wayward saints

also can we stop with the narrative that Louis is this wayward loser without Saint Eleanor Calder to reel him back in cause that’s actually disgusting lol. I mean god honestly forbid a 25yo man like partying and having fun but he wouldn’t have gotten this far, and he wouldn’t be this much of hard of a worker if he was a flighty loose canon like???? he doesn’t need her??? stop reducing him to jUST HER THANKS


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1. Yes, I feel like this would be perfectly possible, considering the only limit I’ve seen from magic in-show is power supply(the ‘Millhorse’ and something ‘draining the universe’s magic), or ones own ‘peek potential’. Especially for Star who has been shown to do some ‘beyond the impossible’ kind of stuff. 

2. Ponyhead’s role in the au is as open as anyone’s aside from the ‘core’ St.O’s group. She could be the leader of a small ragtag group of rebellious teens that may or may not be of royal blood. Another victim of Heinous’ brainwashing educational methods, or just being comically ‘meh’ about it all. 


My first ever screencap redraw!~ I think it turned out pretty amazing! Would be amazing if you told me what you think about it so I could get better~

Taken from the episode “St. Olga’s Reform School For Wayward Princesses,” episode 19, first season (while patiently waiting for a new season)

Tortured Saint

The images on her skin
A story to tell for each one
I am intrigued by the idea
Of examining each one
And listening to every story
That falls from her lips
A traveler of the seven seas
Like her mother
Carried by the wayward wind
Her lips sweet and soft
Like summer rain
I could kiss her all night
Her supple breasts
Beating heart
I wish I could tear her apart
My hands upon her face
The elation that I feel
Makes me feel at peace
The nectar from her lips
Pushes me to ecstasy
As our teeth collide
Numbness settles on my lips
As she moves my hands
To those forbidden places
That I want to taste
She is ever changing
Like the tides of the sea
And I’ve been looking for land
But I begin to think
I rather be lost at sea
If this is where she dwells

I love how Magnus went from:

“It is not my responsibility now, nor will it ever be my responsibilty, to manage wayward Shadowhunters”


“”Saint Magnus’ home for Shadowhunters” he said in a deep voice. “Welcome” he threw an arm wide. “Spare bedrooms are that way. Wipe your boots on the mat””


bodily halo of sun-bleached hairs
crest the firm velvet landscape of you
silken-soft brown hide on sinew

storyline fissures in palms downturned
against the flushed milk-white of me
hand’s pressure churning blood underneath

just fingertips pulled feather-weight
prick electric this aching pastel pelt
and ruin me on all the things I’ve ever felt

you worn and wayward stripling saint
stripping away a wretch like me
mistaken that you and redemption might be the same thing

lost, found, sloping tenderly the curvatures
of muscle and bone
with the rise and fall of you, I atone

some story spills from open mouths
dew drops of heavy gasps cling to these walls
damp sheets a welcome pall

there’s nothing else to do
everything else is ruined and you won’t stay
at least you are beautiful this way.

—  mkeuen

So I was just watching an episode of svtfoe and paused the screen to grab a drink when…

wait a minute…

“You’re kids will be out of your hair”


Half a year’s over again, a new marvel surge has happened and still there are some constants.
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Your very existence makes sure I have mine

Ellis Sammy Björk Evelien Rina Zaza Chloe

You shaped me into better a soul

Steph Alex Bela Jamie Zel Frauke Fran Jordyn Beth Liz Tia Tay Jon Johis Socky Honey Elena Scone

My memories and anticipated further happenings with you
are something I'd like to keep

Nadia Cy Helyna Teddy Eloise Amir JB Ashley Lucy Thanh Peter Lu Mills Chrisi Jim Sari Tina Lauren Lucy Bre Jemma Eddie Blake Karen Ali Helena Elis Jee

I know your names in fond memory and angry yelling and 
imagine you being proud

Elise Kasey Emily Beardsley Bee Lily Mae Hannah Deborah Qualaysia Kyra Gabriel Isa Meg Alina Jess Anna Lisa Lisa Lisa Audrey Sophia

You've been around since the early days and it would not 
be the same without you

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