after Grey Clinic boss allegedly shot by rogue spirit

Suspicions raised as rookie attorney Phoenix Wright appears on scene BEFORE the murder | PLUS: What the mainstream media isn’t telling you about the shooting’s spiritual origins

June 20th, 2017 | By Celeste Steel, Oh! Cult News Editor

LOS ANGELES, CA – Spirit medium Maya Fey is back behind bars tonight, after allegedly shooting Grey Surgical Clinic CEO Dr. Turner Grey in the forehead during a channeling session on June 19th.

Fey’s arrest comes less than a year after she was charged with murdering her older sister, legendary defense attorney Mia Fey – and only HOURS after reuniting with the rookie lawyer who saved her from those charges.

A spirited defense

Even as the Los Angeles Daily News attempts to paint this as a straightforward shooting, sources close to the Fey clan have told Oh! Cult the killing was likely carried out by a wayward spirit – that of deceased Grey Clinic nurse Mimi Miney, who was closely linked to a malpractice incident on May 2nd last year, that resulted in the deaths of 14 patients.

▲ SHELLSHOCKED: Acolyte Maya Fey pictured moments after the alleged murder. Photographs: Lotta Hart

Dr. Grey had always maintained the patients died due to negligence on Mimi Miney’s part, claiming the young nurse mixed up their medications. Miney died in a car wreckage after falling asleep at the wheel on May 24th, 2016, leaving her unable to defend her record. But recent accusations of poor working conditions from “overworked and exhausted” clinicians have led to suggestions Ms. Miney’s spirit may have harboured a grudge against Dr. Grey.

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The Ouija board spelled out gibberish

The following statement might be shocking. Please sit down before you read the next sentence.

Not everyone in the world speaks English.

In fact, English isn’t even the most commonly spoken language in the world. It’s Mandarin Chinese, actually.

Okay I know that isn’t shocking to most of my followers, who live in non-English speaking countries and write to me in fantastic English. Shout out to my Central American, South American, and European followers (and if there’s anyone following me from another part of the world, let me know!).

But a majority of my followers are English speaking, and sometimes seem shocked when they ask me why the Ouija board isn’t spelling things properly and I say that the spirit may not know English. It’s totally possible to contact a wayward spirit who may only know Mandarin Chinese, and when you ask them to spell their name, they have no idea. Or, for another scenario, they may speak English but have no idea how to write it. Back in the day, most people had no idea how to read or write, and if you’re talking to a spirit from like, 1492, they may not know how to communicate with you. Or you may be talking to a child who never learned to read or write, or maybe only had a year or two of school and can’t spell things out very well. 

So don’t be surprised if every once in a while you get a spirit who says their name is hgyfvk9xj. It happens frequently. 

So what do you do when this happens?

First of all, ask them if they know English. If they don’t, try to only ask yes or no questions, or questions where the answers are numbers, so they don’t have to spell anything out. If they do know English, ask if they know how to read and write. Help them to spell things. If they’re spelling something and have a hard time, make suggestions about what it could be. Ask if they want a little spelling lesson and tell them how to spell certain words so they’ll know for future reference. Stay positive, and don’t let them feel bad about being a bad speller. If they start getting frustrated that they can’t spell things right, encourage them. Tell them they’re doing their best, to keep trying, and so on. 

Story time: I had a spirit on the board once who only knew how to spell JUG. And yes, they meant jug, like they knew what a jug was, but that was the only English word they knew (probably the only word they could recall from an old spelling test). So my friend and I got out a dictionary and gave them a moment to look through it and find the words they were trying to say. Then they spelled everything perfectly.

The real question is, if you meet a spirit who doesn’t speak your language, how do they know what you’re saying? How can they understand your accent? Are they just guessing, or is their some kind of spiritual Babel fish they use? We can only answer this with my favorite gif: 

If you have any questions, send one my way any time.

So thinking about this week…that’s yet another Russel and Murdoc similarity that would be fun to address - they both seem to have been linked to the supernatural at some point in their lives. Before i used to think they differed in that Murdoc sought out this link while Russel was just..idk born with it, cursed with it or something but I’m starting to think it’s the same of similar with Murdoc. The memory of past lives? The weird book following him? The raven just like, siting there on his carriage as a baby? (I have a theory that the raven was actually Cortez and that Cortez is actually some spirit and/or guardian angel of sorts but that’s a different discussion) SOMETHING is going on there, or, at the very least there could be something going on there which I personally think would make a good conversation between the two of them. And by “something” I mean something outside of his Satanism. Some of the weird stuff that happens to him precludes and exists outside the realm of Satanism. Also on a separate note- funny how every band member but 2D has what you could arguably think of as a super power or special ability: Noodle being a combat expert, Russel being a vessel for wayward spirits, Murdoc having an immortal soul…and 2D is just there chilling (though if you really wanted to you could count his ability to eat inedible things- clothing, rotten whale blubber, dog food etc.- as something)

Fin and Rey working as two supernatural detectives. However, instead of battling the supernatural…they solve cases for wayward spirits who’re unable to move on, help lost werewolf cubs find their parents, contact friendly aliens, rescue small pod of mermaids from human poachers, reunite two centuries old vampire lovers, and care for orphaned sasquatch babies until they’re able to fend for themselves.

Just Finn and Rey helping supernatural creatures.

P.S. This AU set in the early sixties and basically the couple just travel across the country helping supernatural creatures. 

Why does everything produced by Pat McHale make me feel like I’m a wayward, slightly woebegone spirit traversing some ancient forest without a name and without defined boundaries who’s simply peeking into the lives of passing-by people that I always manage to get acquainted with just enough to know of their ambitions, their plights, their story, but never enough to truly understand their story.

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Do you have advice for an Aquarius sun, Aquarius moon, Virgo rising?

Don’t eat strange plants you found in the woods if you are not 100% certain what they are.
Calling upon wayward spirits is useful, but you need to have your terms laid out without loopholes straight away.
Don’t brush your teeth after partaking of something with a high acidity level.

“i came through to help… and i couldn’t. so i became him.” a mix for cole, wayward spirit of compassion. ghost - mystery skulls | moonchild - m83 | what a wonderful world - joseph william morgan ft. shadow royale | take yours, i’ll take mine - matthew mole | this car is gospel radio - panic! at the disco vs twenty one pilots | all these things that i’ve done - the killers | little talks (live from vatnagarðar) - of monsters & men | eet (cityboy remix) - regina spektor | adventures in solitude - the new pornographers | flickers - son lux | wake me up when september ends (music box) - green day listen here