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Ok, most you you know ST. Olga it’s one of my favorite episodes from Star vs The Forces of Evil. Because it shows development, Growth and there a hundred of lessons on it (I already mentioned about Marco’s uprising and his friendship with Ponyhead).

I’m watching all again (So I get over the Feels Gravity Falls given me to get the feels of SVTFOE hiatus), and I just noticed this really quick scene:

For those who don’t know the show (or don’t remember), St. Olga School to Wayward Princesses it’s a modeling school to future princess that are out the “profile” to a perfect queen.

The thing is that the school it’s horrible, they teach through torture and endless oppression. Star best friend (Ponyhead) is in there, she and Marco went to rescue her on the princess birthday. Things goes downhill when Marco is captured and Ponyhead still brainwashed. Star has a breakdown when she sees this poster:

She’s furious; They washed away her friend and are about to do the same with Marco. She knows that this is wrongs and there’s nothing she can do. Because of her breakdown while hitting his poster, Ponyhead recovers herself and tear the poster apart, then they go rescue Marco. 

And right after they are leaving, we have this really quick scene.

I never paid attention until I realize that now it says “Embrace your individuality”.

Can you understand how powerful this is? The major public to the show are girls. Girls that are growing up and always being told to be “ladylike” or whatever; and the minor of boys watching are told “this is a girl show” or had to “act like a men.” when they’re just kids, let them be!

This episode on it all says it’s wrong to “reform” who you are to be what people expect from you, to be yourself even if others says it’s wrong. It also shows how people who tries to always fit the “role” suffer from it. Mrs. Heinous brainwash herself on order to keep being what she thinks it’s a role model.

Imagine being 10 years old, not fitting those roles and watching this show that says “It’s ok to be who you are.” This poster says everything a growing up kid (not only girls) needs to hear to be who they are:

“Embrace your individuality”

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The party we are talking about sounds perfect

It does right? Anyone else you wanna invite?

Guys we’re having an adoption party! I have a daughter @piercethekyleex! And we’re throwing a bash in her honour!

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Charlie/Steve and Odette/Seth for the kid meme!

For Odette/Seth…

Name: Alexander Edward Fuller

Gender: Male

General Appearance: While his father is borderline pretty, Alex leans more towards the classically handsome. He has his fathers brown eyes and strong jaw but his mothers pointed chin and lighter skin. He keeps his dark hair in a neat comb, and his facial hair a neatly groomed stubble. He’s not one for suits or ties (break his father’s heart) but he does lean towards a good leather jacket and the dark color pallet his mother seems to love, casual, but well dressed all the same.

Personality: Having been brought up by two of the most sarcastic beings in the world, its no wonder that while he had a happy childhood, Alex still ended up being tall dark and broodingly snarky himself.

Special Talents: Culebra hunting / hand to hand combat. Taking after his mom, Alex seems to have a talent for sensing the blood suckers and being pulled in to fights that really have nothing to do with him. While he’s not as great as a weapon as the rest of the family, he can certainly hold his own in a fight with the leeches.

Who they like better: Uncle Scott, of all things.

Who they take after more: Seth. Sure he had a happy childhood, but coming from such great and well known stock makes him feel like he’s not good enough to fit in with his family, leading him to get himself in some trouble now and again as he tries to take on projects on his own.

Personal Head canon: Seth took Odette’s name when they settled down, though they never married. As Gecko was particularly distinct, they decided to go as the new Fuller family, never telling Alex but occasionally letting a tidbit of information slip when they fought and thought he couldn’t hear. It wasn’t until he was fourteen that Uncle Richie none to gracefully spilled the beans, forcing their hand into telling him the truth about everything: the culebras, his fathers past, his mothers family, and all the shit that came with being them. And just like that, Alex’s entire world changed.

Face Claim: Jack Falahee

For Charlie/Steve…

Name: Eleanor Marie McGarrett

Gender: Female

General Appearance: Damn her good genes. Blonde like her mother, “Nori” inherited her father’s green eyes and competitive athleticism. Lean and very tan from all her time surfing and working as a life guard, she’s the perfect beautiful combination of those two attractive bastards. The only downside is that she’s a bit short, standing at a mild 5′4. Do to her work and upbringing, Nori is usually dressed in swimsuits and flip flops, jean shorts and a ratty t-shirt thrown over for modesty sake at her fathers request.

Personality: The Hawaiian spirit is strong with this one. Friendly and relaxed, Nori prefers to go with the flow rather than try to take control of everything like her father. A happy and bubbly girl she’s rarely phased by the gruesome and dangerous work her parents did/do. While her grades may be abysmal and her smarts a little more street leaning than academic, Nori has a way of surprising people with her random and usually helpful knowledge of facts. More the type to know a little about a lot of things than the type to know a lot about a few things… The fact people think she’s dumb has never bothered her, she cares little for other peoples opinions, even her parent’s.

Special Talents: Survival. If there’s anything she picked up from her father it’s the ability to survive almost any situation. From knowing what to do in a hurricane to detecting a tsunami, to spearing a boar if she’s lost in the woods, if her parents keep giving her a hard time she can easily slip into the jungle and live there like some Hawaiian-Barbie Tarzan(a?).

Who they like better: Charlie. Steve is far too overprotective, becoming just like what Danny said he’d be. Feeling suffocated by him, Nori often uses her mom as back up seeing her as the reasonable parent between them.

Who they take after more: Steve. They will both deny it till their dying breath, but everyone else can see it in their small mannerism, from how they sit to how they speak to their smile and glowering eyes, Nori is definitely Steve McGarrett’s baby girl.

Personal Head canon: She applied to many colleges all across the country. Barely passing all the requirements, she was accepted into a hearty handful of mild colleges, all of which where on the mainland. When she told her parents where she applied, they were heartbroken but tried to put on a brave face. Nori, realizing she’d miss them too much, pretended she didn’t get into any of them (going along with the dumb blonde people thought her as) and instead was going to the university of Hawaii. Only Grace and Chin knew the truth for decades after…

Face Claim: Sarah Roemer

-: Send me a couple and I’ll tell you what their kids would be like :-

i just have this headcanon where it's 30+ years into the future

and sure, alaric is getting up there in years, headmastering his salvatore witches school for wayward kids in mystic falls, but it’s the mysterious blonde that finds you meandering through an alleyway in spain with blood on your shirt and tears staining your cheeks, taking you by the hand and giving you strength to clue in about control and here have a wet napkin, we’ve got a lot to talk about.

or how she’ll manage to give you the address to the school on a small note, in the middle of a french cafe, working magic in the cardstock to hide it from prying eyes. it’s not much, but it’s got a safe place to turn in a few days and you won’t be alone, i promise.

or when she’s known to be found wandering with a much older witch on her arm, in bulgaria, maybe, reminiscing of how they managed to calm a group of young spellcasters from destroying a local village in poland, and caroline i swear that’s the last time i bring you into doruchów.

go find caroline, they joke, like the magic won’t help her find you first, three steps ahead with a b+ blood bag in tow and an offer to curb the cravings.

it’s really new orleans where you’ll find her at the helm of the ship - the compound, her secondary school for wayward supernaturals, the city a lot more at ease with magical beings. on weekends you can spot her sipping mimosas on a balcony as a man with a mischevious smile passes her a chocolate croissant, klaus you know this isn’t a beignet.

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I think one of the interesting things Luceno established as that the planetary genocide crew– Vader, Tarkin, Motti, Tagge, Yularen, (and probably more but its hard for me to reference the audio book with the wookiee article on the Death Star) knew each other and were working together are early as 15 BBY. There’s some intense history behind their sniping in that meeting.

Also, Planetary Genocide Crew is probably the sickest rap group there is. 


Wayward Kids - Old Gray

Official Music Video of a video of Raph I found on youtube.