wayward doodles


This blog broke 500 followers! I’m so floored and flattered, especially since so much of it is just me rambling on tangents no one asked about. Recently I’ve been collecting all my wayward scrap paper doodles and putting them in a 3-ring binder, so I decided to pick through them for anything I could find for this AU. Here are all the things that aren’t totally Fett-centric. 

The top comic thing ended up as a text post, as did this scene of Ahsoka and Tup in Mr. Kenobi’s class. Also I would like to note that the half-colored drawing of Ahsoka is actually a portrait of a girl I saw working in Old Navy (hairstyle and all). She was the perfect human Ahsoka, and I hope I didn’t weird her out too much by glancing back twice in order to commit her outfit to memory.